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'This Is No Bluff': Sanders Vows to Filibuster Military Budget to Force Senate Vote on $2,000 Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/no-bluff-sanders-vows-filibuster-military-budget-force-senate-vote-2000-checks


Irony abounds:

It seems that the only Senator defending the Democrats position is an independent.

I would hope that those yet loyal to that party make themselves heard on the issue of a dramatic and immediate change of leadership.


I’m confused? Trump pushed for $2,000 and removal of Troops from Afghanistan and the Dems settled for $600 and voted to override the President’s veto of the Defense bill.

Why is it so easy to make the Dems look so inept? Answer - because they are not truly an opposition party.

Wake up people.


There are any number of democratic senators that could handle the filibuster process. Why Bernie?


Go Bernie!
He is always looking out for the little people. Republicans and Democrats not so much!
We need a 100 more just like him!


Couldn’t have said it better.
Trump must be sitting there lamenting how he miscalculated this election cycle. He must be regretting not running the same campaign that won him the White House four years ago, that is to say, he could have easily run to the left of Biden like he did Hillary. But he feared that his die hard racist base wouldn’t accept it.
Now it’s too late to run to Joe and Nancy and Chucks left, although this episode makes the Democratic Party look really bad. And that’s saying something.


Puf McConnell in a boxing ring with Bernie and let them duke it out, I say. Then serve turtle soup for those with a taste for putrid fare.


Yes, Sanders needs some help.


'Cause we can’t trust any real Democrats…


Earth to Bernie…ever since the Raygun revolution morphed the military industrial complex into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) there has been a defacto prohibition on discussing corporate welfare, with MIMIC funding being the biggest recipient of such…whether its part of the “defense budget” or just as often “off budget”. Meanwhile “domestic” programs (those that benefit the 99%) require endless discussion that invariably lands in the dust bin of history.


Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts is working with Bernie on this issue.


It’s about time, could have used this tactic during the CARES act to make sure the citizens were taken care of and we wouldn’t be in this situation now.


It would be unconscionable, especially after the House did the wrong thing, for the Senate to override the Military Budget veto.

And in other news, if Bernie actually gets the Senate to approve the $2,000 stimulus payment,
Trump will get the credit.
Bernie will get the blame.


By the time Saint Ron ascended the throne 40 years ago, the GOP propaganda machine had refined the blame the victims, reward the perps strategy, including blaming the Democrats for GOP trevesties.

Heads they win, tails we lose…the murkin way.


Regardless of what office he holds, or how futile the effort, Bernie will spend his life speaking up, loudly, for the well being of all citizens. It’s his M.O.


Please try and keep up, thanks. Democrats tried very hard to both increase the money to the people and decrease that going to the wealthy and the corporate. When the Democrats were faced with no bill or the $600 bill they had little choice. Had they refused to support the bill in that form the suffering would have been even greater.

As soon as Trump called for the $2000 figure the democrats immediately supported that.


Oh, so one out of 46 , well excuse me!

The article starts off by saying that:

" Sen. Bernie Sanders is planning to filibuster the Senate’s upcoming attempt to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the annual military spending bill in an effort to force a clean vote on House-passed legislation that would provide one-time $2,000 direct payments to struggling Americans."

While Sanders’ rhetoric appears to be well intentioned it should be noted that it is his desire to give many Americans a one-time $2,000 direct check. One has to wonder if he had been making these demands back in February when people had to choose between staying home during a pandemic or working and being at risk for getting Covid-19. It is quite pathetic that legislators are debating about passing a bill which would give people in the allegedly greatest country in the world a one time check for $2,000 when this is also supposed to be the richest country on the planet. Since other countries have been providing financial relief for its citizens since the early days of the pandemic one has to logically ask why the United States has not been doing the same thing. But as Eisenhower pointed out in his Cross of Iron speech back in April of 1953 the United States could easily do this if it spent far less on ships and bombs and rockets and tanks and more on schools and libraries and food and financial aid for its people.


Maybe that means it isn’t really the Democrats’ position. Maybe in the House it was an easy “good-guy vote” where they all get to vote in favor of a very popular idea without having to worry that it will actually pass.


They are a very effective opposition party. They have been opposing us for as long as I can remember.