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This Is No Time for Howard Schultz’s Foolishness

This Is No Time for Howard Schultz’s Foolishness

Eugene Robinson

Just what we need, another ego-crazed billionaire with zero experience in government who thinks he is destined to be president. What could go wrong?


The Democratic party has not shifted left. They are still a party of the Corporations and warfare state. Warren and Sanders are not radicals whereby a Schultz candidacy will “moderate” them.

This article chock full of nonsense. It presumes that just because someone not as far to the right as a Schultz they somehow must be on the left and be radicals. If a right wing candidate such as Schultz can pull enough votes away from other Democratic Candidates so as to lead to another Trump victory , then all it means is the Democratic Candidates are not far enough to the LEFT and not RADICAL enough. Why would a true progressive need to compete for the same votes as a Schultz unless they are in fact on the right?

This just more of that Clintonian Centrism.


Robinson sez:
“The horror of 2016 threatens to become a recurring nightmare.”

2016 was just the latest installment of a nightmare that has been recurring since 1981.


another white boy who cannot see beyond his ego and could care less about what this country needs.

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Mr. Schultz may be angling for a cabinet position; but the recycling bin under the sink, is a better place for him and his so-called " centrism ".
As my coffee roasting buddy said of Mr. Schultz, " He’s a third-rate salesman selling a second-rate product for a first-rate price. That’s why he has to junk up his coffee with sugar and foo-foo. "
Mr. Schultz have a great big steaming cup of STFU, please.


Why does the DNC think it is they are the only ones who should be able to choose a Presidential candidate? Because 2016 proved they could choose the best candidate? Because they are so intelligent they didn’t know the Electoral College determines who is elected?
The duopoly is made up of two dinosaurs galloping toward extinction.
Why do they believe they have no candidates who can beat Trump regardless of Mr. Schultz? If they believed that Hillary Clinton 60% unfavorable rating was the key to victory, they should have no problem with Howard Schultz. Get a well-liked candidate who can speak to the issues and it doesn’t matter what Mr. Schultz does. Chances are good Trump will not be seeking a second term… concentrate on what you are doing and stop trying to control the election system (didn’t work too well last time)
As John Adams said, " There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."


Another “for goodness sake, let no one compete” piece.

Everybody’s crazy uncle is looking for a Democratic nomination not because the party comes from a position of strength. The party strategy since at least '92 has been to indulge in Wall Street and MIC-friendly politics for the money, then make excuses and PR overtures to the electorate and say “But the Republicans [fill in your argument here].”

As a part of that, we have the ongoing pattern of levying institutional power against popular causes within the party. Progressive individuals have been shut down so effectively within the official party that the headline performer is a first-year congressperson, the most popular potential candidate has been an independent until the last election cycle, and another worthy-of-mention is an economics professor who appears still a bit bewildered over certain aspects of Washington DC and its local cannibals. There is a large gap between the young hopefuls and the old routiners, the better of them products of the Vietnam era.

Heck, let Schultz run. Why does he have less right or call to it than a DNC appointee? How are the abuses that do exist in the coffee business more disqualifying than MIC, CIA, and potential TPP connections?

Schultz will draw some Republicans as well as Democrats. Were something as disappointing as another Don and Hillary show to recommence, he might draw quite a few from each side–and be welcome to them.

No, now is exactly the time for Howard Schultz’s foolishness. The major parties have prepared his coming for decades. May he arrive early, announce with vigor, campaign hard, and make the Democratic Party play straightish, more or less, on a national level, for the first time in a quarter century plus change.

If the DNC does not like it, let them hold open primaries and allow the ascension of a popular candidate, and retire from corporatocracy, quickly or slowly.

The party has to provide a reason for its support; otherwise, there is no motive whatsoever for the rest of us or half of its own membership to support it. If you want a compromise, you have to come up with something in the offer.


Excellent article. Author Robinson’s comment that is a giant ego-trip is 100% true. This dope Schultz is asleep in his solipsistic fog.


These billionaires are thinking of running not because of Trump but because the democratic party is moving left(and yes I agree Warren and Sanders —who I like—are moderates). The US is in the process of a coup in Venezuela because the elite can not tolerate the idea that this wealthy nation should be socialist-----The US has had an embargo against Cuba for how long?---------THIS IS ALL ABOUT NOT LETTING THE COMMON PEOPLE HAVE REAL POWER!

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! Just think how Bernie ran his last campaign----with one liners—trying to break thru the propaganda and indoctrination. And if you are a true threat to the military establishment in this country -----you will be annihilated . WAKE UP!

This guy Schultz’s did some publicity stunt requiring his employee’s to talk about race with strangers-----just think about this-------are his employee’s his slaves? Maybe this should be a topic in the up coming election- wage slavery.


This from a windsock who didn’t vote for Cordray over DeWine?

You make it sound like N/A voters don’t exist. You’d probably support a Gov. LePage like enough Mainers did to ensure a wasted 8 years w/out the ACA. Or, maybe you liked his racially inclusive policies; complete with stereotypes from bad MTV videos and profiling on steroids.
We, as a country, are backward enough without more Billionaire Moderate Republicans messing things up even more.

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Didn’t the DNC decide to get rid of the Superdelegate thing? If so, they have to let the states decide. In 2016, that would have meant quite a battle between the Sanders folk and the Clinton bunch.

Democrats are roused. The very idea of another billionaire CEO pretending to be for the “people” is not only ludicrous, it is offensive to the garden variety Dem. And hopefully Dems are smart enough to vote not based on ridiculous campaign commercials, which are what the Big Money donors count on.

What I HAVE noticed is a pronounced MSM trend to glam up Harris while mostly ignoring Warren et al spunkier progressives. Watch for the corporate media to subtly and not-so-subtly propagandize their fans away from true progressive ideas. Harris might fool them, but she sounds like the tamest of the lot so far.

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Schultz claims we cannot have Medicare for All because it would be too expensive. If he is that misinformed he is unqualified to be president. Medicare for All would save us 5 trillion per decade over the current system.


“Or—and I fear this is more likely—he may just be surfing a great big wave of pure ego.”

Or he may secretly fear a progressive government and runs to ensure that trump is re-elected to protect his wealth.

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It was pretty bad.

Schultz seems to be an honorable and decent guy, and I have nothing against him.

Really? The author quotes his ridiculous statements on single payer - is that not enough to have something against him? I’m sure any reporter who spends an hour looking into the guy will find many more anti-progressive things about him.

Instead, perhaps, he should angle for a Cabinet post.

Wow that’s a fucked up idea - why would we want that either?

I don’t see why we need Eugene Robinson on Common Dreams. I know people feel the same about other people I like such as Jeffery Sachs but at least his writing is better. Elizabeth Bruenig remains one of the few people at the Washington Post I can tolerate.

Mr. Schultz needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Arguably, since 1968.

You ought to since you know exactly what he stands for and why he would run.

Nope, they didn’t do that.

What they did do was say the Superdelegates don’t vote on the first ballot.

But they vote on later ballots.

So what they’re doing this cycle is make sure no one can win on the first ballot. The obvious fear is that Bernie would win on the first ballot. Somehow they’ve convinced Warren and Gabbard to also run and split the previous Bernie vote.

I don’t understand why my Berniac friends are so excited about Gabbard also running.

This time around, watch the big money make sure that there are three candidates at least going to the convention with no one having a majority on the first ballot.