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'This Is Pathetic': Progressives Furious as Schumer Rubber Stamps 15 More Right-Wing Judges for Trump


All those losses and still they want our vote. Should they get enough votes( and the Dems seem hell-bent on losing yet again), what do you think they would do if thousands and thousands of their voters demanded that Schumer and Pelosi be taken from their “leadership” positions. My guess is that we would be ‘Cavanaughed’ . The corporate Dems just do not get it.


As a Jill Stein voter in two presidential elections, your “purist” comment is a divisive talking point and way off the topic. If democrats really wanted to win, they would be offering we the people everything. Yet they aren’t–again. Wouldn’t you think that having lost other elections to the electoral college, the Dems would have taken that on so that it wouldn’t happen again? They didn’t and the person who received the most votes did not become president-- thanks to the electoral college. Don’t hear the party talking about fixing that. You have to admit they are pretty weak when they have an amazing opportunity to prove that they can lead. ….and yet, they don’t.


What we need is a big sewer snake to clean them all out and make sure no trace of any of them left and then fill with 100 % progressives.


Definitely don’t vote for any Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Another decade of aggressive gerrymandering plus voter disenfranchisement by Republicans will teach them a lesson. You go show ‘em! It’ll help give us another reason to yell about their failures even though Democrats seem to win the popular fairly frequently election-wise and it’s estimated they need to win it by a margin of 7 this election to take the House this election. That they need to win it by that much in no way suggests that there may be a political organization that has sought to entrench its hold on power via minority rule.


The biggest political group in the USA is “did not vote”.


It is the desire of the Democratic Party establishment, DNC, Third Way, DCCC or whatever you wish to call them, to make the party into the old Republican Party.

If we don’t like it Schumer has an answer for us below.

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”—Schumer


Want to know who’s to blame for this treachery? LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Decades of voters unconditionally and automatically voting Democrat have taught these traitors that they can get away with ANYTHING because of the “D” after their names.

Both Heidi Heitkamp and Claire McCaskill voted for “fast-track” for the TPP, and for bank deregulation, and against net neutrality. They’re scum; I wouldn’t vote for them any more than I’d vote for a Republican.

But you can be sure millions of well-meaning dupes will be pulling the lever for them because of the “D” after their names.

People, this must end! These TRAITORS need to see Green Party and Socialist votes to show there are consequences to selling the people out to the 1% donors.

If you continue to vote for them, they’ll just IGNORE you and laugh at you while cashing their campaign bribes. You need to fight back.


Ron_Genise: LoL I love your new word : “Reptillicans.” It slithers so easily off the tongue! : )


HI KC2669:
Bernie Sanders did not have a haphazard campaign in California. However, the Hillary and the electors along with the AP announced that Hillary had won CA. Wow, and before people had even voted. : 0 A lot of people did not vote after hearing that. I haven’t trusted the AP much since then, nor the DNC and never much trusted the Hillary.
I used to worry about the voting machines working correctly ( i.e. after Florida, and after seeing the Wisconsin governor and his side kick who transferred all the votes to her personal computer-----I could not fathom that as anything but a theft of votes.

As for Schumer— well Wall St. looks scary and all the banks are sending me : 0 credit card offers, so I guess they are all planning for another meltdown where they still get paid and the public loses again. So Schumer is probably looking for a new country. : ) He must be angling for America’s rep for the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem… he’s helped the Donald so much so why not. As America crashes , he’ll be home free—as he seems not to care much about America or Americans. : (


The AP’s call actually probably got more Sanders voters to the polls in my opinion. And stop coming up with excuses: he ran an over-priced campaign, paid key consultants a ton of money (Devine and Weaver), and didn’t use his resources well. Way too much television advertising (Devine’s company) and not enough organization in terms of street walking.

If it means anything, Sanders has quietly acknowledged the problems with his campaign. He’s retained Harry Reid’s manager to help him organize this time, and clearly backed off Devine’s company. He’s also trying to build credentials with other communities the way Clinton did in 2014-15. It’s partly why he’s in the Carolinas this week.

