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'This Is It': Resistance Mobilizes as GOP Sets To Obliterate Healthcare


'This Is It': Resistance Mobilizes as GOP Sets To Obliterate Healthcare

Jon Queally, staff writer

"This is it. Show up today. Call. #KilltheBill."


The most important question that occupies the Republicans on this health care issue is the same as that which occupies them on all their policies:

How can we screw the common man in a way that does not appear that we are screwing the common man?


Me thinks the Rethugnicons are cutting their own throats on this one. “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness" - J.K. Galbraith


Perhaps, but they'll achieve yet another of their sociopathic goals, and retain enough power to prevent another Congress from making substantial changes for a decade to come.


Throw in a rationalization of tax cuts for the rich and an increase in the military budget and it also becomes an economic justification for taking medical care from the sick, the severely ill and the elderly. Tax cuts for the rich in this context takes selfishness to a criminal level on the moral scale.


I called my representative from Sacramento Area the official taking my call was very nice, thanked me for calling in and said she would give my message to the representative to vote against any cuts to healthcare.


Endless money for wars and bankster bailouts and no money for education, healthcare or infrastructure repairs. Only the government can create jobs by infusing money into the economy corporations only steal.


The Republicans promised to repeal and replace--now they're following through.

That's called making your base happy.

The D-Party should learn what that means.


Why do republicans lurk about competing to see who can be the most inhuman?

One reason: The US government has become the enemy of humanity and anything else alive.

War mongers against life have become so extreme that a fake bad guy covering for fake good guys requires a truly grotesque and macabre smoke screen personality.

Servants of the pentagon bleed the people dry so funds are available to kill innocent families in other countries in the name of freedom. Meanwhile NPR and the New York Times gleefully report the news.


Another object lesson from the Corporate Medical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and the Free Market Fairy Tales Salesmen we've jointly elected to represent us. Us being an LLC or a 1%er, of course. That's how you get the greatest healthcare in the world, actually. Or, part of the Sanctimonious Religious Right representing " the people who live the correct lifestyles ". Says a white mysonginist preacher from Alabama with some white hoodies in his closet. And, a choir of trained jackals howling along.
Use contraception and work in America, believing in personal family planning, god says, " No ". Believe in personal autonomy about such a thing as how you want to you to end your life, god says,
" Hell no and we want your house, too ".
Make 32K yearly, happen to be poor or non-white, have ovaries and need medical care, god says, " hell no and get a second job ".
Are you pro-choice, anti-war, think god in America is overrated and often truly an asshole, god says, " you might be on to something, but again, hell no ".


NPR gleefully reports any news that will make their listeners unhappy.

About 90% of their "news" and other programs deal with misery of one kind or another. This cannot be chance. NPR intentionally broadcasts a fare designed to demoralize its audience.

But why?


I called my tea party representative here in Placer County and couldn't get through. Given the fire he took last time, I think they just shut down the phones.

Here's a quick rundown of what these morally bankrupt folks are doing:


Note: they are purposely exempting themselves from bill's provisions. Do any of you think that's because the average age in Congress is somewhere around 58?

Make phone calls.


I realize that the right wing has this much support because no one votes, and no one votes because their choices are often monsters like Paul Ryan or corrupt politicians in the other party. I realize that suppressing the vote contributes to this, as does redistricting. It doesn’t matter though, the fact that this group of people and that rotten party has this much power is damning to this political system and the opposition party. There are lots of right wingers in other developed countries, and few of them push for policies like this. The Conservatives in Canada, for example, wouldn’t dare. The right wing in this country is a special kind of evil, and always has had a deeply authoritarian mindset. Everything they want to do will make things worse for the poor and working people, the majority of the population, and is deeply unpopular. People will die because of this and I think the backlash will eventually lead to single payer. I wish though that we held politicians like this accountable in the same way we do to those that outright murder people. Their policies will result in people dying, and they know it. The lives of their victims matter and those that did this to them will not really be held accountable for what they are about to do. This country and this system is dying, and it’s our collective stupidity and greed that is leading to our collective suicide.


Sociopaths are good right wing politicians. They don’t give a damn about the impact of their policies, they just care about maintaining their own power. They have gotten rich by pushing for particular policies and only sociopaths would feel comfortable doing so. They can lie about this all they want, the impact of these policies are going to wipe them the hell out and will eventually lead to single payer. They are mediocre people, mediocre minds and they back unpopular and destructive policies. It’s up to us to pound them into dust.


Just called my rep at local office, because his DC office is constantly busy. I call him all the time, and this is the first time I have ever found it busy.

Local office: My question to my rep:

"Under this bill, states can opt out of pre-existing conditions protections, resulting in higher premiums, high risk pools, long wait lines for coverage. Why should I pay more because I was born with a spinal deformity?"


That's pretty crazy. When the Solid South, a slave based economic model, hands Republicans ( 160 ) a minority electoral win ( popular vote loss ) we should emulate us some regionally-based losers? A bunch of states ( organizations ) who killed our relatives, so a few of them could sit on their asses and get someone else to get their hands dirty. Who, until 2014, were continuously under court orders for racial discrimination. And, who are still there in court, in some instances. Whose regional answers are always deficit spending, tax cuts for the wealthy, increased military spending, control of other people's bodies, vouchers for religious and charter schools, etc. And, leeching off tax paying, middle class families who think a lot of those policies are rather outdated, as in mid-20th Century.
When your base is really base and degrading, why would folks of good will listen to it?
If you want the Democratic Party to become more racist, militaristic and for whites only, why don't you just say so?
Faulkner said, in1960 I believe, this was going to take 300 years to rectify. I'm beginning to think he's right.


Wrecking the ACA and destroying people's lives may lead to single payer, but when? I don't necessarily disagree, but we are better off doing whatever steps we can now to kill this monstrosity than wait for an inevitable that may not come anytime soon.


I don’t know when, and people will die between the time the ACA is repealed and single payer is implemented. I might be one of them and I have two young children, so they may get to see me slowly die because of this decision. I agree that the ACA should be defended, but the people dismantling the ACA cannot be reasoned with, they simply must be fought and defeated, and when they are thrown out on their asses it would be nice if they were barred from profiting with their buddies still in government.


Agreed. What's funny is I tried to call my tea party congressman and couldn't get through. Phone kept ringing yesterday and did so this morning. From what I've seen posted elsewhere, this appears to be a bit of a pattern. Your point fits: they just can't be reasoned with and don't want to be.


We need a new political party to move National Health Care for all - Medicare for All.

Just that as the main focus of the party.