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This Is Not About Donald Trump


This Is Not About Donald Trump

Tom Engelhardt

This is not about Donald Trump. And I mean it.


Tom, you nailed it. Nihilism is the best word to describe this scenario. The ailing system must be euthanized before it can arise again like the Phoenix. Too bad Trump will probably lose, so it will be business as usual some more and the country goes on life support.


Even if Trump wins, his supporters' hopes that he will tear down a corrupt system are unlikely to be realized when you consider that Trump said "my VP will handle domestic and foreign affairs so I have the time to make America great again".

Like Dick Cheney during the Dubya regime and the band of right wing pirates Saint Ronny unleashed on the world three plus decades ago, Pence will be the defacto president while Trump will be "making America great again", whatever that means.

Jill Stein's Green Party is active in dozens of nations and will work to tear down a corrupt system, unlike the Democratic Party and GOP that are domestic anachronisms reduced to do the bidding for Wall Street and its military industrial complex and regarding those who vote for them as useful idiots.


But can he, WILL he, bring the jobs that HE has outsourced? Why didn't he make a start on it when he began running for president? That would have been a sure-fire winner, so it's a good thing he's all hypocritical talk.


Enough about Jill Stein. I agree with her ideas, but this woman would be completely lost as the head of state.


Seeing how predictable a Clinton regime will be, "ready on day one" may be the scariest words we have ever seen in an election.


Once again, Tom nails it/him.


"...he stands alone in accepting and highlighting what increasing numbers of Americans, especially white Americans, have evidently come to feel: that this country is in decline, its greatness a thing of the past, or as pollsters like to put it, that America is no longer “heading in the right direction” but is now “on the wrong track.”

Absolutely. To Trump and many working class whites a black president was the last straw. And never admit he was actually born in America (unless you have debate scheduled in a few days with Hillary Clinton). The decline is demonstrated by the large number of people speaking Spanish rather than English. Wouldn't American be great again if English was the official language. And there are so many cities with black mayors. And it seems all those cities have black police chiefs. What ever happened to America these white working class people are asking. How can this decline be stopped? Where will it end? At least somebody is promising to make America great again and he claims only he can do it.


Its all contracts... its all about sanity clause


Just curious: Why would "especially white Americans" think the country is on its way out? Many (regardless of race) have been aware of the continued decline of the US ever since the 1980s. It's not hard to understand what happened. The US looked at the policies and programs that took the country to its height of wealth and productivity (far from perfect, but much better) from FDR to Reagan, and chose to reverse course, doing the opposite. The inevitable happened. Only the liberal bourgeoisie have been oblivious to this.

Liberals embraced the new ideology of (what became) the Clinton wing. We're 20 years into a hell of a war on the poor, while liberals (wise marketers that they've become) Stand in Solidarity with middle class consumers and campaign donors. If they allude to poverty at all, they restrict the discussion to the black community. (The majority of US low-income and poor are white. By 2015, liberal media had concluded that the poorest anyone can be is a min. wage worker -- modest incomes, but roughly double our former "overly generous" welfare aid). During the years of this administration, the Clinton wing continued to worsen conditions for the poor. Liberals only more deeply alienated millions of white low-income and poor Americans, generally writing them off as right wing ignoramuses. Did you think this would have no consequences?


What today's liberals erase from history was the power of the Poor People's Campaign, beginning with Rev. Martin Luther King. On the rare occasion that this is mentioned at all, it is defined in strictly racial terms, presumably keeping the disgrace of white poverty swept under the carpet. Rev. King's power was in pointing out that the US itself is a capitalist economic entity, that the majority of poor were (are) white, and that it was in the best interests for the poor of all races to unite and push back, for their own survival.


Why would you think that??? Like other candidates, she fully meets the requirements to run for office. Trump is a businessman, not a politician, and is dangerously lacking in those traits necessary for dealing with world leaders/the international community. Much of the international community recognizes Clinton as a serious danger based on her right wing ideology and long record of support for military aggression. After 100 years of US aggression worldwide, the international community is out of patience. (Consider that the US could easily fit in the back pocket of a world nuclear power, China.) Jill Stein is the closest we've seen to an FDR, at a time when the US desperately needs an FDR. We have to begin breaking our war habit, and focusing on rebuilding the economy/nation.


Groucho could always out talk and get over on everyone but Chico.


Oh, really. Cause you have an oracle or you've been head of state. You're just not able to wrap your mind around someone with integrity actually becoming head of state. I think she would be fantastic so that is who we all are voting for. (We as in family and friends)
Stein/Baraka 2016


Please forgive me for being off topic. But I wondered if anyone noticed the Mattel Toy moment.

Ken/Donald and Barbie/Hill. Have we been programmed for this nightmare.

Again sorry for being off topic


Couldn't read the article Tom, you lied. I don't read Trump articles there are so many and they're all the same. This one was a waste of your time, not mine.


The image fits doesn't it? lol


Under such circumstances, many of these voters have evidently decided that they’re ready to send a literal loose cannon into the White House; they’re willing, that is, to take a chance on the roof collapsing, even if it collapses on them.

or maybe they're willing to take that chance because they know when the roof caves in, those at the top have furthest to fall? it's not about donald, but about a failed system.


Well no one (including her supporters) actually expects that she will become president. It's not really about that (for anyone with a modicum of realism in them, anyways). It's about the long term and hitting that magic 5%.


You, like many on this website, seem not to understand what a shill is.

A shill is not anyone who disagrees with you, or anyone who criticizes the candidate that you like, or anyone that fails to criticize the candidate that you dislike.

You also seem to have no idea who Engelhardt is or you probably wouldn't make such crude remarks about his politics. You should check out his website or read some of his books if you're interested in learning about what U.S imperialism actually is, instead of relying on slogans and memes picked up from internet comment sections.