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'This Is Not a Drill': Demonstrations in Over 1,000 US Cities Against Trump's Assault on Democracy, Rule of Law


I didn’t say all the ‘powers’ just much more power than what happens under parliamentary systems of government. The ‘prime minister’ of Canada for instance has no facility for ‘executive orders’ as has the U.S. president and no one person in the Canadian government has a veto over legislation.
More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliamentary_system


And I know there are many more with PTSD, like the recent shootings by the Afghanistan, vet. in California, that are walking around with " mental problems". But the sad thing: why blame the veterans? Lets blame the people for treason, that have deployed these good, brave and patriotic soldiers that think they are doing the right thing. I know because my Nephew is one of them!


RE: leftist
Historically speaking the term “left” comes from the French Revolution. In the early part of revolutionary France, those who sat on the left of the National Assembly supported the revolution, those that supported the King sat on the right.So, in basic terms, to support the “right” means to support the entrenched power structure of the status quo - rule by the rich, the big capitalists; to be on the “left” means to support human liberation for the great mass of humanity: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” . For the last 150 years, for radicals (Marxists, anarchists etc) , the “left” has always meant those on the side of the working class, they were anti-capitalists and anti-imperialists and socialists (broadly speaking).

Don’t let corporate media define your terms…


I am equally flummoxed by the recent UN measure voted against by all but two countries regarding the boycott on Cuba. If the other nations are all against the boycott, how in the world can they just not ignore it???

How really powerful are these Powers-That-Be? If the whole US opposes something, would it matter at this point? Polls have indicated war was opposed in the past, and it happened anyway.