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'This Is My Retirement': Trump's Covid-19 Vaccine Czar Refuses to Sell Stock Holdings of Major Drug Company

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/my-retirement-trumps-covid-19-vaccine-czar-refuses-sell-stock-holdings-major-drug

Using their logic, it means Trump is also a “contractor”, and any one of us can dissolve his contract.
If we only had an opposition party.


“This is my retirement”. $671 a month is my retirement, doesn’t seem right does it? Peace


Nope, but allowing criminal activities and protected by BOTH sides seems status quo these days.

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Such divestment should be a matter of law, not a normative nicety.


“Some animals are more equal than others.”

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The funniest line in this article: “Congress needs to investigate.” I don’t hold much stock in that assertion, especially with Porkbarrel Pelosi and Shyster Schumer running the show.

Or, work 'til you drop like the rest of us. Welcome to our American Nightmare.

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Trump’s czars are all crooks. Operating just barely under the law. But out of the circle of morality.
Breaking laws and regulations is bad enough, but letting it slide is just as bad.

The words he spoke:
“This is my retirement.”

The meaning of the words he spoke:
“This job is an opportunity to maximize my retirement.”

Pardon me, but it appears to me that that vaccine ain’t going nowhere.

Exactly right. Someone needs to grow a pair and insist, “if you want the job, follow the rules.”
And trump needs to be held to account as well.

If this crap continues we will have reset the term for president to two years instead of four. Perhaps change the total amount from eight years to ten or twelve.
The power at the top is not fluid enough because of real time changes.