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'This Is Incredible,' Says Corbyn, as Voter Registration Surges Amid Boris Johnson's Chaotic Lurch Towards UK General Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/incredible-says-corbyn-voter-registration-surges-amid-boris-johnsons-chaotic-lurch

Corbyn is playing this brilliantly. BTW there’s even a creepy Bannon-like Rasputin figure running Johnson’s show.

As Boris Johnson unleashes ultimate threat against Bremain capitalist faction, the British working class is suddenly in front of a unique opportunity

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Yesterday afternoon, USA c-span broadcast the parlment speeches by Boris himself, Labor’s Corbyn, the Scots, and a splendid speech by a tory.
Worthwhile watching at c-span, youtube, etc.
What I enjoyed is that talking points, analysis, discourse, debate all occurs right out there in the open with mics picking up any recognized speaker by the chair. Who himself is a hoot !!

all our DC deals are at breakfast with lobbyists…

If only the reps in the USA had the same kind of open debates in Congress. One can only dream.

This article, to me, represents a small sample of what Bernie Sanders is asking of Americans: to be active, not passive participants in democracy (similar to what’s described in the Declaration of Independence) which can be antidotes to a top-down society laced with heavy-handed profiteering, manipulation, and inequality. The examples of leadership from some courageous British Parlimentarians is heartening. They seem to have put their careers on the line for a greater purpose. In my view, that’s exactly what authentic, democratic leadership is and does. It bravely serves the common good, not personal interest.


Hate to be a debbie downer but Johnson’s Conservative Party is way up in the polls.

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People always seem to reach for the shiny objects, not paying much attention to the practical and functional.

Either that, or shitloads of them are conservative and don’t like immigrants. Remind you of somewhere?

The UK needs elections NOW, not later. There is no time to negotiate before the elections.

I have heard the word devolution applied to the UK and I’m not sure how that applies to parliamentary democracy.
But here in the U.S. with our democratic republic, democracy as it is used today does a great job for the upper crust, and leaves a large portion of the electorate to struggle along, and yet another portion to continue suffering.
How is democracy working for you today. Is it worth pretending it is working, or is revolution in the air?

Devolution just means Scotland, N Ireland and Wales have their own parliaments and control devolved affairs. Kind of like state governments in the US. Their system such as their electoral system could do with a reform on the national level, same with us. But their devolved parliaments use the D’Hondt system rather than FPTP. While there is corruption there it doesn’t seem as super charged as ours. The poor still suffer but that is because people vote Conservative.