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This Is How We Get Free


This Is How We Get Free

In a bit of surreal synchronicity, Sandra Bland's video on why Black Lives Matter has surfaced even as her family prepared to bury her, the movement's founders declared her the victim of "state violence," and up to 1,000 black activists gathered in Cleveland for the first Movement for Black Lives Convening - "Created by many voices (to) uplift...to unite...to dream together." From the sister posting the vibrant "Sandy Speaks" video: "Your voice will be heard."


I don’t believe that Sandra Bland committed suicide. Seeing that video it is clear that she has strength and determination to fight against people who do not treat African American people with respect and concern. That strong smart girl did not kill herself! She was a fighter, not a quitter.

White people need to wake up. The cruel treatment of black people is now expanding to include white people who have lost their jobs and their homes. We all need to get free of the oppression of the top .01% who have all the wealth of the nation and only want more. Those wealthy people need to pay their fair share of taxes to fund our needed domestic programs. The hell with ‘austerity’, make the rich pay taxes and we all need to do all we can to stop all these wars. We need to stop killing people all over the world and use our funds to see that all of us have liberty and justice and a chance to pursue happiness.


Brutality and extreme aggression by police such as Sandra Bland sadly experienced is rampant from coast to coast. It is not by accident or committed only by rogue cops, it is routine, ubiquitous, created, maintained and escalated by the culture of police violence toward citizens, “perps” in cop-speak, most often people of color. Using stock phrases and methods that create violent encounters aggressive police violence and shootings/killings has become epidemic. Instant servile obedience is demanded and when that is not forthcoming violence is immediately commenced by cops. Waller Co DA said Sandra “was not compliant” - she was in fact baited, brutalized, jailed and wound up dead, yet another victim of police state terrorism.