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'This is Not Normal': Human rights, Press Freedom Advocates Denied Remote Access to Assange Hearing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/07/not-normal-human-rights-press-freedom-advocates-denied-remote-access-assange-hearing


Assange is accused of 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act and one count of violating a computer crime law that, as alleged in the indictment, is also an Espionage Act offense.

Total and unequivocal BS! Julian Assange is proof of the Orwellian saying: " IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT; PUBLISHING THE TRUTH,IS A REVOLUNONIARY ACT."


Consortium news is reporting from the courtroom as it happens.


Assange is only guilty of one “crime”: exposing only one of America’s thousands of crimes against humanity. If you had any doubt about the assault on press freedom, this shitshow should clear that up for you.


Here is a good analysis by MoA.




Excellent point! Julian is really guilty of: EMBARRASSING THE WRONG PEOPLE!


“I would argue it is closer to being a hi-tech terrorist than the Pentagon papers. But, look, this guy has done things that have damaged and put in jeopardy the lives and occupations of people in other parts of the world.” - Joe Biden, 2010 _https://www.theguardian.com/media/2010/dec/19/assange-high-tech-terrorist-biden

The quote, from above, is from Biden in 2010. I am not aware of more recent comments he may have made.

The only thing that seems like it might prevent Assange from being sent to the US, would be if he were to die of COVID-19. Regardless of whether the next US president is Trump or Biden, Assange is certain to be convicted in the US and will spend the rest of his life subjected to inhumanely torturous conditions in a US gulag.


And Bernie is backing this stooge?


Many of us here lived through the cold war and the armed blocks that were the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

I think we all remember how the western press would claim there no freedom of the press in the USSR and that Journalists there would be imprisoned for telling the truth.

The media in the west is not concerned about “freedom of the press” and that they are NOT is all the evidence I need to suggest they are state controlled media given the only people HURT by the truths that Assange revealed are those corrupt Politicians the world over.


The “comments” on this tabloid article are interesting:


A clear message of what will happen if you try to expose government crimes and dirty secrets. Where’s drumpf and putin and stone now that Assange needs them? … ha! Assange has played a very dangerous game and imo it hasn’t always been clear that his objectives have been objective. He hasn’t been exactly careful about who he jumps in bed with.

Fire away …

Wow . it looks like the readership of the daily mail are all fascists.


Yea “jumping in bed with the truth” is considered a great wrong by many it seems. According to some he should have just kept is mouth shut about all of those lies.

You DO know that the original leaks on Iraq were when George W Bush in power and Wikileaks was exposing the lies of a Republican President? That was “freedom of the press” to so many supporters of the Democrats. As soon as Assange started exposing the truth about the Democrats , it became a crime to those same Democratic party supporters.


Could you clarify your comment?


Let me clear, I’m not saying Assange hasn’t done good, hasn’t done right. I’m suggesting he always hasn’t been careful. Shades of grey.

Democracy continues to die in the darkness created by the “War Criminals” themselves.

They believe “this” is their kingdom, their entitled right.

Little do they know, as they have no faith in anything other than money and power, their final torment rests in a place much hotter than California in the summer.


Free Julian Assange.


How does this relate to the unjust and inhumane treatment he has received in Belmarsh?

What bearing does this have on the need to organize against the US government’s efforts to imprison and torture Assange, in particular, and the need to organize against the US efforts to silence dissent against US crimes against humanity and the corruption of the power structure of the Republicans and Democrats?


Just watched it. I’m speechless.

Exactly. There were some from USA too. They want blood. I hope Snowden never sets foot in the UK or US.


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