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'This Is My Act of Love': Climate Activists Shut Down All Pipelines on US-Canada Border

Activism can help but it cannot solve this problem. The problem cannot be solved without strong government action. It is far too big a problem. Only governments have the means to address some aspects of this problem although individual actions are also critical. If you don’t have some faith in governments on this problem then it truly becomes hopeless to solve.


It’s known as necessary, but not sufficient. Applies to both activism and government.

Concerning accomplishing social and economic change, going through channels produces gradualism and incrementalism at best.

In his 1963 I Have a Dream speech Martin Luther King confirmed that “a century of gradualism produced a lot of promises and little civil rights action”. During the 2016 primaries the media characterized Clinton’s approach to progessive issues “incrementalism”, basically relabeling MLK’s “gradualism”, making a lot of promises but not delivering any action within the lifetimes of anybody voting for her.

Grassroots change, including civil disobedience has historically been what produces results for the 99% who can’t afford to own politicians like the 1% do.


Clinton trollmaster David Brock has a lot of money to spend trolling during the next four weeks.


What is in your past that causes you to attempt to control people on this open forum? It’s obvious to many lately that when comments are flagged, “bkswrites” is always on the same thread. I have been reading this site for many years and can’t recall so many comments being flagged until you joined. To put it another way, who the hell do you think you are?

It’s not your job to control or monitor these comments. You are a distraction to the ongoing conversation.


We were also told to be “pragmatic” in her approach to incrementalism. Our response, “The world can’t wait–we need change now!”


Thank you CD for this article. These activists are awesome and principled people.

Maybe I’ve missed it but I’ve seen no mention of it in the MSM. Instead the headline in the current online NYTs with a large photo of HRC is:

‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’
Inside the final weeks of Hillary Clinton’s cautious — yet surprisingly risky — campaign.

Not only is this the exact opposite of what she is doing if she doesn’t stop supporting fossil fuel-related industries it is unbelievable sensationalism and propaganda.


Sorry, bkswrites, I should have included a trigger warning.

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This is the kind of action that we need more of.
It’s peaceful and effective.
Best of all people of all ages can participate in it. Including the old farts who started all of this crap in the 60’s.


Action is the only way we’re going to solve it!


America started with this built in. To imagine a wrong turn was taken in the 60’s is not to understand the continuous commercial forces driving America from before it’s start.


Perhaps it’s not understood by many because it’s not taught in our schools. The Hudson Bay Co. LTD and so on.
Might not that be the way the Capitalist oligarchy wants it?


Actually, with the Mayflower, religious rebellion funded by contractual obligation to a monopoly called “the Merchant Adventurers.” But getting off topic.


Very well said! Thanks for your reply.

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Awesome move!!! Thank you brave conscious souls!
Monkey wrench it!

I’ll send money for your defense fund(s).


Indentured servants (slaves) right?

Anything close by that you can “monkey wrench” or are you an armchair cheerleader?
We all need to be involved in this action.

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Please do NOT flagg comments here at CD.


Kindly piss off with your ass-umptions and preachery bs.
I am native Lakota/French and I am supporting relatives at Standing Rock NoDAPL.
Just what are You up to, hummm?
My other relatives are up in Canada protecting their lands from arsefukery by extractive industries.


Actually, I support this kind of activism, but what they did was dangerous and could have backfired badly. Pipeline operations are not as simple as the plumbing in your house. Arbitrarily shutting a valve could have caused a rupture in the line, and a large oil spill, explosion, and maybe killed people - including the activists. According to news reports, Embidge shut the pipelines down themselves upon first reports of the action to prevent an accident.