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'This Is Not Over': Rubio Threat to Vote 'No' Raises Hopes for GOP Tax Scam Defeat


'This Is Not Over': Rubio Threat to Vote 'No' Raises Hopes for GOP Tax Scam Defeat

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite serious doubt Rubio's threat will hold, it comes amid concerns about the status of other GOP senators and demands the Senate "immediately" seat newly-elected Democrat Doug Jones

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)


May Rubio be the hole in the Repug dike causing a rush of more opponents to flow forth and oppose/stop the draconian dismantlement of any vestige of equality in the US along with destruction of the social safety net, the environment, and a system of regulatory oversight.


While I have zero doubt that spineless Rubio will vote yes on this tax scam, his publicly raising doubts about Reptilian unity is worth something. It may give others the opening they need to also voice their concerns and rattle some cages. At present, the fight has to be to delay the vote to next year by any means necessary. With one less Reptilian in the Senate and the reality of the 2018 election no longer in the distance, there may be a fighting chance to kill this abomination.


I hate to sound so simplistic, but I thoroughly despise the GOP!


As long as two Senators hold out they can force changes in the bill. McConnell won’t bring the bill to the vote unless he knows he has the votes. Another fiasco like the Health Care vote will destroy the Republicans and McConnell. If Collins doesn’t get what she wants she won’t vote for it either. McConnell is saying they will bring up proposals after the vote - but that is just empty promises.


Yeah, “empty promises” followed by “trust me,” “believe me,” or “I’ll call you.”


I hear McCain is in the hospital and deteriorating fast. He needs to hurry up and die.


Quinnipiac: Only 29% of Americans approve of GOP tax plan

Here is the current polls on the congressional job approval rating from Real Clear Politics polls page…
|Congressional Job Approval|Economist/YouGov|Approve 12, Disapprove 69|Disapprove +57|
|Congressional Job Approval|Reuters/Ipsos|Approve 20, Disapprove 67|Disapprove +47|
|Congressional Job Approval|Monmouth|Approve 15, Disapprove 69|Disapprove +54|

In short, congress is having a record high wave of public disapproval. So the question comes down to how stupid Republicans are. Are they willing to go against that level of disapproval from the American public? That would seem like political suicide.


Karma’s a be-ahtch and as GOP Senator, McCain has amassed a boxcar or three full of it.


This headline is silly. Rubio is a yes. Always was a yes. Never could be a no. It was just showboating.


Anyone who places hopes in this little slimeball will be disappointed. I wouldn’t trust this sack of dung.