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'This Is Not a Game': Sanders-Inspired Movement Mobilizes Against Trump


'This Is Not a Game': Sanders-Inspired Movement Mobilizes Against Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

The progressive supporters who fueled Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) presidential campaign are mounting a resistance on all levels to President-elect Donald Trump's impending right-wing administration, bringing Sanders and his progressive colleagues, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.), into the spotlight.


The Trumprogressives are not posting as aggressively now. Why so shy?


Pretty sure they dropped payroll


As a lifelong Democrat (since the Kennedy-Nixon election) who has switched to the Green Party a few years back, I would love to see the dems return to me. (I did temporarily re-register in California to vote for Bernie in our primary, but I'm a Greenie again now.)

I would love to see a progressive California primary challenge to our senator Diane Feinstein, since she's shown herself to be consistently pro-corporate, pro-TPP, pro-GMO, pro big pharma, and a stalwart supporter of the mass surveillance state (until it came to light that the NSA had tapped her communications, at which point she was shocked! outraged!) That would be enough to bring me back into the Party, at least temporarily.


Why is Sen Chuck Schemer still being listened to? Wasn't he the Democrat that facilitated Dem support of TPP against Bernie's counsel? Didn't he support Clinton?

The Democrat Party may never recover from their DNC corruption in stuffing the primary vote for Clinton. Personally, I'll never trust them again.

Let's start over with a fresh grass-roots party supported by all of us. The Cannabis Party or the Love Party would have broad appeal. It's got to be catchy. It's got to be anti-war since that's what most Americans want. I don't think the Wall Street Democrats can swallow either popular position.


How do we get all these various groups under one roof to act together and to share resources? http://totheleftoftheweb.org/index.php/community/documents/category/2-manuals?download=3:progressive-center


Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) sez: "We need a sharper, bolder economic message about returning the economic system, which so many feel is rigged against them, to one that works for the people."

Who is this guy, and what's he done with the real Chuck Schumer?


We need to show the courage Bernie Sanders showed speaking truth to us all. He was beaten-up by goons and his life and Jane's threatened (reportedly) and I believe something happened to change his face and demeanor - it was obvious something happened.

After all the undeserved hate directed at Bernie we need to return to a leader of his stature and commitment of over 50 years! Who else is there? The Clintons and Obama, Dean, Cuomo, Schumer? Maybe in 8 years (if we are still alive) Chelsea Clinton? Even Liz Warren is still hedging her bets and support - not courageous stuff!

The time is now (should have been 10 years ago) to purge the Dem Party of corporatist/banker quislings ala Clintons & Obama et al who created and built the current catsasstrophe of Trump & Co neo-fascism. That clique have been proven cravenly weak, corrupt, and gutless - we need more Lyndon Johnson kick-ass! ALL the usual Dem "moderates", "Centrists", and their toadies must get out of the way - their MO has been proven as corrupt and false as 'trickle-down" economics. We are at a crossroads and either people of good conscience come together or we say goodnight.

The person who led us and energized millions with his honesty, energy, and commitment. and would have won by a landslide, should be the focal point of our energy - there are a very few who didn't grovel before the Clinton DNC machine or buy the Obama sell-out lies, but Sanders stood tall until threatened and forced to end his/our fight - he deserves our respect, not vilification!


I'll listen to Bernie tonight and decide whether or not to give him a second chance. I don't know where he gets his energy.


I suppose it all depends on one's understanding of the word, "progressive." There is no progressive movement or agenda evident in this era. Sen. Sanders was a progressive for years, speaking out loudly about US poverty and the need for poverty relief programs. This doesn't sell today, so he dumped the poor.

Words having meanings. Progressivism isn't new. In a nutshell: "Efforts to alleviate the effects of poverty among working-class and poor families through direct action and government reform are known as progressivism."

This has disappeared from our trickle-down culture since the Clinton years.


What networks are airing his speech?


Thank YOU for being the only other person besides me to raise huge red flags about the selection of Schumer to be the Minority Leader in the Senate! If THAT choice alone does not tell progressives exactly what their intentions are, then they are in denial, burying their hands in the sand. Schumer is the ultimate, neo-liberal, corporate elite Democrat. He will do NOTHING to support progressives or their initiatives. In fact, he will do everything in his power to thwart progressive measures, as they pose a threat to him and his position.

Ah, yes - the neo-liberal, corporate elite Democratic Party at its finest! Did you hear the rumor that they are planning to run Tim Kaine as their presidential nominee in 2016?! OMFG!!


I agree with everything you said except this - that the Progressive Party should attempt to purge the Democratic Party and take it over. You do understand that people who have lots of power and money will fight to their deaths to retain both of them, don't you?

No - our efforts will be wasted - an exercise in futility - if we attempt to change or overtake the Democratic Party.

We might actually be able to accomplish meaningful change if we establish a different party - and then take it to the people. If people see for themselves that this new party actually gives a damn about them - through their actions rather than their words - we might just be able to create a third party that will NOT go away and that WILL be a viable part of our government and its politics.


He is doing the same thing that neo-liberals have done for years with surprising success. He is spewing verbiage to the masses to keep them appeased. Of course, he has absolutely ZERO intention of doing anything on behalf of poor and working class people!

Schumer is a sly fox that knows who butters his bread - Wall Street, big corporations, big Pharma, etc. And as a Democrat (not sure WHY he is a Democrat other than his being Jewish) he also recognizes that it is required to throw a bone to the masses every now and then to keep them in line.

He is a clear representation of what the Democratic Party has become and who it supports - and it is NOT poor or working class Americans!


I will be joining in with millions of progressives to watch Sen. Bernie Sanders
tonight, Wed, at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm out there in California.
OUR REVOLUTION is going to take on Donald Trump starting NOW, before
he gets into office. www.ourrevolution.com

The time is now and the cause is right. .. and as Bernie says, "There is
nothing we can't do if we all work together. "

Hope you'll watch him .. this is no joke, this is grassroots in action!


Thank you for your post. There's a lot there to unpack.
Bernie has my respect and admiration.
But I take issue with two things: LBJ caved to his fear of the McCarthyite wing of the republican party when he expanded the Vietnam War. He knew it was unwinnable; he knew what its cost would be. He knew what war was, having fought in one. To hear to the details of his angst, listen to the tapes aired on the Bill Moyers Journal (I believe it was the second to the last show), where Johnson is pleading with various advisors (McNamara, et al). It'll break your heart, as it did his (he went home in '68 and drank himself to death, a fairly appropriate response).
Second, to focus on any "leader" is to miss Bernie's point. We are all leaders now.
Godspeed, my friend.


It's live-streamed by Our Revolution, but the link isn't working.


Thank you for getting back to me. "Interesting" that the link isn't working, don't you think?


I also take great issue with the conspiracy theory that tries to let Bernie off the hook of caving (which I don't think he ever did) under supposed threats and a shaving cut. I barely skimmed beyond that in @Emphyrio's post.


Thanks for the perspective Steve - Right back at ya, we all need to be in it now!

I should have mentioned LBJ's disastrous involvement in the Vietnam War.