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'This Is Not Leadership': Global Calls for Peace in Wake of Syria Strikes


'This Is Not Leadership': Global Calls for Peace in Wake of Syria Strikes

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Peace groups and activists around the world on Friday condemned President Donald Trump's missile strikes on Syria, calling the move reckless, illegal, and hypocritical.


Here's what I commented already (which is NOT likely to be published on-line in any of the MSM):

"Great news that the wars will be expanding!

After all, this will sop-up that extra $54 billion in Pentagon budget, and create "more jobs" from those innovative "job creators" in the militarist-sector (for the MIC, transnational weapons making corporations, and the "Merchants of Death") within this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE --- HQed in, and merely 'posing' as, our former country.

BTW, why doesn't the Times' top-notch war reporting investigative team ever mention Thomas Barnett's 2004 Naval War College strategy and book, "The Pentagon's New Map" (which should perhaps have been more accurately titled, "The Global Empire's New Map") as the promulgator and progenitor of all these serial wars in the greater Middle East, across the entire 5000 mile swath from Tunisia to the very borders of China and Russia.

I'm sure Thomas, and Tommy Friedman (ie. Tom Tom) and all the other leading war correspondents at the Times would appreciate a 'little something' in the way of credit (as Bill Murray says) "for all the effort", eh?”


Apparently the pro Gulf War, Afghanistan et alia days were not an aberration for NPR.

NPR loves war. Turn to your local station and listen. Contrast that with their 'historical color' broadcasts of pieces about our constitution. Has NPR accepted the presence of the King or the preeminence of the Constitution?

Listen and see which!


Many have condemned Trump's attack on Syria as illegal, reckless and hypocritical; which it is, but this is nothing new.

The fact that Trump can order this illegal attack with out any Congressional approval, or accountability by the average American citizen, just corroborates my contention that Americans, whether they realize it or not, have for quite some time, been living in a military dictatorship.


Any offensive military attack is the very definition of an act of terror, thus making those who create it terrorists.

(Unfortunately, too many voters allow politicians to redefine words for them.)


So, Donald Trump just made every American, a terrorist, by association.

The outrage should sweep him out of the White House.

Is America numb to illegal agression?

Have we lost our souls?


Will the US bomb itself the next time it flattens a building containing non-combatents in Iraq?


Visceral reactions are rarely, if ever, successful. Mostly counter productive, but they feel good.


So many immediately and without question agreed with Trump's allegation that Assad was to blame for the release of the gas that killed 70 people, and that bombing a sovereign country's airbase was a justified response. Without evidence and a complete independent investigation to prove who was responsible, no one can lay blame.


Yes indeed.

Another redefined phrase is "National Defense." Like that brown nosing Spicer said, this chemical attack was a threat to American freedom (never-mind those dead kids).

"National Defense" is the apparatus by which we go on the offensive with acts of war on other States/Nations.

And oh, how we love waging war on words. The War on Terror sounds much better than saying "We killed about 150,000 in Iraq, and displaced 2 million people, all to execute a personal vendetta." (When Bush himself said at it's height, Al Qaeda had 20K members at most--who are the 130K other dead people?)

2 plus 2 is 5. Get it straight.


JB, the Hypocritical part of this recent 'Rush to War' with a nation that poses absolutely no threat to America, is that Trump lies about his concerns for the Beautiful Babies half a world away being poisoned, while 'our' government right here, in Flint Michigan and at least 1000 other cities are poisoning their residents with water and air not fit for humans.

It's getting to the point where I see 99% of the voting population supporting these two completely corrupt political parties with no indication they will ever consider another party, so the wife and I are researching moving to a country that's not ruled by warmongering idiots.

Don't know exactly where that is but I'm getting to the place where anyplace but here may work.



PB, the best of outcomes for you and your wife. Millions of happy American expats in South America. Read plenty of tales of the ability to find low cost property, maybe have to pay off local building inspector, and build an earthen (or other material, but dirt is free) home of one's dreams.

I totally feel your sentiment. I would consider SA but for my inability to handle hot/humid weather as I age. Have my sights for a plot in the Rockies, with 14's nearby and in a county with no building codes--yes, no building codes--but there is plumbing/electrical codes just like every where else.

Best of luck. Let us know how the search is coming along.