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'This Is...Kidnapping': Video Shows Plainclothes NYPD Officers Throwing Protester Into Unmarked Van

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/iskidnapping-video-shows-plainclothes-nypd-officers-throwing-protester-unmarked-van


First they came for the immigrants and I did not speak out—because I was from here.

Then they came for the the Black Lives Matter protestors , and I did not speak out— because I was not black.

Then they came for the trans sympathisers , and I did not speak out—because I was not LGBTQ.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • paraphrasing of Martin Niemoller’s prose, he himself changed the wording often over his seven years in concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

Where did all those 2nd amendment “activists” go?
You know, the ones that never stopped blathering on about the need for guns to protect oneself against government overreach any time someone suggested some kind of firearms regulations.
We see theese kinds of things daily now, and ive yet to hear a peep from any one of them.


Welcome to policing in the age of Trump. Unmarked cars, plain clothes cops, and kidnapped suspects. IF there WAS a warrant for this persons arrest, why not arrest them with uniformed? Answer: This plays to Trump’s base much better.


Trump era law and order can be rather confusing, controversial possibly even unconstitutional

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This isn’t just a reminder of Portland, it is a reminder of the disappeared of Central and South American people in dictatorships. Chile, Argentina, Hondura, and on, often aided and abetted, even trained by the US. Remember the old name, School of the Americas, which taught these techniques. Don’t forget Elliot Abrams’ just deniable enough role in murder squads in Central America and he is now some sort of special envoy to Venezuela (except he’s not there). He and Bill Barr have collaborated since the 1980s. Police (locals) tend to go right along with these “police” actions.


One step closer to Extraordinary rendition


The solution would be to vote out all the Democrats (and Republicans) opposed to 2nd Amendment (and most of the rest of the Bill of Rights also). Most politicians aren’t opposed to firearms, they just don’t want anyone other than their police and private mercenaries to have them. Does De Blasio’s insist his security detail not carry guns? The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security (armed mercenaries) for three council members - why don’t they carry their own weapons, or maybe use Social Workers like they expect the peons to do?


United States of America, what a shithole country. Thanks Don the Con and the corrupt DNC.


This is very disturbing. To think that any person would do this is tragic. Someone needs to be fired. Militarizing police departments needs to end. We look like a third world nation run by a dictator.


Read They Thought They Were Free…and for that matter the Declaration of Independence: "all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

In TTTWF, Mayer’s philologist friend responded very thoughtfully, saying that the encroachments happened in such tiny chunks that nobody ever felt able to act with sufficient determination and force to put a stop to it. It would have been a literally revolutionary act, and nobody felt strong enough to do it by themselves since they were not people of action in their everyday lives…

“Gun nuts”, who collect lots of guns, talk big, and swagger around in camo are probably never going to do anything except maybe take the side of the jackboots whom they resemble.

But there are lefties who own guns–perhaps even lots of guns, who believe in the sanctity of our Constitutional rights–even though they’ve all been infringed to hell and back, and who would act in concert when the “sufferable” boundary is conclusively crossed.

That hasn’t happened yet, but the BLM movement and the reaction in the country to the killings, most recently of Mr Floyd, suggests that the boundary is very, very near.

Will the responses we’re seeing (cop firings and prosecutions) be enough to look like real reform and cause people to draw back from the edge? It’s very possible, because as Jefferson implied, we really do not want to start another revolution or, worse, a civil war.

But if it becomes obvious that the “reform” is a sham, then it’s quite possible that criminal cops will begin to find themselves on the receiving end of ad-hoc justice. And it really might begin soon.


Good thought. Maybe support for the BoR should be a litmus test for election. Get rid of all the scum who think our rights are theirs to play with. Cancel “administrative forfeiture”, cancel the “National Firearms Act” and its successors, cancel “free speech zones”, et lengthy cetera.


Welcome to Fascistland, USA!
Some yelling, ”we’re peaceful!”., falls on deaf ears…
in the educated language of police thugs,
they don’t give a #$&@&#., if you are peaceful.
You could be JC himself, and you would be thrown
to the ground…
Just obey!! that is it…
you have no rights…they have the power. Period.
why do you think they became cops?


They’re grabbing random, frequently innocuous citizens off the street (like some US funded shithole country Nazi death squad) as a warning to us ALL. They’ve got a good schtick going: they protect Massa, they can claim their cut of the fascist feeding frenzy, with BOTH parties’ blessing. Don’t forget to thank our freedom WARRIORS for their service!!! We’re ALL the “thugs” and Palestinian TERRORISTS, now?)

As long as we’re buying-into their medias’ narrative, these “distractions” will all have to become exponentially more sadistic, violent (and, well… involve white folks, too?) It’s certainly to draw our “attention” away from empty pockets being picked, our vote/ voice disappearing & hundreds-of-thousands fed to a frigging virus. It’s just US… this time?






hopefully this resistance will continue…
It took almost 4 years for people to really see what is going on.,
and instead of just complaining or laughing,
get out into the streets.
If people go back to sleep, we’re done for…
sure, Biden might win in 2020
but who is coming after him?
or if his selected VP goes on to be President,
who will follow 4 to 8 years later?
someone much worse than Donald Trash.,
is a distinct possibility

you think these thug politicians and their bigger unknown boss thugs
who really call the shots will evaporate or surrender?
hell no.


how about no politicians stood up to Georgie W.
with the “secret renditions” in Afghanistan, where
suspected “terrorists” were whisked off the streets
by US personnel to unknown sites for detainment & torture
without trial.
Nobody said anything…let’s keep our trembling lips shut.,
after all we don’t want to look “unpatriotic”…

that was a dress rehearsal for the same thuggery on the streets of
“The Homeland”…(USA) via Donald Trash today. Perhaps that was the intent.

and now, Georgie, well - he just a cool guy to hang out with,
right Ellen & Michelle?


They joined the kidnappers, of course; were you under the impression that those weren’t white supremacist sympathizers?


Remember the “umbrella” man:



The very fact that the BoR ISN’T seen as a litmus test for election is something every American should be very concerned about. Democracy and Freedom are NOT the same thing. History is full of the democratic election of tyrants - Hitler, Mugabe, Maduro, Sisi, Putin - all are elected with a majority vote. Democracy only works if specific, inviolable restrictions on government activity are also in place. If that isn’t the case, then ‘democracy’ is only mob rule. The BoR is unique in the fact that it restricts government rights rather than ‘bestowing permissions’ as most other Constitutions do. The very fact that ‘rights’ are seen as ‘permissions’, makes them worthless.


First, they came for the JOURNALISTS, whistleblowers & concerned citizens…

We don’t KNOW what happened, after that?

~https://gothamist.com/news/video-shows-nypd-officers-throwing-protest-leader-unmarked-van (comments, there, were removed, for mentioning IDF training, etc.)