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'This Is Not Normal': Record-Smashing European Heat Wave Sparks Demands to Combat Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/not-normal-record-smashing-european-heat-wave-sparks-demands-combat-climate


The same thing was happening in the Southern Hemisphere in their summer, which is winter here. Drought, prairie fires, crop failures. Every month for the last few years, the National Weather Service(which will likely be privatized or replaced by a corporate body) announces that the previous month was the warmest on record. Nothing will be done until rich people in ritzy neighborhoods start losing their electricity and air conditioning via rolling blackouts, to protect the antique grid we have.


“The climate is changing. Use your voice, wallet, and votes to fight it.”

Support the Justice Democrats strategy of primary-ing establishment Democrats to pressure the primary-ed and unprimary-ed alike into supporting the Green New Deal.


Or until there are riots in the streets !!!


Until there is coordinated resolve,world wide,such as an enforceable Paris Agreement then forget it ! If the whole of Europe was to stop breathing today it MIGHT reduce carbon emissions by 10 %.With trump around and China paying only lip service,what hope is there ?


Climate change is BS. Donald says so and he should know, he is the President.

I need no introduction to global poisoning/warming since I studied it in school in the early 70’s. It just continues in its inexorable march to oblivion. Europe is seeing what is being unleashed by industrial capitalism’s unregulated fury. Yet, nothing political is being done. We are only at 1.1C above the 1880 base. Now imagine what will be occurring at 2C? 3C? 4C = extinction. Any questions? What will it take for iron helmeted, dense, governments to put on the brakes before it’s too late? At least I won’t be here to see what happens after about 10-20 years at best. I have no children to worry over. Peace


And he’s super smart, just ask him. :)))

From what i have heard China is taking it serious & doing things.


B O is da smell.

Certainly doing more than the U.S. that’s for sure.

There is a difference. There have been hot spots around the world before but climate patterns have changed dramatically & this is affecting broad areas around the world. No stink, just fact unfortunately.


Did anyone miss that revelation ???

“the planet is warming at an unprecedented rate not seen in the past 2,000 years”

Did you miss this one???


It seems to me that the planet has had just about enough of this human bull****.

I think the wealthiest enclaves will likely not be subject to rolling blackouts.

“For the first time, climate scientists have identified greenhouse gas pollution’s role in global temperatures measured during record-breaking years back to 1937, as industrialized cities and nations continued burning coal to power factories and trains.”

Along with the review is a graph that shows a small peak in the late 1930’s and then a slow progression of global warming since then, with significant acceleration since 1980.

From an article in Climate Central 3/9/2016.

What is amusing is what do people expect any government to do with this “climate emergency”? Does anyone actually have any meaningful suggestions?

Yes they do.

You and me both, Olhippy. Peace.

“This is not normal.” - It is now.