I really think too many progressives are afraid to look at why Sanders didn’t do well in areas all on his own.. He’s clearly figured out he needs to do things differently. Blaming the DNC is a convenient foil when someone loses by basically 4 million votes.


There are some very interesting aspects of this case regarding how victims of sexual assault are treated and reproductive rights. However, unfortunately every word said or printed about those aspects draws attention away from the fact that the 1982 diary/calendar proves that Ford has identified the correct people.

Possibly the curious slack that the media is giving Kavenaugh, given the overwhelming evidence that he is lying, could be due to sympathy for his plight as a repressed homosexual. Once Ford’s account included three people she said were there AND his calendar had them all at Tim’s house on July 1, 1982, the only way that Kavanaugh is not lying is either: Ford somehow obtained access to his 1982 diary/calendar, or Ford has a time machine or Ford stalked Kavanaugh in 1982 and planned to do this, if and when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. Ford’s description of the interior of Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD exactly matches.

Kavanaugh is a classic textbook case of a repressed homosexual. The incident at Tim Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD on July 1, 1982, where Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attempted to “have sex together” in the same bed as Christine Ford, was typical repressed homosexual behavior. Some heterosexual men fantasize or even obsess with having sex with two women at the same time. In contrast, many repressed homosexual men fantasize or even obsess with having sex with another man with a women at the same time as a conduit. This is the “devil’s triangle” that Kavanaugh has in his yearbook.

Kavanaugh was probably being truthful when he claimed that he did not have intercourse with a woman until much later in life than would be normal, given the opportunities available in the 1980s and 1990s for a star school athlete and wealthy Yale attendee. Some men born homosexual into socially conservative households and environments, where they feel they must repress what nature selected for them, turn to alcohol. Some blame their unfortunate plight on women and exhibit hostile behavior or attitudes towards women. Mark Judge’s year book tellingly contains the quote “women should be struck regularly, like gongs”. Both Kavanaugh and Mark Judge have been described by many as exhibiting aggressive hostile behavior towards women especially when drunk.

The real crazies are claiming that since Chuck Schumer has a niece who is an actress, Dr. Ford did not actually testify at the Senate Hearing about Kavanaugh, but rather it was actress Amy Schumer. That is not true. However, it is theoretically possible, in that it does not violate any laws of physics nor require time travel. No laws of science would be violated if Hollywood make-up experts were able to make Amy Schumer look like Dr. Ford.

What is not possible is that Dr. Ford misidentified Kavenaugh, Judge, Gaudette and J.C. as the people she was with on July 1, 1982 at Timmy Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD. Once Ford’s account included three other people she said were there and his calendar also had them all at Tim’s house on July 1, 1982, the only way that Kavanaugh is not lying is either: Ford somehow previously obtained access to his 1982 diary/calendar, or Ford has a time machine or Ford stalked Kavanaugh in 1982 and planned to do this, if and when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.


HI KC2669, LOL as you tell me to," stop coming up with excuses. " : ) LOL that’s what Hillary did forever. : )
Every campaign has problems-----when will the DNC acknowledge theirs? : )
Remember too that the DNC and the AP announced Hillary won before CA and a few other states had even voted. Bernie got a lot of people to vote for the first time-----too bad so many didn’t because they thought it was over, wha with the electors and all. : (.

Sadly, what has happened for me is that the DNC is more like the GOPers , than what the party began as. Yes, I know that times change and people’s needs change----------but from that Debbie lady---- whatever her last name was----- who was in charge of the DNC-----made so many people that I know distrust voting at all and they don’t believe that the DNC even cared about their concerns at all. Thanks to the electors and the AP, many new votees just decided not to vote. WHY? Because the party they thought they belonged to, as a party of the People, turned out to be like Obama, more interested in banks and corporations than in human beings------ well except for deporting the human beings or bombing them.
What I believe is that Bernie did support Hillary at the end, so that his ideas about health care and wages would be taken seriously. But his ideas were ignored–just like so many of the voters. I hope that I never hear the word “CENTRIST,” ever again. : )


Did Hillary do that? I find it sort of funny the absolute crush of blame that hit her for losing, some deserved, some not, compared to the everything-to-avoid-examining-the-Sanders-campaign attitude of progressives. Sanders paid his consultant team a ton of money, including those with a vested monetary interest in him continuing to run when the delegate count was basically out of reach. That’s just reality. Guys like Devine, a multimillionaire Democratic campaign advertising guru, ate up a nice chunk of his campaign spending. Why don’t we ever ask about it?

