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'This is My Country': Rep. Ilhan Omar Rebukes and Ridicules Trump After Latest Racist Attack

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/my-country-rep-ilhan-omar-rebukes-and-ridicules-trump-after-latest-racist-attack

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“Firstly, this is my country”. Rep.IIhan Omar.
True Omar, but to Trump and his fanatical followers, the Muslims like many other American. minorities are considered to be second class American, citizens. Love Fascist Amerika, or leave it!

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This is the only good news that I’ve seen today, A Congresswoman ripping the President a new asshole. Which is really hard because he already is a big asshole himself. We are in deep trouble from multiple issues and he’s acting like a junior high schooler, if that. What the people need is some more saving as the c-virus pandemic ravages Americans. Will someone to do something? Look at the news today and try to find something good, I dare ya. Sorry that’s how I feel, depressed as hell.

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“An immigrant becoming a member of Congress is an American success story,”

To the majority, becoming “first lady” after staying here without proper papers and sleeping with the grotesque sociopath in the WH and enjoying his money, not so much a success story.

At one time most representatives had been immigrants so the accomplishment is not a new one but an important one. Many immigrants embrace the opportunities and regulations sanctioned by our US Constitution but some choose to resist them. Rep. Omar is one and wont be the last.

Perhaps POTUS Trump should have married a brother or sister to earn Omar’s approval?