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'This is Huge': Move to Defund Police Gains Support Nationwide as Violence Against Public Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/huge-move-defund-police-gains-support-nationwide-violence-against-public-continues


One of the fastest growing industry for years now.

For decades the police forces have used fraud and deceptions to increase their numbers, toys, and budgets’ often citing dangers to the public where none existed, like the cannabis prohibition, to create “perps” and cause to stop and search your car or stop & frisk - or kill.

Now it IS time to rein-in that out of control group that will not reform themselves or serve the public instead of their promotions and pensions.


Remove their guns and batons.


ISTM many situations in daily life would be greatly improved if police officers were replaced with social workers. Not only would this help weed out those deadly police types with hair-trigger tempers, it could encourage productive social dialogues say between social workers and students and so encourage verbalization facility starting at early ages.

The kinds of people hired who would be vastly better than aggressive cops handling members of the public in distress (youth, mentally disturbed, socially downtrodden, etc.) would have marked verbal skills, empathic traits, ability to contain impulsivity and volatility without escalating explosive emotions, emphasis on developing character rather than short term fixes, use of sublimating faculties, redirection of harmful behaviors via creative work, promoting aesthetic rather than moralizing attitudes, etc.—in short, adopting lifesaving measures for people needing help rather than the threat of a gun and pushing more forms of acting-out.


But GL, how would that California cop be able to kill the robbery suspect who drew his hammer on the cops.
I’m so sick of frightened chickenshit cops that are so cowardly that they always shoot first. Uncontrollable fools.
How about cops having to prove they are brave not fearful before being hired.

As someone who was raised to respect the police (1950’s), I feel so at odds about all this. The police have failed the people They see themselves as Rambos, Robo Cops; thugs in blue. Time to put a collar and a leash on the Blue. They have sullied and disgraced not only their “brotherhood”. They have sullied, shamed and disgraced the United States of America. It is time these men and women in Blue realize that their s**t does in fact STINK. The stench is overwhelming.


I wouldn’t say reign-in, I’d say rope them.

Please site your sources.

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i feel sorry for people being pushed into the military…i almost joined in my early 20s
to further my education,get good healthcare & have a job…
serve my country? ok, if you say so, ,…yeah, …that too., I guess.
for me anyway
I am SICK of the glorification…militarization of society…
to me, it is fascism
you notice all the fascists dress in military gear, or love the military?
and the police, of course…they just LOVE the police…secret police even better.

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Defunding the police might possibly cause people to think up alternatives. Thinking up the alternatives and performing the necessary R&D will definitely cause defunding of the police. It really helps when we get our priorities straight. So, you can get a “sort of yes” vote out of me for defunding the police, but that’s all. Let’s do the hard work first.

There’s no such thing as a dumb engineering question, so I’ll ask, why has the Prince of Wales never been caught shoplifting? He’d attract a crowd of well-wishers and after an interminable amount of chitchat they’d push the item onto him, and also one of the chauffeurs could pick it up. In other words, people who are well-integrated into their society can barely imagine stealing anything unless the stealing is some part of a video game. Likewise, the idea of shooting people is limited to Revolutionary War re-enactments, and then afterward you have a nice lunch with the other side, and then they get to shoot you.

So, everybody in the United States needs an honest shot at a real job, if you’re brain-dead the government will make an exception. No street people, no hunger, no permanent unemployment. If you’re a guy getting out of the electric zoo, you should know exactly what job you’re going to, where you can live and all that for at least a year going forward.

The zoo should have pre-trained every guy who is getting out. The prison system should have specific programs focused on minimizing future pedophilia, on drunk driving, on meth, on stupid kids who will be called grandpas by their old gangs when they get out, on lots of social sicknesses where the guys are going to get out of the can someday and be as fully re-integrated into society as possible.

We must drain most of the demand for opiates and meth by making rehab and/or methadone/cannabis maintenance fairly affordable. No street drug sales means no cartels.

We have two standards of justice that don’t square with each other. On the one hand, it’s better to let 99 guilty parties go free than to put 1 innocent party in jail. That’s the official line. Democracy falls apart if we don’t follow that principle. On the other hand, District Attorneys regularly sit with an alleged and tell him, “Look, our case is a little weak so how about 2 years in jail for you?” That’s what happens over and over again.

It’s far worse with murder cases. Is it half of all people on death row that were actually innocent when DNA evidence was invented? If this keeps up then the whole of the American citizenry will consider voting “innocent” on every single case because the prosecutorial chain of evidence is simply too thoroughly corrupted to ever be believed.

The law has to apply to cops too. We can accept that cops are mistreated by lowlifes, but this whole thing about a free pass has to be rethought.

No cop should typically work more than 35 hours a week. Overtime at a stressful job eventually makes people sick in the head. Way too many cops wind up getting divorced.

I haven’t even gotten to de-escalation training, but that works too.


Yea, and what about that double-amputee in a wheel chair who wielded a dangerous pen? The cop definitely had a right to shoot him. Pen’s are mightier than swords, aren’t they?


So long as we have capitalism, we need police to defend property. I do not say this as a call to get rid of capitalism, but rather as a reassertion of why we need the police in our society. Until either you get rid of capitalism and replace it whatever utopia system you have in mind, or until you find an alternate system that ensures public order and keeps the gears of society from jamming upon renegade members within the existing framework of society… I fully support having a police force.

Moreover, talking about police alienates the white moderates we need to win swing states.

You are sadly misinformed:


Hmmm… Why is it then that almost every nation has at least some kind of police force, including pacifist Japan? They work differently, but they are still there

Great comment, particularly your last points. I’m not sure about defund the cops as some universal principle—I’ve had to call the police before and believe they do provide a useful community service—but changes need to be made.

In Massachusetts (perhaps elsewhere too) they have a lock on getting paid to watch over roadwork projects in their spaire time. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a law stating that all roadwork projects must have a cop in a patrol car onsite to make traffic control legitimate (and enrich the cop).

1.] How do we support and encourage the cops who are taking the knee, or joining the demonstrators?

2.] How do we support and encourage demonstrators who are trying to enforce non-violence, calling out provocateurs and even protecting cops?

3.] How do we help keep the protestors healthy while they march to get the killers of Brionna Taylor, Manuel Ellis, David McAtee et al charged?

4.] How do we encourage cops to blow the whistle on colleagues who do wrong, and protect them from retaliation?

I believe the more we see of these actions, the better the chance of justice beginning. It emboldens officials to do right and makes racism not worth it.

But most important, all cops need to be required to take rigorous non-violence trainings so they acknowledge the mindsets that trigger their split-second actions

Judith Davidsen

They didn’t used to.

Just wait til you have communism, like China. You will see an entire ubiquitous ‘police force’ where everyone stands by to gain extra creds with the Party by snitching on their neighbors for any little thing.

Then you’ll wish you had the old way back again because you will be afraid to even talk in your sleep for fear of saying something someone could use to get over on you. You have no idea what you wish for.