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'This Is Not a Drill': Attorney General Sessions Coming for Nation's Legalized Pot


'This Is Not a Drill': Attorney General Sessions Coming for Nation's Legalized Pot

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Red alert," warns Drug Policy Alliance, "Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going after legalized marijuana." 


We all know his decision is wrong headed. It is about control. Suppression leads to oppression which leads to tyranny. You can’t vote if you are in jail. Big bummer, it is the one drug that works for my PTSD. It’s not about being healthy.


Although I hesitate to call it a “drug”, I am in that boat with you. Know what? SCREW 'EM! I got it before “legalization” (OF A PLANT!), I’ll get it again!!!


…of course there is the claim that too much money is being made the old fashioned way with this “plant”…oil, guns, drugs…oil, guns, drugs…


This move - or potential move by AG sessions - must be fought tooth and nail!

Medicinal cannabis patients like vets, cancer patients and all the other victims must get vocal now!

States that will see millions in revenue from taxes on cannabis operations and all those with jobs in the industry MUST get vocal NOW!

All the jobs and economic benefits of Industrial Hemp must also be defended - same plant without the THC but still under threat from ignorant fools and established corporate and industrial money - like Big-Pharma and their damn poisonous junk!

Senators and House members need to be called, and called again to put pressure against this repressive idiot move.

All states-rights advocates should see that this move is perhaps only the first move to restrict them, and make a mockery of states-rights (as R’Cons have long supported and touted) and the will of the people - although under the trump & co regime all that is hanging by a thread - even they should oppose this as it WILL affect their profits and planned deals! ALL people who oppose repressive government should - must - register their loud resistance/opposition

Speak-out NOW - make the calls and email, flood the switchboards! - or forever lose your rights - even more!


All the reports of lowered crime means nothing in their determination to destroy yet another freedom of individual choice.


Please correct me if I am mistaken.

California is the number one agricultural state in the us.

Marijuana is the number one cash crop in California.

So now comes this squeaky little southern austerity pusher who wants to tell the rest of the country what to do about controlling an out of control weed that gets you high when added to organic brownies and gum drops.

Little Jeff must not have noticed the weed has been illegal for going on a hundred years and one can still get it in the middle of a winter snow storm in the far northern tundra.


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III represents alot about what is wrong politically with this country. He is a real life cretin who wants to set policy back about sixty years.
Jefferson was a cheerleader for the Iraq war fiasco. He also is an unfit racist who believes this country should only consist of repressive white patriarchal males.
He is very creepy when standing behind a podium with a microphone, spewing his vile, narrow minded, propaganda.
Free the weed and keep it in the hands of We The People, who benefit from its use. Marijuana helps my chronic pain, sleep disorder and PTSD.
Let it be…


Who does Jeff Sessions think he is, people are not going to put up with this. Many people use this to treat PTSD, seizures, cancer, and many other things. Also its good recreationally as its safer than alcohol, cigarettes, and opiates. Jeff Sessions is in for 1 hell of a fight, and I hope that piece of crap loses.


Make no mistake,t rumps people DO POT. This will ENRAGE them.


Sessions is just a little prick who hates life and himself. I will continue to smoke regardless of his barbaric beliefs. And good luck putting a lid back on all the states that have legalized it. Sessions would find himself to be a much more humane person if he sparked a bowl once in a while.


Perhaps Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III should just go fuck himself.


Don’t know what it would take to thwart the self-serving little kumquat, whose social ignorance is, like all repubes, astonishing. Perhaps thousands descending on his office, or at least as many numbers as it takes to scare the ever living shit out of him, might get his attention. That mob to be followed by others so committed. And what if little man tyrant should be somehow, say, ruffled in the process? Just explain to little Beauregard that it comes with wanting to suppress others. Occupy the Capitol when the weather warms and don’t leave until the diminutive fascist resigns. Then use the same strategy against McConnell and Ryan. If the people so choose to hamstring elements of the government, and it leads to the destruction of the republican establishment, well tough.


Jeff Sessions and anyone at the US DoJ who follows this will be violating the 10th amendment or isn’t this what #republicans and #libertarians have been espousing for decades? Clear violation of their oath of office and grounds for impeachment or termination.


Sessions is the guy who said that he liked the kkk until he learned members smoked cannabis!


How many of us are there? How many Jeff Sessions are there? The math is simple. He’s coming for our way of life… Jeff, we are undoubtedly coming for you.

It’s time we use our collective power, either through brute force, or through even more brute resistance. Force is faster, but will be messy. Well organized resistance is the most peaceful, but some of these bastards need to be rid of immediately.


The nasty elf is obviously taking his orders from Big Pharma who would rather poison us with their drugs for profit rather than see suffering alleviated in a much less or even non harmful way. I know some about this especially their pushing of opioids which was slowing my breathing to a stop. And so many other nasty side effects to so many of their drugs. Nothing more than a vicious merry-go round.


Ya know, I’ve been taking this crap for 6 plus years now and the only time I felt any relief way with MM. In AZ you have to buy a license and now I cannot afford that and I am also in Section 8 housing so I dare not. I think you do Elves a disfavor, maybe Troll would be better :slight_smile:


2018 is going to be a revolutionary year, for this, and many more reasons.

Too many positive things have come from the legalization of this falsely maligned plant for the criminal government to make it illegal again. Industrial hemp is on the rise, as is the use of medical marijuana. Too many people have come to realize the lies they’ve been told about this amazing plant. Even Rand Paul and McConnell push for the legalization of industrial hemp.

Sessions needs to be fired. He’s as crazy as his boss, who needs to be fired as well.


I hope that Alabama leaders will legalize marijuana sometime in the near future. I do not use it myself but it certainly has proven use for medical issues,