I do suggest you read that Vox article you posted. It’s pretty good.


This is why Democrats have been so far out in the weeds for decades and why they lose every major political battle. They are gutless and spineless, finding cover behind intellectually meaningless appeasement excuses. When you are in a sword fight, don’t bring a dictionary or a Roget’s Thesaurus. Don’r enter a boxing ring with a bible. The Nazis incinerated millions while populations excused them and gave them tacit permission. Polite dialog will not carry the day. By the way we turned away an entire boat load of fleeing Jewish people seeking asylum. Nothing even supported the theory that they were German spies. Our hero FDR also incarcerated thousands of Asian Americans. Politicians by the nature of the job become filthy dirty in a short period of time. Some of therm are slime even before they are elected.


Toni, I believe that full fledge fascists were behind both of them. Trump is towing the Koch facists line which Hillary would have been. Remember they were supporting her before Trump got elected and then suddenly 2 dozen Koch employees entered the Trump administration the day he was inaugurated.
There’s no chance the Isralie/Saudi alliance isn’t fascist. So Hillary had it on two fronts.
Trump is towing their line(Isralie/Saudi) just visibly less than she was. Who knows what’s happening invisibly behind the scenes. Trump is a puppet of fascists. Hillary was the puppet of fascists. Do you prefer the puppets to tell you to your face or stab you in the back while lying to you? That seems to be the difference between the parties. I’d prefer to know I’m dealing with a monster.


Yeah, I agree. My question was half rhetorical and half sarcasm.
Having the opinion of Hillary that I do has cost me some comfort in relationships. All my family and almost all friends voted LOTE with her. They don’t do the reading I do (which still isn’t enough), so I push and they roll their eyes. But as you’ve probably seen, I’ve been warning about fascism for a long time, and now Nazism is growing.

I can’t say I see any viable answers…between the global climate change horrors and the global fascism movement(s), I really don’t have a lot of hope and so plod along in whatever resistance I can.

The Great American Experiment? Neh…the Great American Lie. We have SO been had.


HI KC2669------LOL, you dare to accuse me of making excuses??? : ) LOL and CA suddenly had a lot of provisional ballets too—rumor is they never got counted. : ) don’t think we will ever agree KC

Really, I think the DNC did not and does not look at why it really lost. I don’t read Bernie as blaming his loss on anyone. When the caucuses ruled, so did Bernie, but so many hated how the DNC dissed the Bernie delegates—that was the Hillary’s game And ------if the DNC fronts Biden or the Hillary again----------creepy, creepy creepy----: 0

Oh wait… KC is this you Killary Clinton? : 0 ( I couldn’t resist that : )


I’m in California. We are a great state to vote in. In this state, we have a party called the Independent Party. It’s a right wing organization and has been on the ballot for years. This just gets to what I’m telling to you: I told folks from the campaign that kept calling me that they needed to tell people not to register as Independents, but decline-to-state. Too many of the youthful voices calling me repeatedly did not know what I was talking about. This actually got a bit of coverage in the press too since youth voters who didn’t typically vote were misregistering. They were then angry when they got the wrong ballot. I know a thing or two about this because I made the same mistake when I was 18.

Do you think Clinton voters made these mistakes? Do you think the Clinton campaign did? I suspect you know the answers. It was just a far better, quieter, and smoother operation from what I could see (and saw from the Clinton walkers I knew). To pretend like the Sanders campaign was some strategic genius operation that didn’t make its own mistakes is just lunacy.


The 2 corporate monopoly party system has morphed into one, THE CORPORATS! or RepubliCrats!
We are FUCKED! People need to pull their heads out of their asses and recognize we need a REVOLUTION! and overthrow these 2 party system out for good. These assholes in power all are above the law!


Yeah we need mote RIGHT WING PARTIES! Are you stupid!