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'This Is Sick': Horror as Trump Administration Plans to Detain Migrant Children at Former Japanese Internment Camp

You left out the statement immediately before,
If W e the P eople don’t have the moxie to throw these buggers out and reestablish a Constitutional Republic, we deserve…
There is a difference there.
I don’t even think a garbage dump deserves trump, but we’ve got to work our collective butts off to get rid of him and his Nazi henchmen before they destroy not only this country, but the world to feed their greed.

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in 2014 Obama admin used the same camp to house illegals… it wasn’t horror then its not horror or sick now… if it was, then you should be able to point to your sick and horror reactions from 2014 - otherwise it is a little biased and falling on the side of political verses truly caring.


I guess the reference went over your head, the former A-H barracks were in a small Galician town known as Oświęcim or in German Auschwitz.

I understood your comment. Anyway, I think I did.

Hi minitrue:
I look at Xerxes and see what happened to him and see America’s future. I guess people might only know him from the movie the 300, but Xerxes—did win that one— and Sparta lost big time------but at a certain point in history "Too Big to Fail, " does fail and a nation starts to wither away—Like Persia , Rome and Britain, and Germany and now America is doing its own dance of stupidity with that thing called Fate—or maybe it’s just Hubris. Like Rome too, with our military becoming another Praetorian Guard---- that seems to be reoccurring disease in governments and in history.Of course now with Climate Crisis-- I just wonder—maybe all of the United States will see a future like ancient Greece----a lot of little city states fighting among themselves. : (

To fail to see the Immorality here is by itself a serious crime, and should be treated as such.

Neither main party wants to draw too much attention to it, as they’ve both been at it.

Where is the outrage from the so-called religious communities in this country?

Where was the outrage when Obama used this very same facility to house the immigrant children ripped from their parents at the border?

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