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This Is Not a Healthcare Bill


This Is Not a Healthcare Bill

Charles P. Pierce

Good morning, suckers.


Background music for the TrumpDon'tCare rollout:: Ry Cooder's NO BANKER LEFT BEHIND ?


Charles P. Pierce, as usual, sees right through the bu**sh**! This is not, and never was, about providing healthcare coverage. In the classic "Disaster Capitalism" model, they take a problem,
blow it up as a crisis, and use that as cover to get what they really want.

What the f**k is wrong with people like Paul Ryan, Steve King, Mitch McConnell, and all the rest of these so-called "Conservatives"? Are their souls simply bereft of any empathy, any compassion,
any sense of an obligation to serve ALL the people, not just those who fund them?

But enough of the voters must be okay with all this redistribution of wealth to the very top, as these jerks keep getting re-elected. Enough voters must also not be bothered about forever war. Enough voters must not really care about irreversible climate change. Enough voters must think we have a right to destroy our natural habitat.

Enough voters obviously prefer greed, authoritarianism, violence, sexism, racism, paranoia. greed, hatred, fear, and destruction, to keep electing these defectives.

I'll never give up trying to make it better, but until the people change, it's likely to be for naught. I am afraid Chris Hedges sees what is in store. Absent a seismic shift in thinking, I think it's almost
over for what's left of America.



"Paul Ryan, Steve King, Mitch McConnell and all the rest of the so-called conservatives" are only conservative in a Taliban sort of way, not in a Rockefeller Republican sort of way.

The GOP needs to be relabeled the ATP (American Taliban Party). They already have their ayatollah theocrats, Cruz and Pence for example.


Good, insightful article.

Perfect outing of the term "access".

Sure, we have ACCESS to buy a Rolls Royce, and then what?


Well, yes, we will "stay the course." It appears that we're simply at the point where the rich will more vigorously do to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor. Americans maintain that people are entitled only to what they, personally, can afford. This is why we ended actual welfare aid some 20 years ago. Obviously, this applies to the most basic human rights of food, shelter, health care.

The bottom line is that we currently have more people in need of jobs than the number of jobs available. This makes healthcare a marginal concern. The jobless are dispensable, easily replaced. Consider that so far, the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen below that of every developed nation, and this isn't regarded as a problem. We adjust.


I think our more fortunate were so preoccupied with preventing any crumbs from trickling down to the poor, that they didn't notice what the powerful rich were doing.

On empathy, etc.: When was the last time you heard even liberals call for restoring basic poverty relief for our jobless, and many of those who can't work (health, etc.)? Since Reagan, our government has effectively redistributed several trillion taxpayer dollars upward. We're twenty years into one hell of a war on the poor, during which the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation. We were warned from the start that poverty, and the loss of fundamental civil and human rights, inevitably trickles up.


The ACA was a massive redistribution of wealth downward. A large portion of it is financed through a .9% payroll tax increase on incomes above $200,000 or families making above $250,000 and an investment tax (unearned income) of 3.8% for the same. Even the changes to Medicare are downward focused. Rather than payouts to third parties by treatment, the ACA instituted quality of care provisions to incentivize improved care by third parties rather than continuous treatment, and billing.

Clinton's 1993 budget also reversed Reagan era tax policy that benefitted the wealthy pretty strongly. The budget expanded the EITC, raised corporate tax rates, uncapped the Medicare tax (originally limited to the first $135,000), raised income taxes on high earners, raised capital gains taxes (to 28%), raised the Alternative Minimum Tax (26% and 28%), and limited itemized deductions that benefitted the wealthy. Unfortunately, some elements of the 1993 budget, like the capital gains taxes, we're reversed once a Republican Congress began writing budgets.

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I think your reply is very perceptive, and true.


I think it's almost over for the Republican President and his co-conspiritors in Congress.

I'm this close to going to ACE Hardware, buying a pitchfork, and heading to DC with quite a lot of like minded people to demand these career criminals posing as public servents resign.

If this 'Wealthcare' Bill becomes law, my wife who is in her 60's will have to pay $12,000 a year for less health care coverage than she now pays approximately $2,500 a year covered under the ACA. She earns an average of $25,000 a year.

And these rich pricks want to as a result of passage of this bill, give $270 Billion in tax breaks to the top 2%, with the majority of it going to the top .1%.

This is not government. This is robbery and if we allow this to happen, we might as well all take up robbery. However, instead of robbing from the poor and giving to the rich as these miscreants are planning , we must rob from the rich and give to the poor.


Thank you------why isn't this a major talking point of democrats----they blather on and on about all these little details and never say what this is----a major transfer of wealth to the top ---hear any of these rich people come out and say this is so wrong NO! THE RICH WANT THEIR TAXES CUT AND POOR PEOPLE CAN DIE! THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

Next bill coming up-tax reform- more tax cuts for the rich and corporations and the Donald

Don't see anything on the 4 billion dollar deal Donald's son in law has with the Chinese???has something to do with a building at 666 5th av---------666----ring a bell??????