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'This Is Just Cruelty and Exclusion': Amid Trump's Attack on Poor, One Million Fewer Kids Receiving Medicaid and CHIP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/22/just-cruelty-and-exclusion-amid-trumps-attack-poor-one-million-fewer-kids-receiving

These wars, the war on kids, women, the poor is tearing us apart as a nation. The people doing it are not normal. There are laws against criminals that cause harm to others. Because these people write the laws it makes it legal. State sanctioned violence against babies? WTF!


I’m guessing congresscritters, federal or state level, who support these attacks on the youngest poor citizens in our country expect them to get their medical coverage from their jobs. Because the “Make America Great Again” meme is really about the Gilded Age, when “good” young children were dying and losing limbs in Americas factories to make the rich, richer. Ah what a wonderful time. /s


I’ve been saying this for decades:

The republican ‘brain’ seems to have a perverted need to see others hurt and hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves.

It’s that simple. I don’t know what to do about it, but there it is


It’s time to take away trump’s free cheeseburgers, helicopter rides, and golf outings. I heard that trump has been away to his golf and other properties for one third of his time in office. Time for the boot.


Not counting the refugee children. I bet little Barron isn’t hurting though.