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This Is Our Country Too: On Duelling Chants, A Mother's Grief and Trump's Black Soul


This Is Our Country Too: On Duelling Chants, A Mother's Grief and Trump's Black Soul

The improbable drama of the Khan family and the Donald's sneering incomprehension of it continues to play out, as the parents of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq - and much of America - rightly charge the sociopathic Trump with a "dark heart" devoid of empathy. At the same time, Khizr Khan's now-famous brandishing of the Constitution, dubbed "an elegant act of patriotism," led some Muslims to note there are other ways to work for the good of America than fighting in its wars.


It's interesting to watch Americans as they finally start to speak up about the things they believe in--and find that their paradigms are not necessarily those of their neighbors. We are a complex society and if we don't figure out how to address our diversity in a more cohesive, compassionate, and --yes--intelligent way, we might just disintegrate into another civil war, this time individual against individual.


"A civil war pitting individual against individual" is the precise goal of the 1%'s divide and conquer strategy that has been in their play book since robber baron Jay Gould told the world during the first guilded age that his goal was for half of the working class to kill the other half.

Mr. Khan's son would still be alive and there would be no need for Mr; Khan's current appearances if Clinton and other Democrats had voted against invading Iraq.


Yeah, the best way to be patriotic is to use our intelligence to ensure citizens are saved from unnecessary wars and conflict.
Oops - that would mean not voting Dum or Pub.


That was exactly my thoughts when first encountering this DNC stunt. I don't know what to think of Mister Khan's allowing himself to be used by the despicable Democrat establishment. Trump could have made mincemeat of the whole staging if he weren't such a complete egocentric ass and unabashed racist. The whole contest between the clown Trump and the contemptuous, narcissistic Clinton makes me sick.

Given the dire state of the Earth's environment, we - all higher order organisms - are toast anyway. Sanders brought up the subject of global heating in passing during the first debate, at least that. Trump and Clinton really couldn't give a damn. And if the overheated state of the planet doesn't get us, Clinton's WWIII certainly will.


Trump continues to prove that despite being blessed with the most baggage laden competitor of the past half century, he can't seem to get a grip on retorts that any first semester high school level debate student would consider elementary and shower upon Clinton in a debate. The Dimcritter/GOP debates are guaranteed to be the most limp we have ever seen.

Perhaps Mr. Khan is in dire financial straits that pushed him to accept compensation from Clinton's bottomless corporate funded war chest ?


Don't forget it was the corporate media that gave us 24hrs of Trump. It is so pathetic to watch these commentators say Trump is not qualified when they are the ones who gave him all the attention. If Bernie Sanders got half the attention last summer he would be the democratic nominee---and there would be a real choice.

And the Khan family seems to enjoy the attention-they seemed to be on every news outlet yesterday. But at the same time Trump did not have the political sense to stay away from this-it was a trap and he fell right into it.

Remember Chelsea Clinton making some weird healthcare remarks about Sanders-it was a trap-the Clinton"s wanted Sanders to attack Chelsea-but Sanders had the political sense to not take the bait.


Considering how much of Clinton's baggage Trump continues to ignore and how often Trump hangs himself whenever anybody gives him enough rope to do so confirms that whatever medication Trump takes seriously affects his brain


They built him up, and now, imo, they are going to tear him down, look for 24x7 negative stories about Drumpf, warrented or not, till Nov.


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Mr. Kahn was used in an extremely cynical, but effective ploy on the part of the Dems. If the Dems cared so much about our "fighting men and women", they would not have us involved in so many wars.