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This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted


This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted

Charles P. Pierce

Chris Matthews had an interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton on the MSNBC channel of the electric teevee machine Tuesday afternoon that was flatly astou


Hillary and her arachnid cohort continue to weave the web of deceit over the power of the people. Wall street will supply all of the $ilk they can to feed these beasts. These corporate Democrats must be stopped. They can be, but only if the people realize their power. Bernie's strength is in awakening a sleeping giant.


Nuff said.


Matthews' interview was pathetic. Wowzers.


I wouldn't be surprised that his ratings need a boost. I got disgusted with watching him about ten years ago because he thinks he knows so much but is actually kind of stupid. If you won't ever shut up and listen, you will never learn. He would get good guests you would want to hear from, then constantly interrupt and talk over them and you would never hear their opinions. Hillary could afford that kind of interview because she never has anything new to say unless she is making a big deal about some idea of Bernie's she is taking over. But it sounds like he let her talk on and on. Glad I missed it.


I haven't watched Mathews in over a decade...or MSNBC...or TeeVee Politics...or hell, TV in general. There's so much more to do in life. Who wants to watch raw sewage flow past their eyes?


Matthews is entirely too star-struck with the darlings of the 1% to be an actual journalist. In covering the SOTU addresses, you would think he was working the red carpet for E! And I guess he didn't get the memo about the end of the Cold War. Still red-baiting after all these years.


"...because he thinks he knows so much but is actually kind of stupid."

I won't be as kind or as civilized as you are. Chris Matthews is a fucking moron who by now should be embarrassed to show his pasty idiotic face on the electric tevee machine. Period. But I love to see all of these encrusted status quo inertial dampers getting their bowels in an uproar over the coming "socialist revolution."

First of all, what is happening, despite Sanders' label and rhetoric, is a refusal by many to continue to be lied to straight-faced by all of the establishment. That would be: our political duopoly, the military, the media, and our princes and captains of capitalism.

Clinton leaves Iowa in a statistical tie with Sanders and she crows about her "victory." I'll go out on a limb here and postulate that the great majority of our fellow citizens are just plain bone-weary hearing such nonsensical crap like this anymore. "The Iraq campaign was a shining US military success." "The economy is strong and getting stronger." "If we just free industry and commerce from crushing regulatory interference all the good shit will just roll downhill," or to paraphrase, a rising septic tank lifts all turds.


Chris Matthews is a man without an anchor. He consistently sucks up to anyone that he perceives as having more power than him. I was watching during "Shock and Awe" when we were flattening Iraq. He looked into the camera and slobbered, "We're all Neocons now!" I will never forget that. He's a spineless little man that goes any way that the wind blows.


Matthews is a big bag of hot air who's been dining out on having been an aid to Tip O'Neill for over 25 years now. He's totally in the tank for Hillary, her faithful, counted-on lap dog, and someone who should have NO credibility with anyone who considers themselves to be a progressive.


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Amen, and I am surprised neither of them did not throw in a God here and there and Amen. Now we also have to worry about separation of church and state with any of these republican candidates.


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Who's Chris Matthews?


Yes he did. I watched it.


According to data I see here and there, fewer and fewer people do, as time goes by. The divide between those who (amazingly) continue to watch TV and those who have better ways of spending their time is largely correlated with age, resulting in the dramatic divide between age groups when it comes to supporting Bernie vs. Hillary. I've always been the odd one out in my age cohort (mid-fifties) regarding where to get the news from, but when I see how millennials don't even think of TV as an option, I feel there may be hope after all.


Poor poor Hillary. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Bill and Hillary deserve all the push back they get. And let's not forget precious Chelsea. Poor child, needed to find her calling and gives up a $600K job over at MSNBC making copies for something more "fulfilling", playing the shill at the Clinton Money Laundering Campaign Foundation.

Matthews is Matthews, an yeah, it's time for him to go (has been for years). but the Clintons have always played by their own rules and even the appearance of impropriety or double-dealing doesn't seem to concern them. Optics don't matter to them but they do to the rest of us. Whatever 'unfairness' comes their way is all deserved.

"This is not the way the Democratic campaign should be conducted."

Fine. But when the DLC gang of Bill & Al decided it was time to dance closer with the big banks and take their money it was the beginning of the end of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. There are legitimate reasons for the unsightly mess Pierce is complaining about.

This is one of those ugly fights where you have to actually get into the ring and get your nose bloodied. No more drone attacks reigning down from up on the corporate mountain.


Good god, that man is pathetic. Talk about fear-mongering. He's like a puppetmaster trying to put words in Hillary's mouth.I stopped listening to him years ago when I couldn't take his patronizing. bloated-ego behavior towards women.


This is an awful interview and I found it very depressing, but then our readers' comments cheered me up.

I want to single out Hillary's line,

"We had to have people who were willing to roll up their sleeves and compromise."

Boy, talk about red meat for the centrist Democrat and Media apparatchiks!

That should be her campaign slogan, and should have been Obama's.


Missed that. Thanks. WTF does she think the middle-class has been doing these past 16 years! The past 8 yrs have seen the greatest transfer of wealth in American history from the middle-class to the wealthy. But I can hear Hill saying "we all have to compromise", and all the adults in the room nodding in agreement. Otherwise, you know, we look like stubborn children, crying because we didn't get our pony.