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'This Is Sick': Horror as Trump Administration Plans to Detain Migrant Children at Former Japanese Internment Camp

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/sick-horror-trump-administration-plans-detain-migrant-children-former-japanese


Where is the " outrage " from the American people?

Mr. Blair M. Phillips


Probably few “Americans” will even see this, as they take their morning Faux injection of propaganda. They seem to be inoculated against the history of Nazi Concentration Camps as well.
AMONGST my many sins, I consider myself something of an historian. As such, my reading has shown me empire after empire, ruler after ruler, who has set out upon a course of world domination, at least of the world as they have known it. Listening to the posturings of Bush and his minions, I see the same thing being repeated by the United States.
No empire has lasted forever, especially those bathed in blood. We have the ability to utterly destroy the world, but no matter how repressive Bush (and now trump) is against his own people, how aggressive he is against other countries, eventually he and his empire will fail. But at what cost?

Hubris Uber Alles

Astride the known world,
Filled with hubris
They marched in their turn:
Darius, Xerxes, Agamemnon, Alexander,
Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler and more

All their empires rising, conquering,
Their passing marked by mounds of skulls
And vainglorious boasts.
Their places taken in turn by others
as their empires rotted from within.

Now yet another warlord stands,
His nation’s proud banner, once a beacon
Of freedom and hope to all mankind,
Now a symbol to be feared
By friend and foe alike.

This, too, shall pass away
After adding its quota of skulls to the mountain,
While the common man around the world
Holds tight the dream of Brotherhood and Peace
Close to his breaking heart.

9 August 2003

I thought we had hit rock bottom when the Supreme Court appointed Bush as Dictator “president.” Since then, we’ve had Obama and now the fat one to drag us further into the muck.
*If We the People don’t have the moxie to throw these buggers out and reestablish a Constitutional Republic, we deserve what we get, but the rest of the world doesn’t deserve it. Unfortunately, they may well have to repeat the trauma of the 1940’s to remove it.


We’re robbing these children of their childhood, which for most of us was the most precious time of our lives. Anybody in congress who looks the other way should be tarred and feathered. That would include about 95% of our senators and representatives.


This is a dry run for bigger things.


Fort Sill has been in use since around 1869, as a training center for the Army, as well as a prison/resettlement center for Native Americans, and later, Americans of Japanese heritage, during WWII. Got people to be kept down and out of sight? Move them to Fort Sill.


And a congressman with your last name in Texas.

We deserve Trump? Kind of like the analogy that Nazi Germany deserved Hitler! One has to wonder if the Amerikan, Fascists will meet the same fate as Fascist, Germany.

I agree. Just a matter of time.


The Republican Party is full of assholes. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is full of assholes.


Why are Latin American countries not providing for their own children? And if we are so bad why are they coming here?

Where are Canadians with offers of help with the thousands of people at our border every year. Maybe we should just send them to Canada?

The budget for the DEA should be cancelled. If drug interdiction and fighting drug gangs in Central America is their mission, then we’re wasting our money.


I whole heartily concur.

My brother spent a month in the stockade at Ft. Sill for attempting to unionize servicemen and trying to resist deployment to Nam in ‘68. One untold story is the multiple base riots that occurred in the US (Ft. Dix also) during that war.


The people of the United States appear to be impotent over their own government. They have become passive and indulgent in pleasure and celebrity watching knowing they have no input. This is all by design of the oligarchy and the people are subject to their whims.


Fern…My fathers parents(Phillips) were orphans from the U.K. and my mothers parents(Maxwell’s) were from Ireland. We support migrants and refugee’s but hope someday that the American Government will stop invading other countries that create migrants and refugee’s to Canada. https://williamblum.org/books/killing-hope/



Mr. Phillips


We shouldn’t forget, a lot of todays Amerikan Fascists are the descendants of the Amerikan Fascists of WWll, who colluded with the German Fascists of that time.
It has been proven, to me anyway, that FDR’s failure to completely expose and crush the proponents of the failed coup Gen. Butler exposed to him, was a grave mistake. Jailing them for life would have served as a good reminder to all, for the future.


Thank you for that information. What I was asking is since our immigration/refugee services are overwhelmed what does Canada consider as its role. (similar to the European or South American response)

I didn’t address your valid point about the U.S. role in creating refugees. There are thousands of Afghans that having been living in tents for years and more every day. I only say this because it is a much larger problem.

“Why are Latin American countries not providing for their own children? And if we are so bad why are they coming here?”

First, learn what the imperialistic U.S. has done to the people of Latin America since at least the early 19th century, especially in Central America during the Reagan years.

Then, appreciate the irony that, as despicable as the U.S. certainly is with respect to human rights and endless wars, what the U.S. did to so many Latin American nations, especially Guatemala in 1954 to recently, and Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in the 1970’s and 1980’s, has made those countries dangerous for their inhabitants.

In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s acceptance, with her boss, President Barack Obama, of the coup that overthrew the democratic president of Honduras and installed a U.S.-corporate-friendly military dictator there is simply the most recent example of U.S. meddling in Latin America which has made life much worse for the people in those countries.

Never forget Guatemala in 1954, Argentina and Operation Condor in the 1970’s, and Chile on September 11, 1973.

U.S. policies against the people and FOR the pro-corporate dictators of Latin America are HEAVILY responsible for the masses of refugees fleeing north.