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'This Is Not a Drill': Less Than One Week to Defeat 'Barbaric' Trumpcare Bill


'This Is Not a Drill': Less Than One Week to Defeat 'Barbaric' Trumpcare Bill

Common Dreams staff

As people mobilize nationwide under the #ProtectOurCare banner in a collective bid to defeat the Republican Party's plan to strip healthcare coverage from millions in order to give the nation's wealthiest a massive tax break, Sen. Bernie Sanders was helping lead the charge over the weekend as he joined MoveOn.org and others on a rapid-response bus tour designed to galvanize opposition in key states.


Wall street is winning, but here is one of the most powerful responses I have ever seen.

And I’m eighty years old. I have these 30 seconds seared into my memory recall


While I share your feelings on that ad, I urge that for every ounce of energy you exert trying to stop the Rs from dismantling ObamaCare, you exert an equal measure on pressuring Ds to support moving beyond ObamaCare to Single Payer.

Because that mom and dad in the ad might just as well be selling their possessions to pony up a high deductible.


This is the logical situation of a corporate coup, a fascist state. I will bend my efforts in the direction of Improved Medicare For all.



Is that the same bernie sanders who endorsed the wall street queen Hillary Clinton? Looks like him. Thanks for the political theater!




McConnell can select any item in the budget to cancel and give the tax money to the wealthy few in tax breaks with a party who will rubber stamp in the dark anything he and Ryan want to do. Same for the GOP SCOTUS plus all the nominations in the smaller courts McConnell also stole from President Obama. If this “death” bill passes it is only the beginning. Surely anyone who still retains some honesty, compassion and ethics agrees… Or do we have to fight another revolution to return to democracy? Resist.



Who owns all the land and wealth? — Upper-half of society

Who has good healthcare? — Upper-half of society

Who has little to no healthcare? — Lower-half of society

Who must pay for all healthcare? — Upper-half of society

Most greedy class on earth? — Upper-half of society

Who could give lower-half a living wage? — Upper-half of USA


Now it is mostly up to constituents of Republican senators who are most likely to vote against the bill to call their senators and take other actions. Indivisible is asking people to contact family and friends who live in 10 states with such senators and ask them to call. It needs to be made clear to a bunch of Republican senators that voting for Trumpcare could cost them their jobs.


Maybe you didn’t notice but Clinton and Sanders were advocating almost the same policies. And Sander’s first priority was to defeat Trump. Looking back after several months of Donald Trump trying do undo all of Obama’s accomplishments plus establish a white supremacist fascist state it should be clear to everyone to the left of Joseph Lieberman that Sanders got it right by endorsing Clinton. We certainly would not be trying to defeat this awful healthcare bill if Hillary Clinton was president.


You are going to change government without first changing society?
For if the upper half of society will not give a living wage to the
lower half, why would they give a living healthcare?


Nuke crazy Hillary, she is better then money crazy Trump?


Enter John_Ellis with his never ending obfuscation in support of the 1%.


John likes to run cover for Corporate Governance of the 1% over everyone else.

His math sucks, but that’s his game.


As any of us here in PA could tell you, you’re wasting your time with Toomey. We’re not sure he’s even human, so to try and solicite empathy from him is tantamount to teaching a pig opera.


Hello LillithMc, I fear that the revolution is almost upon us! Not much more wriggle room until fascism is totally here and no way to break away without the use of force!!!


Now more than ever:




(1) Wealth is the property we own above what is needed for a comfortable life.

(2) Rich ruling-class, top 25% of society, they own 75% of the wealth.

(3) Educated middle-class, middle 25%, they own 25% of wealth.

(4) Uneducated laboring-class, bottom 50% of society, they are impoverished.

(5) If 90% of the property in USA is owned by the top 10%, then no one would be a slave driver for the rich and long ago hung until they were dead would have been the rich.

(6) Since 1945 our Empire has owned half of all the wealth on earth. Surely, the 51% most wealth in USA are all Empire builders who in a most democratic way share in the plunder in direct proportion to their elevated position in society.

(7) Your failure to realize that more than just 1% oppose your Revolution, that a full 51% is ready, willing and able to oppose you, this makes it impossible for you see the need to organize the laboring-class lower-half of society.

(8) Only by organizing the laboring-class, the lower-half of society, only by nationwide strikes with all manual labor coming to a standstill, can Empire USA be put out of it’s misery.


Maybe you didn’t notice but Clinton and Sanders were advocating almost the same policies.

Not even close. Once again: