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'This Is Sabotage': Trump Cuts Obamacare Outreach Budget By 90%


'This Is Sabotage': Trump Cuts Obamacare Outreach Budget By 90%

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Trump administration has announced that it will slash Obamacare's enrollment outreach and advertising budget by 90 percent—from $100 million to $10 million—a move critics denounced as a deliberate act of sabotage and a "huge dereliction" of responsibility.


Just look at those grinning A-holes in the photo, so proud of themselves! Profits before people. Bombs before babies. Beat up on the poor at every opportunity. Keep the minorities and the women in “their place”. Making America great again! The Great White Male is riding high now! I am so very proud to say I didn’t vote for these people.


Resist, Organize, REMOVE!

A good commentary on the ginger pig and his mental condition…should be seen by everyone…


Despicable, disgusting people these republicans. Which makes the midterms even more critical since Pence or Ryan or Hatch could be president by then. Do I think trump will be gone come November 2018? I think there’s a very good chance that he will be removed or he will resign sometime during the next 14 months as the Russian scandals unfold. And they will unfold since long-time trump nemesis Eric Schneiderman, AG of the state of New York, is working with Mueller to insure that the investigation reaches its conclusion. Trump’s pardon authority extends only to federal crimes, not to state charges. Additionally, acceptance of a pardon involves an admission of guilt. Read up on the Kushners and how desperate they are for cash, and how universally despised little Jared and Ivankkka are in DC, and about how terrified they are that the noose is slowly, steadily closing around them. Meanwhile, trump’s vicious sociopathic personality will continue to undermine the safety net until he’s gone. So current efforts need to focus on down ballot elections, like in my district where our current congressman, long-time republican hack John Faso (NY 19), cowardly avoids his constituents while falling in line with his party’s fascist agenda. Also need to be ready to get progressives to run for school boards next election (in New York that’s next spring), since the right is out front already trying to co-opt our public education system, the greatest threat to an elitist agenda we have after elections.


Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part.

Frankie read the tea leaves


I got an idea!

Why don’t all you busters eat good food and take care of yourself sand stop expecting the government to provide everything for you. Wine wine wine cry cry cry!!!

You just can’t get enough of those pills and terrible advice from people who are only concerned with making money. But you all beg and complain for more of it.

Should the goevremnt provide your food, water, education? Ya if you all want to be brainwashed by the one state.
Provide for yourself and stop expecting everyone to do for you.
If you can’t, then your not meant to last here…


This is all the little boys can do,strike out in anger.


Impeach this A-hole as fast as we can!!!


Who knows. maybe Trump will give us a tweet what the medical care is like behind bars. I’m sure it is bigly good. Lets hope.


DHHS officials suggested that everyone is already aware of their coverage opportunities under Obama Care (ACA)… How cruel, and totally heartless are these people, DHHS? They make that statement knowing full well that out of 323 million plus U.S. Citizens as of 2016, tens of millions of U.S. citizens are going to need assistance from healthcare navigators (helpers) to figure out how to proceed with their healthcare situation, needs, etc.


Looks like he’s the one to put the “execute” back into the Executive branch. Too bad for us.
Please hurry, Mr, Mueller.


Donald is proving himself to be quite the richard.


What you’re saying is, don’t provide for the masses, but provide for the top 1% by way of tax cuts, deregulation allowing indiscriminate raping of the resources for profit, hypocritical double standards whereby others should manufacture in the US but the Fuhrer and his family can manufacture in China, Philippines etc
Great logic. Besides, ALL DEVELOPED NATIONS think of providing food, shelter and healthcare as being BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS…EXCEPT Republicans and Trumpsters.
There’s a very interesting article I read today entitled: Conservatives in Texas love to fight the Feds UNTIL THEY NEED THEM (as during Harvey). Then, government suddenly becomes good! Bunch of illogical, superficial, thoughtless hypocrites… .



Please take your own advice and educate yourself on American spelling. Or at least consult a dictionary.


You said it! After 7 years of barking, all the Republicans can do is play dog in the manger. And to think, this bankrupt ideology has a loyal following. Go figure.


So … I just received radiosurgery for a tumor the size of a golf ball attached to my brain stem that the doctors said had been growing for 15 or more years. Would you like to tell me what I ate or drank that caused this brain tumor?

As an expat from the USA, I paid for my total treatment out of my own pocket. Of course I still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in income taxes to the USA (on money earned OUTSIDE the USA) that helps provide your fat ass with all the benefits income taxes pay for!


Hopefully, you are living somewhere where medical care is provided or at least subsidized, as is true in most civilized places. Unfortunately, few benefits are provided to the general public in the USA for all of those taxes. If you drop your income to a measly $100,800, you could avoid paying any income tax at all, given that that’s the current foreign income exclusion in 2017.


Nothing to stop the rest of us from chipping in for some crowd funded ads and volunteer assistance. That’s probably what those who have neighbors who might be in need as well as going to social service agencies and seeing what can be done.


One of the definitions of sabotage is: any undermining of a cause.

According to that definition, what we now have is a deceitful, faithless, terrorist, with no conscience, that has been able to move into the people’s house in Washington D. C. And the most sad part, like I posted several months ago: folks, unfortunately we have not seen anything yet and it seems to me our only hope is to take our house back from Trump and his fellow terrorists; before it is too late and they sabotage our entire country!


So, which one are you channeling today, Charles or David?