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'This Is on Trump': VA Pick Ronny Jackson Withdraws as Reports of Misconduct and Lack of Vetting Swirl


'This Is on Trump': VA Pick Ronny Jackson Withdraws as Reports of Misconduct and Lack of Vetting Swirl

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Facing a slew of explosive allegations regarding his conduct as White House physician and mounting questions about his lack of qualifications to run the government's second-largest agency, Ronny Jackson on Thursday withdrew his name from consideration as President Donald Trump's nominee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

"Don't blame anyone but the Trump administration and their complete lack of professional vetting and experienced personnel. This is on Trump."
—Jon Wolfsthal, Global Zero


Where there’s smoke there’s fire: Jackson, the White House physician who shared the results of Trump’s annual physical with the press earlier this year, faces growing allegations of misconduct, including improperly handing out prescription drugs, being intoxicated on the job, and creating a toxic work environment. Parading in dress blues is sometimes a disguise for immoral persons.


The balance of powers - the three branches of the state - cannot, by definition, be “run like a business”. If nothing else, what has become crystal clear to me is that attempting to run the government like a business constitutes an unconstitutional conflict of interest. One need only look at the shredding and gutting of the Constitution and the agencies put in place by earlier generations to protect the “public” from abuses perpetrated by predatory capital.

Who/what profits, especially in the wake (in every sense of the word) of Citizens United?

This can only be described as so profound a conflict of interest as to introduce a form of institutionalized organized crime.

Was it Reagan who first advanced this notion? Think again…


What I would like to know is how many people either have not been confirmed, withdrew their nomination or were fired so far in the Trump cabinet. Would like to know how that compares to other administrations since say Kennedy.


I would like to know how many people just plain refused to be associated with Trump and this administration. Is Jackson really Trump’s first pick, or is he closer to the bottom of the list of potential candidates? They make every pick look like the first pick, and I’m willing to bet all Trump’s first picks were picked a long time ago and are already gone. He’s stuck with a pool of racists, zealots, has-beens, and brown-nosers to choose from, as people with an iota of decency and experience stay away in droves.


At least this is some good news coming out of the Orangubrat Enclosure …


It’s no surprise to find out that a physician is a drunk, even one so aggregious as Jackson. That profession has a a dark history of high rates of alcoholism and drug abuse. What should be surprising is that the Secret Service, an agency whose lone mission is to protect the POTUS and the people around him from any threat, knowingly kept their mouths shut about the impaired and debaucherous behavior of the man in charge of keeping the POTUS healthy.
Once again this is just another example of a mediocre man attempting to surround himself with lessors in a vain attempt to make himself look better by comparison. This has been Trumps motis apparandi his entire adult life. He is the living embodiment of the Peter Príncipal.


All of these self-inflicted wounds created by Trump will make for perfect precedents to bar in the future.

Call them the “Anti-Trump” rules. Institute vetting, nepotism, business divestment laws etc.


Translation. Personal affinity in the Trump Administration means anyone that is a yes man; a fawning and obsequious stooge!


My view is that should read: the White physician who probably lied about the results of Trump’s annual physical.


I nominate Bill Quigley.