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'This Is Mass Murder': Covid-19 Deaths in US Prisons Have Risen by 73% the Past Month

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/mass-murder-covid-19-deaths-us-prisons-have-risen-73-past-month

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Let us not discount the possibility that trump hatched these insidious outcomes intentionally.
Wait for it, wait for it, outlandish voting snafus on their way to a voting booth near you, if yours hasn’t been shut down.


The word “deliberate” crossed my mind,

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Well hey, why not go for another “America number one” record? We already have the most people imprisoned in the fucking world per capita, so why not have the most deaths in our prison system too? USA, USA, USA!!!


Our “penal” system is so arbitrarily vicious it punishes the guards, right up to the warden, as they watch SARS2 take over, and then they bring home “more than a paycheck, to our loved ones and families.”

A couple of months ago, California’s COVID-19 stats looked like something Gavin Newsom might take pride in. No longer. California has enormous prisons all over – which will keep our outbreak plenty virulent for all of us, for the foreseeable.

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Doesn’t this kill the very population the trumpets love to hate? Black folks? As soon as they realized the black population (and elders, who are dispensable in their eyes) were overwhelmingly covid-19 victims, they decided it was time to reopen. So, this is good news to them. Except to the owners of the private prisons. How to fill them up again? Protesters! Tongue in cheek. But really, to what lengths will these goons go? Nazis, all of them.


Off course it’s mass murder. Trump allowing civid-19 virus to spread far and wide is a murder also. He must’ve known the consequences and those highly acceptable in catching the virus. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems. To the vulture capitalists the elderly and sick are excess, unproductive burden as are incarcerated people.

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The noun & verb don’t belong together here, imho – Pestilency isn’t among the things on Earth which are capable of knowing anything. Facts bounce off the monolith like BB’s versus granite, leaving hardly a mark, a momentary puff of dust. As its necessarily organic underlying system starts shuddering under the stress of continual defiance of reality, as the exhaustion of its physical vigor matches the exhaustion of its power over others, as it clarifies while simmering to a purer essence of fly-speckled bullshit, the question about what Pestilency might know bounces right back to what I wonder about:

If USAmerica has a great and noble tradition of democratic governance – what good has it been, against this disgusting, pathetic Pestilency? Just the past day we’ve had a couple of decent Supreme Court rulings kicking back at Pestilency, and it’s almost a shock because it virtually never happens. Somehow the land of the free became accustomed, as a cyber-culture, to slavishly attending every urp & eep of Pestilency, of this international embarrassment, this cowpie weenie.

They’re expendable humans as far as the 1% sees them.

Keep supporting the two parties of the Duopoly and perhaps in another 200 years, those folks may see some incremental change.


There seems to be a clear pattern in the government’s diversion tactics of focusing on issues of sexual preference relative to existential matters such as wars and global warming due to pollution… SCOTUS gives us peanuts but gives the polluters everything they ask for. Remember that sexual preference is not as important as life on earth and climate emergency. So to complete the theatrics SCOTUS looks “good” to some folks but on the whole they’re in the service of the elites.

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The trump administration is fomenting fear where doubt isn’t quite doing the trick.
One of the oldest campaign tricks in the book.

As they say about the coming climate crisis, nature bats last. Infecting any part of society is truly infecting all of society. The spouses of all married prison guards shop in our grocery stores next to us.

The coronavirus simply isn’t the flu. A serious number of survivors suffer lifetime physical damage to their bodies and they have to live with it, or, better put, the people who pay in to Medicare have to live with the extra financial cost. Talk about “I can’t breathe!”

Sane countries and most of the insane countries too don’t have two million guys in the can.

It is interesting that the rate of “asymptomatic cases” is higher by several times over inside the prison than out.