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'This Is Huge': Opposition Forces Kinder Morgan to Halt TransMountain Pipeline


'This Is Huge': Opposition Forces Kinder Morgan to Halt TransMountain Pipeline

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Environmental and indigenous groups are cheering after Kinder Morgan announced Sunday it was halting most work on its controversial Trans Mountain expansion pipeline project, citing continuing opposition.

"This is a sign that organizing works, and it could well be the beginning of the end for this dangerous pipeline," declared Clayton Thomas-Muller, a Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner with 350.org.

"This is huge," added British Columbia-based advocacy group Dogwood.


From the article:

"“This pipeline must be built,” (Alberta Premier Rachel) Notley declared Sunday, and threatened legal action “to impose serious economic consequences on B.C. if its government continues on its present course.” She added that her province “is prepared to be an investor in the pipeline.”

How does this painfully-obvious corporate stooge get away with it? Threatening “serious economic consequences” against the citizens of neighboring B.C., while forcing her own constituents to subsidize Kinder Morgan’s environmental plunder-for-profit, are hardly the work of a small-d democrat.


YAAAY! Some good news for a change.


“Kinder Morgan was suspending “all non-essential activities and related spending” as a result of the “current environment” that puts shareholders at risk.”

That Statement Applies to Your Entire Fossil Fuel Agenda moving Forward !!!

Idiots…Invest in Solar Farms and Wind Energy, your stockholders will not be at risk.

Hell the ENTIRE PLANET would appreciate it !!!


Rachel Notley is actually the furthest left premier Alberta’s ever had, and when she came to power her NDP (left of left of center, traditionally) party smashed a forty year Conservative Party dynasty. Her own constituents are energy sector workers who think she’s WAY too far left and didn’t vote for her, or they’re people who voted for her out of protest at Conservative corruption and who’s livelihood depends on the energy sector, whether they’re cognizant enough to recognize it or not.

Perhaps she’s not so much of ‘a painfully-obvious corporate stooge’ so much as she is REALISTIC.


No I think a small d-democrat might oppose Notley’s position on this … she’s obviously taking a page from the Hillary Clinton Political strategy manual and attempting to appease the province’s right wing which of course is more influenced by labels and ideology than by actual policy and facts. Both she and Trudeau would do much better to grow spines and do what’s necessary to join so many other nations and many U.S. states in enabling the development of clean energy systems and their related jobs. But they’re probably too cowed by the oil industries threats against their futures if not their very lives or those that they love.


Being realistic does not mean you must be on the left. Claiming to be on the left but promoting policies that the Corporatists would support only demonstrates you have principles that you are willing to surrender which translates to having none.

When Tommy Douglas advocated for Universal Healthcare , he was told by the Insurance Companies and the Medical establishment that it would nver work. The Doctors in fact went on strike and the Insurance Industry funneled millions to the opposition parties claiming Mr Douglas was not being “realistic”. Mr Douglas stood his ground because Universal health care was something he believed in.

Ms Notely puts Corporate interests above the Environment because she feels their needs are of greater importance as she believes in the Corporation more then the Environment. When science indicates that remaining fossil fuels must remain in the ground and we must transition to a clean few economy NOW because we are out of time, announcing policies to triple the consumption of some of the dirtiest hydrocarbons on the planet is not being realistic. It is being delusional.


That and she believes she could be re-elected… Lol. Not a chance. I agree that she has revealed herself to be quite unprincipled.


From Victoria, BC Times Colonist’s Jack Knox column this weekend…

Trudeau travels to B.C. in support of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

"Had Justin Trudeau arrived in Victoria a couple of hours earlier Thursday, he could have watched the empty oil tanker Nave Pyxis slide past the Victoria waterfront, bound for Singapore.

Another oil tanker, the Alaskan Frontier, was docked across the strait at Port Angeles. Yet another, the Polar Enterprise, was anchored off Anacortes, while the crude carrier RS Aurora was just up the coast at Cherry Point, near Bellingham.

We already have plenty of oil tankers, roughly one a day — most from Alaska, some from Russia and elsewhere — gliding past our front door on their way to Washington state’s five refineries, four of which are within 60 kilometres of Greater Victoria.

That’s in addition to the 30 to 50 tankers that fill up at Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby terminal each year."

But hey, 3 or 4 times as many couldn’t hurt, right?