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'This Is Not a Peace Plan, It Is a War Plan': Trump-Netanyahu Deal Decried as Shameful Attack on Palestinian Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/28/not-peace-plan-it-war-plan-trump-netanyahu-deal-decried-shameful-attack-palestinian


Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Ensures Israeli Domination and Palestinian Oppression

Phillis Bennis on this war plan



No conservative will ever give rights, equality, our even a share to the poor and downtrodden. America’s support for the Jewish theft of Palestine and the removal and murders of the Palestinian people is immoral and shameful.


True of course but given US America exists on the theft of the lives and land of the First Nation’s people they are birds of a feather.

"This doesn’t look like a state. It looks like a Native American reservation."


Had some idiot Libertarian (Republican in sheep’s clothing) tell me the Native Americans lost a war and that’s why they have to accept life on Reservations. I told him people who think that suck.


The biggest mistake made by the native population was believing that treaties would be honored and promises would be kept.


The media is reminding us that 75 years ago—the Holocaust began its terror.
And yet, in 1948, NAKBA began the terror for the Palestinians. Even though Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian towns and murdered some -----others escaped----and yet—when the Palestinians returned, they were told they had abandoned their land and had no right to it. SEVENTY -TWO years ago, in 1948, the terror began----and yet, and yet, the world continues to ignore the Palestinian plight!
The UK, and American, and the government of Israel act as if this 72 year reign of terror terror foisted upon Palestine does not matter-------------- Major MEDIA, you fail again—as apparently you believe that only Israel could suffer—and yet Israel creates terror, and has been doing so for 72 years.
I am sorry for the Holocaust but it appears, Israel, that you have learned NOTHING. and major media too, fails the world again. : (


There is no proof that a single treaty has ever been fully honored. Not One!


There is one answer to this shite…



True, in fact the proof is the exact opposite, for the US and Israel. All treaties and promises have been broken after they (US and Israel) got what they wanted from the deal.

All promises were just a stalling tactic.


The Democrats pledge the same allegiance to Israel, take the same campaign payoffs, and they don’t interfere with Netanyahu’s agenda much either.

How often does the World have to be on one side and the US and Israel on the other before we voters catch the clue and drive Israel out of interference in our politics?


This doesn’t seem like a war plan or peace plan to me. More like a joint hostile business takeover aka imperialism.


Remember that; Palestine is the land-bridge between the mega-continents of Eurasia & Africa, hence craven & fought-over for millennia by oligarch powers for financial & war purposes. At this continental juncture billions of people owe their ancestry to those who have passed through or lived in Palestine. ‘Out-of-Africa’ DNA testing across these continents documents this wide ancestry. The truly Semite peoples are Palestinians, some of whom owe their ancestry even as Muslims to Jewish Arab Semite descent. Palestinians at first welcomed & supported the Ashkenazi refugee, as they have other peoples over millennia, even in the midst of frequent oligarch-led foreign war-making. Only the European Ashkenazi, who invaded Israel starting 120 years ago under the Zionist British Mandate occupation, have little claim to being Semites or descendants.
TRUTH & RECONCILIATION has been & is the 1st Step to bringing peace. Present day Palestinians & Israeli’s mut be facilitated in telling & listening to their stories together. Millions of Palestinian refugees must be included in T&R with both-sided, equal-time, recorded & published dialogues enabling the truth to be told. google indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues


First Israel was defeated in the Yom Kippur war and was only saved by the Massive US airlift of tanks and every kind of war material.They have been on a war footing for 70 years and because of their intransigence will be so for another 70.With America and the rest of the world changing plus the fact that non Jewish memories of the holocaust are rapidly dissolving Israel will one day be on its own.They have nuclear weapons but how can they use them without wiping out their own nation ?


This whole charade is for the purpose of distraction. Trump and impeachment, Netanyahu and criminal charges. They both know it won’t fly but will claim to be voices of reason. Utterly transparent.


One could add that honoring signed and sealed treaties was never part of the American psyche and remains so to this day!


Perhaps Bernie’s proposal tying Israel’s aid to positive action for peace with Palestine is one way.


stardustIBID. Did no one ( in particular the American right wing Christian evangelical community) ever tell you that you have this annoying (to them) tendency to tell the truth about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people that continues to this day.
Thank you! Well said!
Sorry to say that the US government is a willing partner in this genocide providing billions of dollars every year for Israeli armament.

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Ninety years of Jewish treachery, terrorism and slow genocide against the indigenous Palestinian people have shown that the European Jewish colonists that have stolen Palestine have no right to a state of their own.

The Talmudic-Zionist cult is a cancer that befouls and destroys evereything it touches.

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Just another impeachable crime, IMO.