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'This Is Nightmarish': Indigenous and Climate Leaders Outraged Over Minnesota Permits for Line 3 Pipeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/nightmarish-indigenous-and-climate-leaders-outraged-over-minnesota-permits-line-3

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These Canadian firms are scrambling to find a way to get that tarsands oil out and to market. Billions will be spent to produce “dirty oil” which sells some 20$$ under the World price. The Government of Alberta has seen investment in new Tarsands plants plummet so feel if they can get more pipelines in , those investors will return. Over the years they have already slashed Royalty payments on that tarsands oil to what is very close to the lowest in the World, lower even than the Oil Companies pay the State in Texas and Oklahoma.

So the endgame? Billions to be spent on these pipelines. Billions more on Companies to build tarsands plants in a world where Oil prices stagnate and drop. Once these billions and billions spent by those pipeline Companies and those Tarsands Companies will be operating at a loss and will be demanding “relief” or they will shut down and all those jobs will be lost.

So not only will this oil and the burning of it destroy our ecosystem with megatonnes more of CO2 gases emitted , but the taxpayers will be paying for those firms to do it. The Tarsands companies announced in conjunction with the Government of Alberta that they would invest billions in new “greener technologies” . Not too long ago they quietly dropped that pledge due to the dropping of Oil prices and the need to cut costs.

Idiocy layered on top of stupidity.

This is the so called “free market” in action. This is the cancer that is neo-liberalism and Capitalism.


proving that Trump and company are not the only climate science denying fools in the leadership of our country


Populist leaders like Jason Kenney of Alberta and Doug Ford of Ontario have large bases, just like their master, Trump - about half the population I think - the conservative element in all our societies.

For them - it’s monkey see - monkey do, and now this governor has become a monkey too.

Whereas liberal ideals are all inclusive - populist and fascist leaders appeal to at most half the population, which unfortunately is enough tp propel them to power for often long periods of time, like Franco or Stalin.

These days I see little real difference between fascists and conservatives. Essentially, they are zero sum thinkers - all for me and my base - nothing but grief for the remainder.

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Rainforest Action Network has mounted a letter writing site to tell Joe Biden to STOP LINE 3

For any feeling inclined to send a letter:


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