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'This Is How We Change the World': To Address Climate Crisis, Video Explains, Democracy Movements Must Rise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/22/how-we-change-world-address-climate-crisis-video-explains-democracy-movements-must

I see that top header is back to irritate again.

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From the article:

“…we’ll be asking the big questions about how our movements interact with mainstream politics—and how we can bring democracy into all aspects of our lives.”

“Freedom isn’t something somebody gives you. It’s something you assume, like your ears or your nose. So you go out and live your freedom. Then one day, somebody may try to take your freedom away. The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free.”
–Utah Phillipps


The Green New Deal and The Leap are good starts - but I think only that. Like FDR’s New Deal.

We need to grasp the carrying capacity with only limited and partial information at our fingertips.

Even with these constraints, it is possible to make the big decisions.

The Green Revolution depends too heavily on non-renewables - and so does solar and wind in their present form. I don’t think they can scale sustainably.

We will need to downsize a lot, and prioritize even more - food - water - clean air - more and freer education and health coverage for all, etc…

Suburbia has been a massive mistake - and yet we still promote it, for example. I could go on…

Can someone please help me try to understand how including jobs, housing, and health care is a climate action proposal? The social justice gatekeepers always do this! Interfering with real incentives for micro grid circular economy

Get out of my way! I’ve got real action to propose! Like automation , ocean thermal energy sea colony, algae farming, community royalty plays to orchestrate. I can’t get these social justice gatekeepers to hear me!

And they never will. People and how they feel are the ticket. That’s not me talking - that’s Old Abe.

"Public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Whoever moulds public sentiment, goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions ! He makes possible the enforcement of these, else impossible."


“The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.”
–Dr. Barry Commoner (1917-2012), Citizens Party candidate for president, 1980


Exactly why things like Fox Noise must be done away with. A misinformed public is too dangerous to allow.
Perhaps legislation prohibiting cable bullshit shows like Fox.
Can we reform capitalism so it serves us all equally? If not, we will eventually kill it, as it presents a serious danger to life and limb for the 99%.

People here in the U.S. obviously are not destitute enough to support major change. Especially after seeing and living with the trump lies of the recent past.

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I don’t think democracy is the answer. We need consensus.

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Gosh…it would seem a bit self evident. If people don’t have housing…if we continue to support a system that is not only killing the planet, but seeing to it that a home is beyond the reach of many people, than those victims of our unjust system won’t join us in the streets. We need jobs in order to live in this world…and an economy transitioning to sustainable ways, has to provide for all the people, not just the top few. Plus: affordable housing, 0 net housing, will create a lot of jobs…and if we build those houses well, they won’t have to be bulldozed in 30 years…we build for 200 years…and thereby use less of the planet’s finite resources. Health care also: healthy citizens are happier, more productive…and the health care system provides lots of jobs that are non carbon producing…so taking care of all our citizens needs can be a way to produce jobs, livlihoods, productive benefits, and reduce emissions.

Its funny how we continue to believe that we can’t afford to eradicate poverty, and save the ecosphere…even after decades of producing poverty, homelessness, poor health AND a poisoned planet. Maybe caring more for people is the first step in caring for our common home…because for sure, if we continue to let capitalism impoverish the majority, there will never be the resources we’re going to need to clean up the messes our current system has created.

I think so.

Restribution via government laws - Rights for the Environment - something has to be done about the Justice System, which is no longer a separate branch, just another captured regulatory agency.

In the latest Scientific American, which I was just looking at tonight, there is an extremely good article on the mathematics of wealth. A simple model, but scintillating in its predictive power, as it can map the actual distribution of wealth down to decimals in most of the European countries and elsewhere. It concludes by recommending redistribution as a possible solution, as in essence the study finds that wealth trickles upwards, not downwards, like a law of nature. I am going to buy the mag tomorrow, as there are several other really good articles in my spheres of interest, gravitational waves, ‘time crystals’ (new)…

On the other hand, there is an article in the mag ‘Alberta Reviews’ by a noted Western Canadian environmentalist which is about the danger of Monsanto’s Roundup - i.e., glyphosphate. Reading it one wants to crawl under the nearest rock and hide - but that is not a realistic option I suppose.

We are so good at so many things - and yet our leadership is at present horrific.

How to reconcile the two in one’s mind ?

Nicely said - and I believe true. We have been focusing on the wrong thing all this time.

More please ?

Democracy is pointless in the face of ignorance.