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'This Is Political Cowardice': Fury at Schumer for Offering $1.6 Billion for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda


Sadly, we won’t be rid of Schmuck Chewmore until he is defeated in life if not in politics.


If you really wanted to stop immigration, and you clearly don’t, you would go after the companies that hire illegal immigrants. It’s what they call supply and demand. Eliminate the demand, and the supply will dry up.

But we love ourselves our corporations, who are people, my friend.


I was being sarcastic. Or was it ironic?


Maybe Democrats failed to take the Senate because Chuck Schumer’s definition of “pragmatic” is synonymous with “spineless”.


No it doesn’t. Most voters aren’t critical thinkers, it appears.



He sums up the biggest problem of the Dems- Timidity. Also a overly strong attachment to a corporate society.