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'This Is Not Ok': Guard Shoves Reporter as EPA Bars Multiple News Outlets From Water Pollution Event


'This Is Not Ok': Guard Shoves Reporter as EPA Bars Multiple News Outlets From Water Pollution Event

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

This post may be updated.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) blocked reporters from CNN,E&E News, and theAssociated Press from attending a summit about water pollution on Tuesday, and a security guard reportedly grabbed a journalist by the shoulders and "forcibly" shoved her out of the building.


The entire trump regime are neo-fascist destroyers of our republic and any shred of democracy left intact- none so extreme (well maybe none - actually ALL are!) as the scum Pruitt!

If its a public meeting, held by a public official, it must be illegal to exclude and even more so to expel accredited (or any) reporters who may hear and reveal the truth! These scum work for the people, NOT trump & co!

WTF people? Where is the opposition? Where the politicians shouting the house down? Where the millions in the streets - OUR streets!? Too may corrupt, illegal, depraved, mental nutter actions, statements/tweets, cover-ups, destruction of America, and robbery from the nation/people to keep up with?? the DP has shown conclusively they are NOT an opposition - silence IS complicity!


They’re poisoning us - particularly those of us living on the other side of the tracks, in the lowlands. The violence perpetrated on our water, the source of life, will touch your life, your children’s lives. Shoving this reporter is just a minuscule instance of official violence to enforce compliance with much more generalized, devastating destruction.


You wanna know what Fascism looks like?


Negative coverage use to be an euphemism for “fake news” and now it looks like the Trump and his fellow fascists are getting bolder than ever.


Was the “security guard” wearing jackboots?


Hillary would have been worse! She would have closed the EPA altogether! Thank goodness that corrupt, crooked bitch didn’t get elected!


No she wouldn’t. I am no fan of the Clinton duo, but you’re a fucking idiot if you think she would be worse than outright fascists,


Sobs of protest from outside the fence - even a midterm Dem sweep - will accomplish little that matters. Recall that the single-payer advocates were barred from Obama’s pre ACA hearings. Things have been “Not OK” for some time. This kind of stuff, and so much more, eventually becomes the fuel of revolution. If the biosphere doesn’t collapse around us first.


EPA should be renamed



The Associated Press has been in the room almost forever and now it is being blocked. Obviously they don’t want anyone to ask questions that might shed light on their duplicitous behavior. Imagine all of the years of damage Pruitt has done in government disservice in the federal realm and in the State of Oklahoma. This man is truly the enemy of a free democracy. In a country run by a free people who understand what is going on - he would be the one being deported.


I think Yunzer’s post was written as satire.


Proving once again that the Public’s real threats are Domestic; those at the top levels of their power pyramids and the goons who protect them.


Yunzer is just using sarcasm to make the point that too many people, no matter how low Trump & Co. go, will automatically respond with something like he says above.

IMO, he is correct in pointing this out.


Article published today by Freedom of Press Foundation

  1. First they came for the communists, but I was not a communist

  2. Then they came for the gypsys but I was not a gypsy

etc. Not the right list, but the story about people in Nazi Germany ignored scapegoats before they killed many, including the Jews

the press has not supported wikileaks and now the same tactics are being used on them

Virtually Everything the Government Did to WikiLeaks is Now Being Done to Mainstream US Reporters

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we believe it’s vital to defend WikiLeaks’ right to gather and publish classified information in the public interest, just as it’s vital to protect the rights of Associated Press and Fox News to do the same. Under the law, the AP, Fox News, and WikiLeaks are no different (a fact that even the government argues). If one falls, the others will not be far behind.

Despite this fact, many journalists and mainstream media organizations purposefully stayed silent when WikiLeaks first came under attack by the Justice Department in early 2011. That disappointing silence left open the possibility that the Justice Department could use those same tactics against others in the future.

And unfortunately now it’s clear: virtually every move made by the Justice Department against WikiLeaks has now also been deployed on mainstream US journalists.


IF that’s the case, I agree. Trumps supporters are a bunch of fucking morons (just listen to C span in the morning when they call in) and they will blame Obama and H Clinton (even though she didn’t get a chance to fuck up anything), but boy oh boy, they will NEVER complain about that guy before Obama, what’s his name again?


…and the Frankenstein they helped create is turning on them…Is it too much to hope that they will start to do actual investigative reporting now??


Wow. Just when I think the US can’t go any faster down the road of Fascism, I am proven wrong.

Seriously, I wish they would just accelerate it and get there completely already. I think the problem is the incrementalism - doing it slowly enough ensures the brain-dead screen-addicted populace won’t notice. Maybe if they speed it along some of the zombies will wake up. (Speaking of those not on the right side of the ideological spectrum - those dumbshits are already authoritarians and absolutely welcome fascism).


Enabling the Poisoning of America.


Ignorant comment Yunzer…