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'This Is Shameful': Trump DOJ Guts Asylum Protections for Members of Families Threatened With Violence and Persecution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/shameful-trump-doj-guts-asylum-protections-members-families-threatened-violence-and

Every time I see Barr, I want to double check the status of public defender activities and the SCOTUS. His purpose in the post seems to be to pivot, with as much ease as possible, the impunity of hyper-privatization/derivatives activity to " globalize" it by gutting society from bottom upward. Flounder fish is his middle name, fascism is his game, and he renders the DOJ a production line for profit making of adjudicated injustices. First they came for the currency and market, but I was not an investor; then they came for the justice system; profiting from criminalization, but I was not targeted because …


As reprehensible as this is, this has been the practice for long before Barr.

I’ve worked with a young woman and her family in my area who were extorted by a gang because the dad was a migrant worker.

After killing an uncle and kidnapping and raping the 13 year old daughter, they came to the US and applied for asylum. Their case was rejected on the grounds that they were not fleeing persecution based on their political affiliation, religious beliefs, or race and because the violence they were fleeing is against the law in their home country. The judge issued an order for immediate deportation for the whole family including the young teen that was raped. They went into sanctuary where, the family of five (mom, two boys and two girls), has been held up in very small living space, for a year and a half. At this point all family members are absolutely demoralized and experiencing stress related mental and physical health problems.


Woody Guthrie “All you fascists are bound to lose.”

We can’t just let Barr, who should be in jail right now, poison the well. Take him to court. If for no other reason than to stall like trump has with everything else.
It’s time to tie this administration up in a tangle of lawsuits.
Payback is a bitch.