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'This Is Sick': Unscripted and Unhinged Trump Reverts to Defending Neo-Nazis


'This Is Sick': Unscripted and Unhinged Trump Reverts to Defending Neo-Nazis

Jake Johnson, staff writer


In closed chamber, Trump’s cabinet has to see even better than we how deranged and incompetent this guy is. When will they enact the 25th Amendment? Then again, maybe he was right- that he can stand in the middle of NYC, kill someone, and they would still support him. It’s insane. He has not only abused the Office, but has proven he is unfit on so many levels- including mentally.


The tipping point has now been unequivocally reached.

Via whatever pressure can be brought to bear, the President must request the resignation of his Cabinet officials and the Vice President, submit his own resignation, and ask Congress to select an interim President and to schedule a special national election within the next six months.

As drastic a recommendation as this is, the incredibly horrific scenario that has been unfolding since January absolutely must be stopped for the sake of our country and our planet. There is no time to waste and half measures will only make things worse.


Call Mafia Don what he is and where he came from: fascist, racist, xenophobe, mysogynist, homophobic and a narsissist asshole.
Now strategically, how to remove him and about half his dirty cabal. Impeachment and constitionality sanctions. Revolution is in the air or unfortunately civil war.


The King sounds more like Tricky Dick Nixon daily. He is absolutly paranoid, delusional, has a Napoleonic Complex with a twist of white supremacy. We keep expecting someone to come in and remove Trump from the stage but it may not happen. Our commissions have been historically corrupt like the Warren Commission.
The Nazis say they’re packing to attend Heather Heyer’s funeral cuz they have a right to assemble to redress their grievances. Well, right to assemblage and promoting racial superiority over other races, religions and nations and the subjugation of fellow Americans and the rest of the world is unamerican and it has nothing to do with rights. It is not us. It will not stand. There are grown-up issues like global warming America should be stopping but our government is run by racist, freaked out Republican frauds and it’s hard to estimate the damage they can do before they get removed. Tricky Dick left on a chopper from the South Lawn I think. “I’m not a crook,” said Dick. We get a lot of Dicks. peace.


It’s not delusional when the president says it…


He may as well have asked for more blood on the streets.
In so many words.


We love you and we love that and we hate Adolf Donaldo Twitler!


Sorry, I was just so with you, with the end of Trump, the end of his brand, neon-emblazoned across historic night skies an iconic TRUMP entrance to NOwhere.


What will it take to get the Fascist-in-Chief out of the Oval Office?! This Idiotic clown must go! What would the game plan be, however, to accomplish this? Very frustrating…


This just in - trump says both sides in WWII were to blame and not all nazis were bad…bad people on both sides…

We must never be tolerant or silent in the face of racist fascism/white “supremacy”! When evil is tolerated or ignored the consequences have been seen many times throughout history and to this very moment…


Trump defended Nazis.

That’s the long and the short of it. This isn’t the time for nuance or Internet snark. The president defended Nazis.

He blamed the victims for being victims. He talked about the “alt-left,” a term gifted to him by worthless Democrats so afraid of progressives that they’re willing to alienate their base in order to court right-wing racists in the suburbs.

Today, Trump declared himself to be the leader of the Nazis, the Klan, every white nationalist out there.

Of course, he did that during the campaign, but few wanted to hear it then.

Now, there’s no excuse. Even the most milquetoast liberal can’t deny the truth. And please, O Sweet and Funny Jesus, PLEASE do not ask for Republicans to condemn him. Do NOT give them this easy out. Trump=GOP=Trump=GOP endlessly. They use dog whistles, he used a bullhorn. That’s the ONLY difference.


You mean “invoke” the the 25th Amendment.

And yes, this vile piece of filth is clearly incapacitated to a degree where he would not even get past the bouncer of the roughest of my rust belt city’s bars, much less be a head of state.


why is he still in the white house???


Sadly, I’m not surprised by this. Everybody should have seen this coming. I did.

As Michael Moore said in “Trumpland” regarding those (including many here) who voted for Trump as a “human Molotov cocktail” to throw at the soooooo evil Hillary-Shillary-Killary: “You will realize that you just voted for the last elected president of the United States!”


I heard Trump rambling and thought he absolutely has no moral center, I guess you’d call it. A moral center keeps one in the midst of one’s surroundings and one’s people so that “self” is only temporarily and briefly foremost when needed. But it is not needed continually. I suppose that “space” is occupied by Trump’s ego. He has no interests in art, music, science (astronomy, my favorite), the law, on and on. His inner space, if he has one, must be horribly limited.

I fear that the young will rebel, as most young people do, but follow Trump’s example: lying, bullying, being narrow-minded, law-breaking, cheating people, and angry all the time. He is a horrible example for anyone to follow or admire.


Do we dare share what we all are wishing for this monster right now?


Let’s not.


Right you are. We need to accept the fact that racist fascists exist but nothing should compel us to tolerate them.


How many Drumphs have been Nazis?