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'This Is Our Darkest Hour': With Declaration of Rebellion, New Group Vows Mass Civil Disobedience to Save Planet


'This Is Our Darkest Hour': With Declaration of Rebellion, New Group Vows Mass Civil Disobedience to Save Planet

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

To underscore the planetary emergency and denounce the U.K. government's inaction on the climate crisis, a new group calling itself Extinction Rebellion rallied over 1,000 people to block Parliament Square in London on Wednesday. The direct action marks the launch of a mass civil disobedience campaign, with the group issuing a "Declaration of Rebellion" against the government because the activists "refuse to bequeath a dying planet to future generations by failing to act now."


It’s interesting to see that Green MPs are involved. Calling Labour’s bluff? Come on Jeremy and gang, get off the fence. Survival is…well…survival.


A “Declaration of Rebellion” is inspired. Since the conditions will not be met, I look forward to following and participating if possible in this Rebellion. Excellent work, thank you so much!


Little will happen until we learn to escape the speaker syndrome and enter autonomous democracy. Panel and experts talking at people is less productive than a focused potluck party.

There are no individuals or groups capable of leading. Look where leaders have brought us. Gathering is good. Speaking the same thing to the entire gathering is primitive.

Leaders? For example; Did Bernie ask the people for permission to quit? His leadership was a fun and wonderful adventure and now we all know what happens when a leader suddenly quits without permission from the masses.

This group has done wonders of organizing and should be happy to start a rebellion in front of parliament. Now it is up to the people to devise a way to escape the old and tired dead end ego mania generated by the rally or panel of experts formats.

Devise a new form of government while in open nonviolent rebellion against a capitalist elite that gains wealth be privatizing and extracting from Earth and society. If you are a living organizer force then learn to wither away when the people gather. Help distributed intelligence learn how to communicate with itself by not talking at it.


Heterosexism and the cult of natalism. People just can not help it. Thus we are so going extinct.

At what point do people realize that this is the problem?

Oh, hello, the planet is dying. Let’s have a protest about having more children.

"The direct action marks the launch of a mass civil disobedience campaign, with the group issuing a “Declaration of Rebellion” against the government because the activists “refuse to bequeath a dying planet to future generations by failing to act now.”


Uuummm, there is a human infestation on Planet Earth…Uuummm we have shit our pants and we stink…Uuummm, the Planet will exterminate us humans in order to save itself…Uuummm, no need to worry, we all die…Uuummm, we are some 50 years or more too late in reacting…Uuummm, humans react instead of being proactive…Thus Earth Was Lost, too little too late.

Live a life of kindness, generosity and humility, while you can.



Well then what is the point of posting information about these protests? LOL

I demand the right to have more children DAMNIT!!!

It’s enough to make me want to clutch my pearls.


I am hoping this catches on in the US and beyond because climate crisis along with all the collapsing ecosystems affect us all.


Oh gawd. Oh gawd. Oh gawd.

Yes, actually. Then I would not be here reading this comment.

Spare your possible children the same fate!


Overpopulation would not have been possibly had the fossil fuel age never happened. Most of us would not be here were it not for fossil fuels.

I paraphrase an old joke:
Fossil fuels! You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them!


Since population control was never taken very seriously, the result is the mess we’re in today. I’m thinking the earth will rapidly depopulate in the next decade or two due to wars, disease, and climate change. There will be some humans left, and being human, will repopulate as fast as they can. This is because 1.) people think they are the only really important organisms, 2.) greed and corruption at the highest levels stand in the way of common sense resulting in lessons never learned. 3.) most families think they need to carry on the family name. 4.) many people tend to believe in whatever religion it is they are surrounded by and I don’t know any religion that doesn’t encourage more children to grow up and feed their coffers. So I don’t suspect that our glorified species of war-mongering primates will ever be compatible with this planet. My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that some forms of life will carry on but humans are doomed.


A smaller number of people living at a much higher standard could do just as much damage. It is population in accordance with resource depletion. As soon as the combination exceeds the sustainable carrying capacity of the earth you are on a downhill slide.
Your simplistic model is just plain wrong.


Easter Island overpopulated without fossil fuels. The Mayans overpopulated without fossil fuels etc. Civilizations were rising and falling long before humans discovered fossil fuels. So yes, the earth could have been overpopulated even without fossil fuels. Overpopulation can be defined as the point where human consumption exceeds the regeneration capacity of the environment in which they are living.


It makes no sense to me that Dan_Harris’ post was flagged and yours is still up. The last sentence of your post is suggesting something very serious.


Yes as soon as they say future generations- that in itself is the problem and the dichotomy. it’s an emotional issue- so it is not rational. I never had or wanted any kids.


Yes it is the dichotomy.

It’s saying, we know the habitat will collapse due to overuse of the habitat. But in the meantime let’s have more children to use more of the habitat.

This emotional issue needs to get some therapy, and soon.


Buckie Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

So to disagree with Buckie a bit, yes rebel; but at the same time, build the next system as Fuller says. BE THE CHANGE.


HI FascistFokker------ Ray Bradbury said that the aliens from Mars came here and changed Earthlings forever, as it seems that after ruining Mars, that those immigrants came here. I suppose that makes the Neanderthals as the natives .
So, have you done your part and have gotten a vasectomy so you don’t have to give up FOKKING! : )


Nothing wrong with having our own cuddly baby or two, but we no longer need six strapping boys to help run the farm because automation has taken care of that…In our underdeveloped countries birth control measures should be available and encouraged. Rome wasn’t burnt in a day.