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'This Is Political Cowardice': Fury at Schumer for Offering $1.6 Billion for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

'This Is Political Cowardice': Fury at Schumer for Offering $1.6 Billion for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the brutal consequences of President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant agenda on full display after U.S.


Remember, the $1.6 billion is Schumer’s ‘pre-compromise’ figure. In actual negotiations, it’ll go higher.

Now let’s see what he gets in return for the Dreamers. Based on his track record, I’ve ‘pre’ lowered my expectations.


Schumer is a perfect example of a Spineless Democrat!


Does anyone still think that the DNC doesn’t work with the RNC to maintain the illusion of separation of powers?

It’s a one-party system designed to maintain an illusion of, by and for the world’s wealthiest scammers.


Of course this is not, as some maintain, an example of “spinelessness,” “cowardice,” or anything like that; this is facilitation, pure and simple. This is an example of the “leadership and experience” that Democrats crave and why Schumer and Pelosi are considered so indispensable to the cause.

As the vote for Speaker of the House approaches we are told constantly that Nancy Pelosi must be re-elected. We are told that this is because she has so much “experience” and is so good at ramrodding bills through, but what is never mentioned is that the legislation that these two are so good at getting passed is law that Republicans can accept because it is not progressive, and does not threaten the oligarchs, their power, or their bankrolls.

Forty years ago, these people would have easily been elected as Republicans. Today, in concert with the Clintons, they have moved the Democrats to the right of Nixon and Reagan, and continue to work with Republicans to facilitate the slide into fascism.

But we need their “experience”…


And people wonder why I’m an independent…


prophetic? politics follows the market, er money. Must keep an "I " on the duopoly machine

And now a brief reminder…

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Blue wave, anyone?


Johnson sez: “When asked if he would be willing to go higher than $1.6 billion, Schumer dodged the question …”

That’s one of those “depends who’s asking” questions. I surmise Wall Street would not be “dodged.”


“We need Democratic leadership who are going to have a goddamn backbone and reject this racist ideology.”
What is needed is to put an end to the systematic plundering of Central America and the subversion of all attempts by the people who live there to use their national resources to benefit their own societies.
The USA uses its hegemonic power to smash democratic institutions and bolster oligarchical regimes through its control over the military.
It is from Honduras, where a mildly reformist government sought to implement land reforms and was overthrown by the US trained military with US diplomatic and economic assistance by the Obama regime and Sec of State Clinton, that the current ‘caravan’ originated.
North America can not expect Hondurans to stay in their own country and give up all their land and resources to US and Canadian corporations. They can only be made to accept such injustice by force. It is this political equation that has led top the killings of millions of Central Americans by armies, paramilitaries and death squads since 1945 in a bloodbath which dwarves any of the crimes laid at the feet of Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin.


Where’s the discussion on putting a stop to the US policies that cause refugee Latinos to seek asylum?
The elephant in the room is being ignored and I’m NOT talking about republicans who have been getting everything THEY want (at our expense).


Thank you. I wish I could give you a hundred up-votes.

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Vote him out, dammit! He pushes himself forward waaaaay too much:

Schumer’s propensity for publicity is the subject of a running joke among many commentators. He has been described as an “incorrigible publicity hound”.
Bob Dole once quipped that “the most dangerous place in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a television camera”, while Barack Obama joked that Schumer brought along the press to a banquet as his “loved ones”.

He is a failure as a liberal senator, or even a centrist. Remember – he cut a rapid deal with Republicans for the confirmation of 15 judges.


Yup, and he and Nanny P will now complete the failure of the DNC by dooming us all to more of 45*POS in 2020. Well done, DNC.


The only elections that matter are the primaries until every last one of these corrupt Vichy democrat P’sOS are gone


Gives ‘get out of dodge’ a new meaning…


Since Reagan he Democrats have constantly moved to the right (now the center) in hopes of not alienating the Republican base (Trumpanzees etc.) and perhaps getting some more votes . They never get votes from the far right when there is always a more far right Republican on offer. They do succeed in losing their progressive followers by this.(see election 2016).


If the Democrats were true “Democrats” (and too many Republicans) the debate would be about America’s foreign policies vs Latin America (and SA also) for all of our pathetic existence. Where do we expect the people of those historic countries to go when WE, AMERICA have destroyed the very democratic governments that they have attempted to establish? Hundreds and hundreds of books have been written about this disgrace. But, who reads them??? I still have in my files the official US publication report on the, “The CIA in Guatemala” published in the late 1950’s and available to the public then for FREE at our then government book stores located in most major cities. Reagan stopped all that. If Americans would get their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine, destroy their TV’s, restore libraries and their book lists that would have documentation of all these destructive policies maybe we might have a step towards true democracy! Where do we expect these unfortunate refugees to go??? WE rob them of their natural resources; plunder their financial systems; murder their elected leaders. Then tell them that they have to remain where they are and under our cruel thumb. Schumer is just a symptom of the problem. And, Trump is Trump; he’s a pig.


This is not an accident. Schumer, Clinton and others in the party are searching for the political hot button to press. It is simply the next step downward for a increasingly vile fascist government. Disgusting!


To be honest, who cares what Chucky Cheese thinks. He have zero bargaining power in the senate due to his useless leadership and the republicans don’t care what he thinks. The key is the house and Pelosi can simply strip the funding if she wants. This will likely happen because her status as speaker fundamentally depends on keeping progressives happy.

Nothing will change until corporate democrats in the senate either lose in the general election or get primary. That boat has started to sail in that direction as 3 big corporate democrats lost in November. In 2 years, justice democrats should target and primary the corporate blue dogs including Chucky Cheese. AOS or Zepher Teachout would give Chucky Cheese a good race and have a real chance of winning. When the fat cats go down, then you will see policy change.