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'THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS': Widespread Anger After Trump Blocks Democrats' Takedown of Nunes Memo


'THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS': Widespread Anger After Trump Blocks Democrats' Takedown of Nunes Memo

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump's decision late Friday to block a memo by House Democrats—which rebuts a "cherry-picked" document released last week that's been decried as "propaganda" meant to


Trump remains in the “reality” TV mode whereby he believes he can control public opinion by controlling the flow of information. Fortunately, Robert Mueller does not seem like a man who gives a passing thought to public opinion. Facts matter.


Why doesn’t another member of the panel write their own response without any classified info? Feinstein released an entire memo over screams from the r/tp/cons that proved them to be liars so it IS doable. Democrats either have a spine and learn to fight effectively or they continue to allow the opposition to entirely control the narrative of shaping public opinion. They don’t have to get in the gutter or spread one lie after another like the right does but they do need to take an intelligent stand if they ever want a chance to be in power again.


Outrageous? Maybe not. What were your first expectations?

We did not elect a politician become criminal. We elected a criminal become politician.


Skipping right past this political theater, weak drama that entertains and befuddles many, let’s return to our main feature - Democracy is Dead.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Screw both parties and their memos. It’s another political mud slinging sideshow that reveals nothing new about the misuse of government surveillance and the useless FISA court system. Tell us something we don’t know. Meanwhile, neither party can be bothered to deal with immigration and other pressing issues.


Spot-on right. And I often ask others the same question: what the HELL did you expect this guy to do?
The answer should be, in general, “act with impunity”, because his mental pathology does not, cannot, perceive of right vs wrong, of do this vs don’t do that. He’s a pathological miscreant





The problem with all of this is Trump and his election team is guilty as charged for “collusion” with the Russians. Then Russia is in the news recently as planning to do the same thing with the next election. Then you have Trump spending gobs of money on a military hardware parade just like North Korea and Russia have military parades. Which of course costs gobs of money while congress struggles from a shutdown caused by spending to keep government running. If you don’t have enough money to run government as it is, we shouldn’t be spending gobs of money on a military parade. Trump by far is the worst president in my lifetime.


Up until now, all Adam Schiff has accomplished by merely pointing out the foibles of the Trump administration has been the politcal equivalent of shooting ducks in a barrel. He has expended no politcal capital and taken no real risks.
Now is the time for some real testicular fortitude.
Release your memo and all intelligence connected to it, and let the chips fall where they may. Could you get arrested? Sure. You could also be hailed as a hero, and write your own politcal ticket from here.
The Democratic Party lacks leadership. It’s time for one to step forward. Because, let’s face it, if one doesn’t the Democratic Party is not long for this earth.


Remember, the “Democrats” have to walk a tight rope. They have to come up with something, to convince the people that they are working in their interest, but they cannot do anything that might upset the apple cart, because their bosses are the same as the “Republican” bosses and if they get pissed off at the Democrats, the Democrats might not get the millions in bribes they need to “win” and take their place as the winning sock puppet for the next few years. This is Kabuki for the masses, not an attempt to clean up this government.
*We won’t see that until We the People take an active and commanding role in our Constitutional government, and use the Constitution to get rid of the sewer rats that make a mockery of our nation and our government.
*That is going to be a tough job, for it requires that We the People will have to set aside our precious egos and our little plans for a while (preferably forever) and concentrate on one thing only. Taking back our nation and our government and make it again a government of We the People, by We the People, and for We the People. That government that Lincoln hoped and prayed would not perish from the earth.
*In the final analysis, it is up to us, We the People.


Impeach Trump! I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!


I think you left out a couple of key words to make it a little clearer.
We did not elect a politician to become a criminal. We elected a criminal to become a politician.
*Unfortunately, that seems to have become our MO for the last few decades and we seem to be paying for it in spades. Time for a real change.


This is what Trump means when he says bipartisan approach. Someone should leak it. This is trump transparency.


That’s the same thing that happened when Obama was elected. The “Democrats” were in “control” of the government and could have seen to our continuation of the advances in human rights and control of greed that had finally begun, but Obama said we must use “bipartisanship” which meant that the “Democrats” had to go along with the Republicans and not upset the apple cart at that time. That was held to until the Republicans had control, then all was safe and the “Democrats” could rant and rave “for the People” without danger to the system or the Oligarchy.
*As I’ve said, it is all Kabuki for the masses.


Did anyone really think this oaf of a man was going to release something that goes against him? Besides, the whole point of the “Nunes Memo” was to lay the ground work to justify firing Rosenstein so they can appoint someone to fire Mueller…and, given their low bar for justifying their illegal activities, it was very effective. Rachel Maddow has some good insight on this, showing how Hannity was stating that Rosenstein needs to be brought to account for his actions that were “outlined” in the memo. There is evidence that the White House was coordinating with Fox News to push this point, and there hasn’t been an outright denial by Nunes that this is not the case. They are trying to take over our government. A good thing they have such a clumsy oak to work with, otherwise, we’d be reliving Hitler’s pathway to his dictatorship. These enabling GOPers in the House and Senate are nothing less than traitors and need to do some jail time–but I don’t see that happening.


Could Trump be hiding something? You think? Maybe Trump isn’t hiding something but if not why does he seem to be doing everything within his power to stop on investigation into his possible links with Russia? It began a long time ago with hie refusal to release his tax returns. I think he is less afraid of being impeached than going to jail. He is probably extremely concerned by the prospect of being jailed for treason or other charges and that is why he is acting like a desperate man doing whatever he can to stop an investigation. He can’t go back and undo whatever he did if he actually did something wrong. But meanwhile the wheels of justice grinds on and apparently he sees himself directly in the path. Given all the power he has as president and hoards of supporters ready to start a race war this is not a good situation to say the least.


Yep, it is a fixed system. Both partys belong to the same country club. The Empire club.


Every president since Reagan is the worst president of my lifetime. Each of these horrible executives has deepened the escalating accelerating crises of ecology, economy, politics. None among them has forthrightly addressed any aspect of what is driving these interrelated crises. Trump is the result, not an aberration.