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'This Is No Joke': Michigan AG Calls Trump 'A Petulant Child' for Refusing to Wear Mask During Ford Visit

That route is:
Tar Sands nasty oil south to Cushing, Oklahoma.
East to Pontiac, Illinois.
Thence, to Griffith, Indiana
Feeds British Petroleum refinery at Whiting, Indiana for diesel and aircraft fuels.
From Griffith to Sarnia Ontario.
I did visit the installation of this new pipe that replaced the one that ruptured at Battle Creek. The work was correct. Submerged arc welding the two pipes end to end. X-ray or fluoroscopy for weld quality. Stress relief the area for avoiding hydrogen enbrittlement corrosion.

The old pipe was left in place, purged and filled with a gas, nitrogen probably.
Enbridge is not my friend. Suggest this is a London dominatrix.

The North Dakota oil and the tar sands oil may be going to Houston area. They reversed the flow of a north bound crude that carried west texas crude to Chicago area

I would love to nationalize BP and Royal Dutch Shell.
As president, I will do it. And gasoline will be $1.50 per gallon witch includes the $1.00 federal tax for bridges, pavement, drainage, Thick wall pipe from Nippon, Calgary and Lorain.

Trump is the fetus that absolutely should have been aborted.

The pain and death he has wrought is inexcusable.

Him and his enablers must be held accountable.

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I would hope that Bernie begins to work with progressives looking to start a new party, good grief. We badly need something to battle this crap we get fro both sides of the aisle. At least he could possibly get somewhere as an advisor or contributor to actually get something done for progressive thought in this country. good grief. We are getting nowhere and more deeply entrenched in corporate crap.

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β€œthis is no joke.”

No, but the Tangerine Twit certainly is.