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This Is Not Sport


This Is Not Sport

Despite protests, a dozen Europeans who paid about $20,000 for the privilege successfully slaughtered at least 100 antelopes, wildebeest and other animals in a South African "driven hunt," aka real-life shooting gallery, in which terrified animals get herded into a corridor where "hunters" on platforms can blast them away. One wildlife advocate on the barbarism: “This is a rich man’s thing."


Low lifes. I got no use for these type of people at all. Why do they hide their faces if not ashamed or recognizing that what they do is disgusting?


Human beings have the capacity to see relational realities, otherwise known as 'mind'. The brain/body is the nexus where the sensorium engages the wealth of reality, our inextricable portion in Mother Nature. Every aspect of our being, our nervous systems and relationships continually resonate with all we need to know - if only we turn attention to this. It is interesting to consider how this gets twisted and distorted by perspectives of the equally distorted human institutional structures, into dissociative barbarism. The fact that these human beings hide their faces is a testament to there being nowhere to hide and that they are no longer at the 'ledge' of 'knowing' (knowledge) - but have participated, like proverbial lemmings, in a mindless suspension into barbarism so emblematic and instructive of our current situation. It is the flip side of military kill teams that hide their faces, governments that claim 'democracy' while pursuing vast, fundamentally dissociative secret manipulations in tacit assertion that it is 'natural'. .


Wildlife resources are disappearing as human population growth and wealth concentration rise. Hunting wild animals must be banned.

Hunters will have to satisfy their sexual inadequacies by shooting cows, chickens and pigs, paying the farmer for that privilege instead of buying their meat at the supermarket.


At least they know they should be ashamed of themselves.

Then again, that makes them twice as contemptible for doing that which they know to be shameful.


It'd be nice if that were true, but it might not be.

Abby calls them sociopaths, and that sounds like a good call. The thing with psychopaths/sociopaths (same thing) is that, while they know that we consider such things as canned hunts to be atrocious, they have no problem with them and consider us stupid for our reaction.

But they have to live among us, and need to keep their inhuman nature hidden. So they're quite likely hiding their faces not out of shame, but only so that they don't get shunned by their neighbors and business associates when they return home. A purely instrumental act, in other words.


True sociopaths never feel shame, no matter how disgusting their conduct. They hide their faces because the bad publicity could effect their pocket books and social position. A sociopath always acts in self-interest. They have no actual conscience. They only become adept at copying the actions of non-sociopaths to get what they want. This is why so many are drawn to government positions.




It is sad that the dwindling numbers of wildlife are sacrificed to Greed-Tourism but I am surprised that people are so outraged at the 'canned hunt' aspect of it. There are numerous canned hunts in this country btw. There are game farms as they are called where exotic animals are kept in a fenced in enclosure expressly to be hunted. Most of these animals were either raised on the farms (like antelopes etc.) or zoo born animals purchased at animal auctions (big money that). Many are former pets of people who thought it'd be fun to raise a lion cub at home and then thought better of it when the animal grew too large to handle safely. These former pets often have no fear of humans and expect to be fed or played with and petted believe it or not. Some hunt that is!

These exotic animal game farms are exactly the same sort of 'sport that isn't a sport' canned hunts... except a lot closer to home and likely within driving distance.


"Despite protests, a dozen Europeans who paid about $20,000 for the privilege successfully slaughtered at least 100 antelopes, wildebeest and other animals.."

I wonder how much they'd pay to shoot people.


Is there a global Unlike button........

Greeks used to ostracize.

Seems like a valid proposition.


Excellent post! Thank you.


Oh they kill people too by many methods such as gross inequality. What I don't get is why South Africans allow this??


Guess all life has a price and these "Europeans who paid $20,000 (plus airfare, meals, accommodations, guns, ammo, processing of the dead and shipment of same), taxidermy to display their kill in their abodes...have no shame spending to kill. All covering their faces so as to not be recognized by any viewer not out of shame but out of protection of their reputations back home. The Americans also have their wealthy sociopathic exotic game "hunters" (Dr. Palmer, e.g.) who have more money than morality or brains. But, they will pay in the end vis-à-vis, Dr. Palmer, the dentist who has reopened his practice and never apologized for slaughtering Cecil the lion.

Elitism and ostentation at their worst!


Notice the smirk/smile under that baseball cap.





Don't forger, this is the same type of hunting Dick Cheney does. You can see how "brave" these people are by the way they are hiding from the camera in the picture.


All disgusting in my book.


This goes on all over the U.S. currently, too. S. Texas and Louisiana are notorious but it goes on pretty much all over the rural and isolated American landscape. Money does, indeed, change everything.


The essence of satiation... the killing is the thing not even the hunt.