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This Is How We Pry The Corporate Stranglehold Off Of Our Farm System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/27/how-we-pry-corporate-stranglehold-our-farm-system


We need to start describing these subsidies/welfare as socialism for the rich and a human/animal crisis for the rest of us thru chemical induced animals and crops destabilizing our air and water.


I agree jujudahl. We need to translate the legalese so people know whats being said.

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Senate Bill

House Bill

They are copy and paste. Identical.

I wouldn’t say “This Is How We Pry The Corporate Stranglehold Off Of Our Farm System” but will admit it seems to be a wedge in the door and a bit of light in the dark.
There are some legal and pricing protections for small producers added. The Voluntary debt forgiveness and transition assistance program for animal feeding operations (A $10B tax payer environmental damage clean-up bailout program) looks like an interesting aspect to keep an eye on. I would imagine this will be the best opportunity for real progress.
There are plenty of loopholes to keep BigAg happy with business as usual. Legalese, financial double-speak, and public relations. I wouldn’t be surprised if BigAg actually gets even power out of this bill.

Thanks for the article.

S. 3221 & H.R. 6718

To place a moratorium on large concentrated animal feeding operations, to strengthen the Packers and Stockyards Act, 1921, to require country of origin labeling on beef, pork, and dairy products, and for other purposes.

My favorite part.


Stop and consider that “Smithfields” is owned by China, a multibillion dollar purchase.


This article needs to dig a little deeper.

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