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'This Is Incredible': Enormous Crowds Flood Streets Across US Demanding End to Police Brutality and Justice for George Floyd

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/incredible-enormous-crowds-flood-streets-across-us-demanding-end-police-brutality


Defund The Presidency while we’re at it.


As i look at these mass protests for progress i think to myself that Trump and the fascists are most certainly planning to defund multiple major metropolitan areas, simply as retaliation.

In the country’s heartland, in areas where the dynamic between police & citizens is less hostile, the mid-to-long-term focus on the local level for white progressives should be to make their communities as welcoming as possible for refugees from coastal cities, who in large part will be POC.


Defang it, at the very least.


We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said during a rally in Minneapolis Saturday afternoon. “We don’t want your damn reforms… This department is inherently beyond reform.”

Oh yeah! Say it loud, say it proud:

Defund, Disarm, and Dismantle (or F, if you prefer) the Police

The spontaneous blossoming of demands for human dignity, all over the world, resonates historically like the fall of apartheid South Africa: something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. Maybe after USAmericans liberate themselves, their country could lift its knee from the necks of Palestinians.

A member of Congress talking abolition! Somebody pinch me – I must be dreaming.


Seeing crowds like this must make trump enormously jealous.
We are approaching a place where we could facilitate major change. And it could all go away in the blink of an eye.


We need to tap this energy to start a third party beholden to these people in the streets so we’ll have someone on our side in Washington DC. Rally for political action, just getting words from the oppressors will result in nothing.


Seeing BLACK LIVES MATTER painted in yellow out front of the White House on 16the Street, probably makes Trump’s heart go pitter-patter every time he sees it.

If he has a heart that is.


Yea, a combo George Floyd/Trump Resign protests.


I made a celebratory strawberry cake when I saw that new gaily lettered street! WOW, that is certain to stick in his craw!!!


THIS is what Democracy looks like! - shout it loud!

Whose streets? OUR streets! No justice, NO peace!

Repeat over and over, and get loud with our sisters and brothers!

This mass energy and growing resolve is part of what Occupy Wall Street worked to build; but were smashed by the status quo and police state - we cannot allow that to happen this time, but continue to press for radical change and end to police depravity and killings! To get more and more diversity of people and purpose into the mix.

The August March on Washington will be something to see and be part of!.


Radical change for everything.


Isn’t it refreshing to actually hear a member of congress who seems to represent the people? Wow, what an original idea. Who would of thought that the people should actually require representation from the congress. Gee, i thought all they represented was their money’ed interests? Guess i was wrong. (hope there are more…but I’m not holding my breath).


If the situation here in the US were to change, dozens of other countries around the world, many of them are virtual dictatorships would have to change, because we prop them up.

It would be like what happened when Gorbachev said he would not longer prop up the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, they all fell one after another.

People dont realize how much the US keeps things corporate all around the world. Or how many torturers we keep in power.

We are facilitating a large scale theft of the planet from its people almost everywhere.

This is why we’re being forced to accept Trump or Biden. They both will maintain the status quo, whichever molester we choose.


Except there one problem, we’ll get privatization and that will mean outsourcing, and we’ll probably get Third World cops that are even worse in their stead. And we’ll have no accountability.

Blows my mind, is all. This shit never happens, never before. I think Lenin said in some weeks years go by.


Yea, it seems like there is already some suspicious characters on behalf of the government to suppress the protesters. When capitalism is fought against, it too will try to suppress the dissent by any means possible. Let’s hope everyone can come together with a common solution soon.


Facism is capitalism in decay.


You are totally right but its worse than that because that migration wont be voluntary.

Also, since many city dwellers dont have cars, or even drive they may not be able to make the transition - but its clear to me and has been for a long time that city dwellers are living on borrowed time. Why? A bunch of reasons, one big one is the export of our natural gas - the reason why we still have those postwar buildings - many of which have not been retrofitted with high efficiency windows or anything, is the entry into the WTO which has meant we are being forced now to export our natural gas to whomever bids the most for it, while until just a few years ago, we kept it in reserve here which has led to our energy prices being the lowest in the world. This means lots of jobs, lots of businesses locate here for the cheap energy, but not for much longer. Also it means that people can afford to live in houses that would be impossibly inefficient without energy upgrades (triple pained windows would be a huge help) anywhere else in the world.

The buildings could be retrofitted but they wont be because what were once public buildings have been being bought up in large numbers in anticipation of exactly this kind of change which will hit people by surprise. But the system as it is been remade today cant help them because by its rules, they dont make enough to deserve to live in the cities any more. They dont make enough. And because of GATS we no longer can build new money losing public housing, only fair market value housing, under which low income is probably $100k a year in big cities. Families that make half that wont meet the requirements. . For similar reasons we cant have public healthcare people can afford any more but nobody knows that. A trade agreement. So they will be fucked…

The export of natural gas will mean the tearing down of entire neighborhoods that are all postwar buildings, in order to save the residents from high heating prices. But since rent stabilization is attached to their one single apartment that will make them homeless. Because their income has not gone up enough so they could afford a replacement apartment at market rate, GATS prohibits building anything public. Also, a legal case, in 2006 makes it legal to declare entire neighborhoods “blight” and give them to real estate developers, just because the buildings are obsolater. Nobody realizes this.

So within a year or two, millions of people will be suddenly made homeless. The next cold winter without coronavirus basically natural gas prices will soar, because we’re exporting it, to where it fetches three times as much, Asia. Isnt that screwed up? So these demonstrations may be the last big demonstrations we ever see in cities. Within a few years cities will be just rich people living in million dollar condos, no working class at all.


Paul Street reports a chant from Iowa: “What’s with all the riot gear? We don’t see no riot here.”