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'This Is On You': After Months of Stalling, Democrats Demand McConnell Reconvene Senate to Vote on Universal Background Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/04/you-after-months-stalling-democrats-demand-mcconnell-reconvene-senate-vote-universal

McConnell…“Bring the senate back? Come on, give me a break, I’m entitled to a little vacation time”.

I beg your pardon, but this is really pathetic. When are they going to ban assault weapons and ban the ammunition?

The U.S. is a rogue nation


“This blood is on your hands.”

This is exactly the kind of attack on McConnell and other mass-murder enablers that should have been used years ago.


The Democrats are demanding and demanding and demanding ad nauseam. To make it look like they are the opposition party. Don’t pull the wool over my eyes…


Exactly. Democrats “demand?” What a joke. We may never know how that vote would go, since dems never have enough power to do anything.
Let’s see if comprehensive background checks can be passed before discussing more gun restrictions. The former could spur action on the latter.
As far as being armed at least as well as the police state, I favor the citizens right to protect ourselves. We don’t need yet another right stripped away.

How about we spend our time getting rid of racism,trump, and repugs.


Same ol same ol, the Democrats have been playing that con game for a long, long, time and that is exactly why have labeled their party, the fake opposition party.


The democrats DEMANDING something? Oh, that’s rich!
Sometime this week, Nancy and Chuck will tell us all to wait until cooler heads prevail. And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll get something proposed this fall. However, there’s an election year coming up so…

If Nancy and Chuck and their ilk, were in charge of congress in 1964 Medicare and the civil rights act would never have even reached the floor.


If 29 US people were killed in a US plane crash, people would demand an investigation to find and fix the problem.

If 29 people are killed in back to back mass shootings done with military-style rifles, the US republicans (the ones that allowed the assault weapons ban to expire) send thoughts and prayers and blame mental health issues.

Home of the Brave – my ass. The republicans are cowering cowards.


Hi BigB:
Well maybe someone will shoot at Mitch to get his attention—of course, they will probably have tp shoot at Pelosi and Schumer to get their attention too. : (

How can there be thoughts when you have been taught not to think? How can there be prayers when there is no gawd? Myth perpetuation is the greatest evil of mankind.


We have to start somewhere and if we would of done it years and never lifted the ban on AK47 et al we would be in a better position at this time.

Now is the time for background checks, mental health checks and complete banning of weapons that can shoot 5, 10, 15 or 20 or bullets at a time.


If all these shooters were brown or black, the slime bucket “leader” would reconvene and force a vote. But these were just young white guys out having fun and shooting their guns and just like him, they support trump. So no vote. The turtle is about as stupid as he is racist.


Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Mitch will do no such thing as he is a southern racist bent on winning the Civil War/destroying the “Union” that has been ever so slowly including all those of us not formerly admitted to this white men only club and Trump is that representative and a descendant of all those northern racists that colluded and enabled southern enslavers, and got rich off the trade in black flesh.

Mitch is also a prostitute who will do anything for money and power–remember that the South had been the wealthiest group in the US prior to being forced to free the slaves-- including his prostitute Chinese wife who is buying political influence for her family through this monster by donating “biggly” to Mitch’s campaign to stay rich and in power.


If Canada and Switzerland have more guns per capita than America, why don’t they have mass shootings? We need to dig a little deeper.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the guts to stand up to the NRA (which stands for No Responsible Attitude), to Wayne LaPierre, or in Florida, to that little Brunhilda munchkin Marion Hammer (what an ironic last name, huh?). The NRA has bought just about every one of our so-called representatives, and the guns keep proliferating without any checks and balances whatsoever. This country is in free fall moreso than ever in my 60 years. Trump didn’t pull the trigger; but he damn sure loaded the weapons that are now in full force use around us

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So Mitch fell and broke his shoulder today. Would it be in bad taste to follow the White House example and tweet out “Too bad!!”?


He probably broke it when he reached down to pick up a dollar that some poor person accidentally dropped…If he’d have fallen on his head all you would have heard was the “POP!” when the air came out


Oh yeah-I keep wanting to ask all these NRA supporters: where were the “good guys” in these last two shooting sprees? You know, the ones who were supposed to counter the “bad guy with a gun”? That shit phrase is just so shallow and transparent. But not if you believe in those John Wayne movies where the good guy is always around. Yeah, horseshit


McConnell lift a finger to help a bunch of yankees? Not likely. Mitch is probably sitting on his porch right now, sipping mine juleps and wondering why those uppity Democrats are making such fuss. Land’s sake, it’s not like that young patriot down in El Paso was likely shooting good, upstanding Republicans.

Every Trump needs a Mitch McConnell and every Mitch McConnell needs a Trump and while we’re at it, throw in a Wayne LaPierre. Pass the ammo.

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