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'This Is Massive': Landslide Victory for Progressive Reform as DNC Cuts Superdelegates Down to Size

'This Is Massive': Landslide Victory for Progressive Reform as DNC Cuts Superdelegates Down to Size

Jon Queally, staff writer

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In a landslide victory for progressive reforms, the Democratic National Committee approved new rules that will significantly curb the power of superdelegate during aa meeting of party delegates in Chicago on Saturday.

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Wow! Dare I be hopeful?


Maybe they’re starting to listen to us. Keep up the pressure!


Why the joy? Given the growing factionalization of the Democratic Party, multi-ballot conventions are more, not less likely. Dismaying to see any superdelegates at all.


“The reform was pushed by DNC Chair Tom Perez, but faced strong opposition from a relatively small but vocal group of party members, who argued it would disenfranchise some of the party’s most prominent members.”
You used the wrong word. Not “Members”, “Donors” is the one you want.

I haven’t been so enthused since the Vichy democrats swore off filthy lucre from big oil.


I see what you did there…and I approve.


From a lot of crumbs a real cookie is made.

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Hold on, here. The Democratic establishment is pitching this to the party base as the major structutal change we need in the Democratic candidate selection process.

But it is not.

Imaging a case in which a Socialist-leaning candidate supported by Democratic Party primary voters wins the delegate count on the first ballot at the national convention. But she wins by a margin smaller than the number of so-called super-delegates.

Is there any doubt at all that the super-delegates will exercise a veto by throwing their votes as a bloc behind a second-place finisher suppoerted by the party establishment?

That essentially is what happened to Bernie Sanders in 2016. And this amendment does nothing to prevent it from occurring again.

The only viable solution to the super-delegate problem is … get rid of the super-delegates, once and for all. Period.


Now for a genuine progressive platform instead of the watered down corporate gruel they spooned up in 2016. Without a truly progressive platform they are stuck with running against Trump. Certainly a worthy challenge but nothing that would rekindle any Obama first term hopey feeley. And then, unlike tepid Obama, they must deliver on their promises.


GO BERNIE. I’ll believe it when I see some real changes come forward the so-called democratic party.


If they had any intentions of real reform, they would have eliminated the undemocratic super delegates entirely. But they have a problem with democracy and feel that us little people just cannot be trusted with our votes. Hence the Super Delegates remain.

And we will get a Clinton Clone in 2020 who will be soundly defeated by Trump. Because the only platform plank that the Democrats have is “we are not Trump”


Democrats are the party of the 99%?


Okay, the DNC has curbed, but not eliminated the power of the
superdelegates. Now if the DNC will do something about the non-
democratic antics happening at the state primaries. We do not want
more coin tosses or the oppression of delegates and their votes
supporting candidates like Bernie Sanders.


Shocked, I tells ya, shocked.


I agree. At best this should be seen as only the first step. Celebrate, sure but plan the next step and constantly increase the pressure.


“I haven’t been so enthused since the Vichy democrats swore off filthy lucre from big oil.”



Alex Kotsch sez: “In 2016, Clinton went into the election with 700 committed electoral votes—which had nothing to do with voter preference—simply because she was a powerful party leader. Now that unfair advantage is basically gone.”

Is it? This vote seems to be about the role of ‘superdelegates’ once the convention is under way.
Are these superdelegates also prohibited from publicly endorsing a candidate at the start of the nominating process? Will enterprising ‘news outlets’ be prohibited from canvassing said superdelegates and publishing a count of these ‘endorsements’ before the state primaries begin?


I’m afraid this is smoke and mirrors that isn’t any change at all.

I don’t know this; I’m just afraid it is.

You see the problem is what is needed to win on the first ballot? Is it a majority of the pledged delegates, who can vote in the first ballot, or is it a majority of all the delegates, including the super delegates, who can’t vote on the first ballot?

I have tried and tried since this was first proposed to discover which it is and all the descriptions of the process are not clear on this but sure sound like the latter is the case.

If it is, then there is no difference here except cosmetic.

The super delegates will still matter in a close race. The super delegates still can be wooed before the process and they can still announce who they are for. The Rachel Maddows of the world can still count them when they report the results of a primary or caucus, just adding the phrase, “and on the second ballot the results are…”

But now all the captive progressives in the unDemocratic Party can prance around feeling like they’ve won something when they haven’t won lint.

Unless I’m wrong, but I’m very afraid I’m not. Why? Because if it was the former I think it would be clearly reported when it was described.

Thus smoke and mirrors, an illusion, a trick. I hope I’m wrong. If anyone can prove me wrong, please do so. (I asked before when I first brought this up and a few people thought telling me that super delegates can’t vote on the first ballot answered my issue when it freakin’ doesn’t.)


ONE change does not a reform make! after the last two decades of Clinton/Obama DNC “centrist” establishment changes this should have been done years ago. There are many other changes that can lead to real reform…don’t count yer chickens yet people…

It’s claimed Uncle-Tom Perez was instrumental in this modest change, but his pressure to reverse the big-oil/gas campaign-contribution bribes tells quite a different story - what’s the straight skinny?

I remember the sabotage and sandbagging of Bernie sanders by these same 'reformers" ramming the Red Queen down our throats and getting the orange Mussolini…the reforms are clearly need more serious attention, and I have not seen the centrists get on board with universal not-for-profit single-payer either. How about some real action to overturn citizens United? What about ousting/challenging Dems that sabotage single-payer like in CA, and the other quislings - Manchin, Heitcamp, Duckworth, et al? The list of reforms and actions to build a strong progressive base is long…

Given the entrenched “centrist” - AKA corporate DINO Dems - there is still a far way to go…


Pomp and Circumstance, signifying…nothing.

Superdelegates, remain.