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'This Is Nuts': Trump Fumes to Generals That US Should Plunder Afghan Minerals


'This Is Nuts': Trump Fumes to Generals That US Should Plunder Afghan Minerals

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a recent situation room meeting with generals and top national security advisors, President Donald Trump reportedly compared war policy to renovating a restaurant and complained that the U.S. isn't doing enough to exploit Afghanistan's mineral wealth.

This is according to senior administration officials who leaked details of the "tense" meeting to NBC News.


Well at least with Trump there is no longer any pretense about the US Empire/Military and its true purpose for plundering resources from sovereign nations around the world.


Trump was born too late and in the wrong country. He missed out on the British Empire. He would have fit in with that. He apparently doesn’t realize we are in the post-colonialsim period. Or maybe these are just distractions to get attention away from his Russian connection problem. Last I heard that wasn’t going to well for him. Apparently he dictated some lies to Donald Jr. If Trump knows anything it is how to distract the media and public from all the bad things he has done and is doing.


Nothing new…the US and allies’ incursions in the Middle East since the discovery of fossil fuel reserves has been ongoing with the most egregious actions being those of GWB and the Iraq onslaught. Afghanistan’s mineral resources have been on the US and Russian radars for scores of years but the Afghanis have effectively pushed back. The orange Caligula, in all his hubristic bravado, thinks he will triumph. DJT, dawn your best emperor’s robes, order a specially-equipped HumVee, and lead the charge into the mineral rich outreaches in the mountains of Afghanistan…never to be heard from or seen again.

And, by the way, offending the generals with unhinged deprecatory tirades will be your undoing, you fool.


You kind of think that Trump doesn’t really understand that colonialism is wrong.


Apparently Donald Trump believes America will not become great again until it becomes as venal and vile as he is. Thank God he will not be persuasive.


Afghanistan is a losing proposition, we should just withdraw ore forces and let them be. If anyone has questions about this ask former Soviets about the country. East of Albuquerque, where I live, there is a range of mountains,(the Sandias) similar in terrain to Afghanistan’s. Thinking of fighting a war there is ridiculous, there is no way to win. So get our boys out, stop with the exploitation nonsense and give it a rest already.


Afghanistan is not Africa where the European colonists “plundered” and exploited the population. Africa was doing fine with self sufficiency before the European colonization, people lived off the land. There were no mass starvation of little black children as we are so accustom to seeing on TV for decades. No American corporation has much interest in investments in Africa for race reasons alone.
Anyway to get back to the original point; contrary to Africa Afghanistan is an ancient civilization who’s history goes back over 10,000 years, they know politics and economics well. There is no way in hell for anyone to just go there to “plunder”, rape and kill without reprisals as America has been noticing but not yet learned a lesson that Afghans will never go belly up for American firms. American corporations would be welcome but only if they are welling to do business on Afghan terms, fair and equitable for all sides.


What is the matter with those people in the Middle East, who told them to build their farms, homes and families on top of our resources. They need to pays us back in resources for invading, destroying their civilization and occupying their nations.


It’s not. It’s a period of neo-colonialism run by a system appropriate to the post-British-colonial period. Post WWII, the US took over the British empire but was faced by a world newly organized now around “countries” carved by the colonial powers into the map of the world. That new system of pseudo-independent countries has been controlled by covert operations, sometimes breaking out into open military action. Trump has appeared at the moment this system is losing its grip and the empire is slipping.


I think we know what is most essential to him, what is more important and where his wishes lie. Profit, money and resources are his main interest and nothing else.


If after reading this article you still do not believe Trump is a thief, you’re Nuckin’ Futs!


Remember, Eric Prince “of Darkness” of Blackwater, et al suggested that the US have a Viceroy in charge of Afghanistan. The best critique of Trump’s minions was pre-election by John Cleese. I don’t have the link but just look for Cleese Trump.


the stupidity of this idioit is aggravated by his complete ignorance of any philosophy, ethics, intelligence.

the heat is on trump, he is too stupid to retain any form of loyalty the republicans have for him, other than the maniacs who like him, are too ignorant and stupid to have any ethics.

stupid though is not the correct word - they are greedy, ignorant, bullies.

these sound bites they come up with are because they are trolling in the hopes mr. mueller’s investigation will stop.

unfortunately for them, their agenda of oligarch like greed for ‘money’ and power is not working. the koch brothers and their crew were not able to push the health care repeal and replace through. these donators to republicans have openly stated that without health care and tax “reform” (ha ha) they will not fund campaigns. unfortunately for them there are politicians with a conscience who heard their constituents and thumbed down the health care bill. and they expect to pass tax legislation before break?

this is aimed to distract politicians and the citizens. he doesn’t want attention to be on mr. mueller -

the system is extremely flawed if the republicans sought to bulldoze the citizens, scare them into supporting their silly candidate.

after trump has been removed, the system needs to be addressed. administrators can run the day to day business of governance; there needs to be consultation, discussion and an implementation of a new system, one which we cannot envisage yet, but it will come about in a respectfully democratic way only if town halls across the nation hear from the people, people who are represented by elected speakers, community by community. hey, this is the age of instant communication. nothing is impossible.
trump will bluster and bully his way out of the white house. which he publically stated was “a dump” - sour grapes dumpy, sour grapes.


i saw this. it was great.


excuse me timebr - africa did not have a civilization?

please, educate yourself about africa before you display your lack of knowledge.


i agree with the spirit of your comment olhippy.

but do object to the frame you put around it on the basis of “winning” and “losing”. from this remark i am tending to think that if there was a chance of “winning” you would support u.s.a. presence in afghanistan. please elucidate. thank you.


I think the US should get out of all the other countries. Pipe dream, huh?
But Mr.Trump, does this mean we’re gonna stop working the poppy fields?


​I know, ​
Timbuktu, Ethiopia, Egypt
​, ​
yes but I am talking about
​rural Africa
, the jungle people. I am sure they had cultures however unlike other
African civilizations. Besides the continental names are artificial
concoction made up by European conquers, not by nature or gods


In a perverse sort of way he is the most honest president the US has ever had.

All the others plundered and then lied about it - conflated murder and pillaging with democracy building - in Vietnam is was “better dead than red” - The US was doing them a favour by killing them.

Trump would have said we are killing them to steal their stuff. In your face to the citizenry of the USA - now make a choice - no chance for delusions.

Now the public has to stop acting outraged as they have been voting for plunderers for the last century.