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'This Is Not Normal': McConnell Keeps Senate in Session Over Weekend to End Debate on Barrett, Set Stage for Confirmation Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/24/not-normal-mcconnell-keeps-senate-session-over-weekend-end-debate-barrett-set-stage


This will reverberate down through the ages.


Hard not to hate this most foul ugly old white man.


The ruler’s handpicked judges - where have I heard that before?


One of the ways this could have been stopped would have been by using the filibuster, but short term gain has now been shown to do long term damage. Blame Harry Reid for starting the slippery slide to end the filibuster so they could get Obama judges approved. Packing the Supreme Court with your cronies (to stop the other guy’s cronies) will have similar negative effects down the road.


This is because the House has spent four decades ceding power to the courts, the Senate, and executive branch. They are cowards,
more interested in reelection than doing the people’s bidding.


If this woman had any ethics she would remove her name from consideration because of the sham nature of the confirmation hearing. One would think that someone who claims to know what the Founders thought & believed would recognize this ploy for what it is. She has an agenda, and it isn’t liberty and justice for all.


This and countless other moves show contempt by the trump/GOP extremist regime for the nation, people and precedent, promises and justice for all,that must be met by hard-ball push-back to re-balance the courts. Get hip to pay-back MoFo’s!
An enlarged court with the hoped-for defeat of trump and many of the GOP Cons in WH, Senate and House majorities can be pushed-thru IF the unDems finally realize where their base is and what they support. IF the unDem craven co-conspirators actually grow a spine and resolve to fight fire with fire! IF they have and act forcefully with righteous anger, sense of justice, and commitment to the 99% - to other than themselves and/or corrupt forces - and that is in serious doubt sadly given the craven leadership and usual betrayals…


" Amy Coney Barrett faces recusal questions over links to Shell"


This Trojan Horse, stepford-wife nominee utterly lacking wide judicial experience and excellence, as well as her youth, is a threat to far too much for our nation and world.
Her connections to Royal Dutch Shell is no exception, it is in fact representative to being a hand-picked “conservative” extremist shill for massive corporate abuses and crimes, racism, and massive pollution of the environment for profits above all else!

The pollution and racist killings, dislocation, and theft by Shell and its co-conspirators in the Ogoni region of Nigeria and the murders of opposition leaders, most notably Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Coney Barrett is much more that a “religious” zealot and extremist believer in the biblical domination and superiority of men over women (and by extension corporations as the same dominant role) she is a threat to our republic, Democracy, civil and human rights and especially at this time the crises in our environmental survival!
Why do you think she was nominated and is being pushed-thru by trump and the GOP? Because she is a wise honest and/or widely experiences and impartial jurist? BS! She was picked because of her subservience and loyal submissiveness to power and money!





That’s what I’ve been thinking. Be very afraid of this woman. She probably believes that she’s in a war against the forces of evil and as such any evil she does to win is for the greater good. There’s no reaching this kind. Maybe there’s some truth in the hypothesis that she’s a Covid carrier and she’ll infect the others of her ilk on the court…


Not to worry. Biden has a plan to fight the takeover of the judiciary by the far right: form a bipartisan commission to oversee reforms. LOL


Again, Democrats enlarge SCOTUS to 15 in 2021 only to have the Republicans increase it to 30 in 2024; Incensed Dems up the ante to 100 in 2028 and by 2070 every American over the age of 18 is on the Court! Did we learn nothing from doing away with the filibuster for all judges (except SCOTUS) in 2013? The Republicans expanded that to include SCOTUS in 2016. The filibuster helped ensure bi-partisan choices and by doing away with it to just go with a simple majority for immediate gain, we opened the door to mob rule.

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Don’t like him either, but would avoid being sexist, ableist, ageist, and racist–all suggested by your post. Certainly the “foul” description I can agree with.

Truly Puzzling…why do the Ky voters keep this guy in power? back?..Such a poor state to be lead by the Top Republican in the country?..Also a wonder why Pelosi is supported by her state??.. Wake up!.. We no longer have a government for the people voted by the people… We have government of the M& Billionaires for the M& Billionaires. An apple with a rotten core…MTGA…


So-called “progressives” aren’t what they used to be. There was a time that they were vigilant against using such language, and against sexism, racism and other negative isms. They also avoided the word “foreign” in favor of the more global and neutral word international(s), including international policy (as opposed to the outdated term “foreign policy,” even though that continues to be used by conservatives as expected). Most student exchange programs got renamed “International Student Exchange Program” and not “Foreign Student Exchange Program.” They also had respect for other international languages and wrote them correctly (Fuhrer is incorrect without the umlaut; It’s a German word not an English word). Fast forward to 2020, and much of that is gone. What little remains is merely a shell of what genuine progressives used to be. Today, it’s mostly a sports team mentality of my team is better than your team. Rah, rah.


So Mitch McConnell isn’t foul or ugly or old or white or male?

Who knew.


April 1, 1933 springs to mind.


SCOTUS is operating “remotely” during this pandemic, i.e., they’re “phoning it in”.


I have four degrees from Notre Dame and taught there for four years. I addressed the The Observer student newspaper’s comment: “If you don’t share Judge Barrett’s values, you probably should not be teaching at ND”! by questioning the writer:

Where should such unfortunates go? The madhouse? Community colleges? Foucault speaks of rationalism, backed up by the police powers of absolutism (blind repression) ignoring “Lucidia Intervalia.” Judge Barrett’s judicial philosophy is an ideology of conscious deference to Authority that seeks to impose that deference on the whole of American society. The “original intent theory” of Judge Scalia holds that “The Founding Fathers know best.”

While the 18th century world view reflected in the “original public meaning” of the Constitution and in fact did advance a vision of human community that affirmed and protected the liberty of the individual from overt group coercion through government action, that view must be considered along with the facts of 18th century slavery.

Therefore, savage treatment was not a dereliction but a duty: cages, whips, chains and the noose were used to demand obedience, “subjugation of unreason.” So an ideology of deference to Authority in the American Supreme Court is a rejection of our ideal of embracing each other’s common humanity as well as the sacredness of the natural world [the ideal of the Catholic faith and Pope Francis]. It’s exactly what’s wrong with police demanding silence and absolute obedience over the least circumstance, it’s what’s wrong with objecting to BLM or to LGBTQ rights as full humans, it’s what’s wrong with certain bishops’ refusal to give communion to Joe Biden or to their silencing of such holy women as Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B.

IMO, it’s also exactly why Judge Barrett should refuse to accept appointment to SCOTUS until it’s done properly.


Mitch is vomit personified. He has done more to ruin this country than any other person other than trump. Call your senators whether they are repubs or dems and tell them we don’t need this level of corruption and to postpone the vote until after the election.