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This Is Our Home Too

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/09/our-home-too


“Eat the rich !”
Nah, tough and gristly, feed them to the coyotes.


The kids might be quite tasty if raised correctly on apples and milk, with no exercise. Best age would be just before puberty sets in.
One thing no one dares to mention. The rich use our infrastructure, our roadways, our airways, our water and sewers, our agriculture, and, the big one, our military to protect their interests. But they refuse to pay for it. Their motto is “Always use other people’s money, never your own,” which is why they seem never to have their credit/debit cards or even cash when it comes time to pay the check and they had the most expensive meal on the menu. So you pony up, as they profusely promise to repay you. When you approach them the next day or so, they accuse you of putting the con on them.
Same with gas money, lodging(where you give them house room and some meals), laundry…you get stuck with the bill while they keep accusing and forgetting. That’s how the rich get rich. It’s a Big Con that we keep falling for because they have power over us.
No more…you drive a big fancy car, you will pay tolls to use the roadways. You have more than one house, you pay lots more property taxes on all of the others, with a formula like this-second home, twice the taxes, third home, three times the taxes…and so on. You use private jets, you will pay up front for the cost of air traffic control and the runways. You buy luxury stuff, you will pay a sumptuary tax equal to 500% of the cost of the item, plus the environmental costs.
All those monies will be used for universal free health care, rebuilding of a new interurban rail system, good education for all, food security for all. And protection of all remaining green spaces. Oh, and disband the military. We need a small defense force, of course, but not one of an empire.


This Is Our Home Too?
Not really, if you are Black an Immigrant or a poor white person, it is only your home too if you consider yourself a second class citizen…


could have given every American a million dollars, and he’d still have saved hundreds of millions of what he spent trying to be president.

I like the spirit of the statement but the math doesnt add up.
331 million (u.s. population) [times] 1 million = 331 Trillion
331,000,000. Ă— 1,000,000. = 331,000,000,000,000.


Cost to lift everyone in the U.S. out of poverty


175.3 Billion dollars

That is interesting…
Because Congress is arguing about not giving stimulus to the US population in a 900+ Billion dollar package.
We could give Americans 175.3 Billion, which would trickle around and up…
900-175=725 (saved)
Lawyers are worthless.

It bothers me people see people starving and think “oh well”

Why don’t we just get rid of money ???
That solves all the problems.

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The billionaires are diligently working on that. They are gathering it all up and putting it in huge vaults where no one will see it, and they can just look at the vaults and gloat.
** The one thing that will almost put a billionaire into apoplexy is finding out that some poor person has a dime that he missed.
** Blecch!
** ;-})


I was sitting back, remembering when the CCCP was working toward their goal of creating a “Classless Society.” I used to suggest to some people that they should go to Russia to live. Now, I think that about 90+% of our government and most of Wall Street should go to Russia to help, as they, too, have no class at all!


“Nickled and Dimed to Death”…


Please wake up to the huge threat posed by redevelopment to New Yorkers and all city residents (Rust Belt cities especially) . Its coming.

Biden plans to massively redevelop cities. What will you do when your building is redeveloped? & Affordable rent vanishes?

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I have a feeling it would be more the other way around. Seriously. People have to be aware of their vulnerability especially in the face of financial threats like massive redevelopment.

Tearing down older buildings and building new. Old is affordable because of rent stabilized link to ones apartment, new ones with no such link are not. There is no viable Plan B.


They are doing that by outsourcing the jobs. They plan to import labor in order to lower wages a lot, soon.

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How do you UN-do the last 45yrs of de-regulation, tax cuts, tax short cuts, money=political power.

The rich control the police (local,federal),military, they are not returning anything peacefully because they have brain wash 50% of america that the blacks,latinos are here to live off welfare. If you make under $500k, your on the SAME TEAM.

Class war fare NOT racial war fare.

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With few exceptions, it seems to me that most of “the rich” are almost as unaware of how everything is being taken in the global grab as the general public.

And THEY are wondering WTF is going on too.

They wouldn’t be okay with it either.

Whats happening is a tiny, global cult of very dishonest people are trying to steal the entire world ad its future, from all of us. They’re targeting the poorest and most powerless first.

They are trying to lock in their gains in ways the voters cant reverse. That’s what started happening in the late 1980s and shifted into high gear in the 1990s and FTAs have been digging a deeper and deeper grave for democracy since then. But she’s not dead yet, although she’s literally on life support.

Are under the radar PR firms being paid to (pretend to be XYZs and) divide the country? You can bet on it.

They want all of us to hate one another. Please realize that rich people arent by definition evil. Similarly, poor rednecks arent either. Most people are rational and inherently good people.

All of the things that are going on now are intended to divide people but many of them are failing, or would fail if people just realized what is happening and why. The key to understanding that is understanding the con game we’re being told is “free trade” and that its an illegitimate theft of democracy and the right to regulate, as well as the resources of the earth. Being a corporation doesn’t give you the “ownership” of priceless irreplaceable resources like old growth forests to exploit.

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That won’t happen with the mindset people have today, and people who think it would are in serious self deception mode or actually trying to do harm. More likely the second, IMHO.

What we should be doing is helping the people in need stay solvent and trying to figure out a path forward for our country that brings out the best in everybody.

We’re a country, and together we should be able to do anything we want.

Which is WHY they are so horribly trying to DIVIDE us all, isnt that obvious?

Promises made by shady US oligarchs to other oligarchs to trade away jobs and screw US are just that, and are between THEM.

They don’t bind US. But we have to know about them, to reject them, BOTH.

(both the politicians/oiligarchs’ con jobs and their phony “free trade” (its actually a slave trade!) agenda)

We don’t need big changes, we just need honesty and a willingness to do what we all agree on,

And what we’re dealing with right now is just garden variety corruption, although global in scope, by crooks controilling multiple parties and multiple lands at the same time, and theft, and a huge scam, a classic confidence scam, a very large one.

what won’t happen?