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'This Is Not Ok': Guard Shoves Reporter as EPA Bars Multiple News Outlets From Water Pollution Event


Yes, Hillary’s presidency would have been much better for the oligarchy than Trump’s. She would have lulled the people back to sleep so the wealthy class takers could continue their evil ways of stealing the wealth of the working class producers without accountability.

It really is nonsense to compare which evil is worse. It’s like choosing between Clinton shooting us in the head with a .42 or Trump shooting us in the head with a .45. Not much difference between the outcomes.


No, not nonsense at all.

The fact that you can’t see the unique danger of Trump’s presidency is a humongous blind spot.

I need not any information on Corporate State democrats, the collusion between them and Republicans now for nearly 40 years, the war crimes of Democratic Administrations and Republican, and the rest of it.

Again, if you can’t see the unique danger of this most right wing Administration that is undeniably fascist, and dangerously so, then you are hopelessly blind.

It still amazes me how eyes wide open in regard to Clinton for her corruption, war crimes and the rest. But Trump? Meh. I mean he’s just more open about it all, right? No big deal. Heck, Clinton would have done worse! Right? But is that right? Come on, tell me the likelihood that Clinton would be attacking existing programs that provide healthcare to kids, or that she would be on track to end SNAP as is now implemented adding work requirement, possibly drug tests, and set to possibly replace dignified EBT cards with a fucking box of garbage.

Tell me Kevin, no difference? None at all? That’s just ridiculous.

The argument that somehow a Trump Presidency advances any power of the left is just fucking insane.

Would Clinton have proceeded down numerous paths pursued by Corporate State Democrats? Of course. Would that be bad news for the masses in that regard? Yes of course.

Would she have continued being the war monger she is? Yes.

Has the argument been eviscerated that “Trump hasn’t killed anyone yet” advanced by the alt-left that advanced enthusiastically the election of the right wing fascist dickhead Trump? Yes.

I don’t recall, but did you make that argument?

I remember the alt-left arguments nodding their heads in agreement with Trump the fucking billionaire union buster globalist that he was going to “drain the swamp”, without ever being clear on what he meant by “drain” and “swamp”.

Go figure.


You can’t see the unique dangers of a Hillary pResidency. She stole democracy from the Democratic voters for Christ sake! I don’t see much difference between a Republican dictator and a Democratic dictator.
Trump woke us up. Corporate, Neoliberal Hillary would have told us fairytales to lull us to sleep so the oligarchy could continue to consolidate their powers.
Thanks to Trump, all of that is now being resisted by the people.
The time for a peaceful revolution is here! Both corporate parties of the Duopoly Party, as well as the oligarchy are about to lose all of their power and their wealth.


Keep saying the truth. It has been bad and getting worse for a long time; it is not just Trump, though he is the worst yet. Yep, a revolution is on the way.


No. Too bad you can’t ask Gaddafi what he thinks of that; or maybe Yanukovych.